Chapter 13:

Warning: this chapter has disturbing content -incest- (Hello, GREEK mythology here) enter at your own risk.

"Hades," A soft voice whispered in his ear as he sat at his desk with a scowl.

"Get the hell out of my realm." Hades snapped quietly, barely acknowledging her otherwise.

"Don't be so mean dove!" Nessy smirked with a pout, sitting on top of his desk and his paperwork.

"Do you want to die?" Hades glared enough death to make any normal person die.

Fortunately she wasn't a normal person.

"I know you have weaknesses now, so don't act so tough." Nessy grinned impishly, folding her arms across her chest.

" Do not rub salt in my wounds. Just leave me. I have a lot of neglected work to do." Hades sighed indifferently and continued to shift through his paperwork.

"Hades. I'll help you forget." Nessy smiled gently, letting her fingers run through the soft black tuffs of unbrushed hair on Hades head.

"I see a mischievous woman trying to make more trouble." Hades growled, batting her hands away.

"You spoil everything. Celio needs to meet with you." Nessy smirked in a singsong voice, leaning towards him just enough to give him a nice view down her blouse.

"I would tell him to go to hell, but I do not think I could take that. What does he want now?" Hades groaned letting his head hit his desk.

"Aw, I dunno sweet. He can be so annoying sometimes, I channel most of what he's saying out. The way his nostrils flare when he's anxious is cute though."

"You've got to be the most meddlesome woman I have ever encountered." Hades grumbled pushing himself out of his chair.

"I would take offense, but you've never had a high opinion of women anyway- Bastard." Twirling a strand of purple hair around finger, she stood to block his path.

"So, what was so special about that girl, that your black heart has gotten so soft, hmm? Was she the only girl to spread her legs for you?" Nessy smirked at the way Hades twitched in anger.

"If you persist, I will feed your pretty entrails to Cerberus."

"Oh really now?" Nessy retorted, yet still paled at the threat.

"Move." Hades spat, letting his annoyance be known.

"Lie with me." Nessy demanded breathily stepping closer.


"I demand to know why you would have that brat rather than the most beautiful creature alive!" Nessy hollered, bordering on shouting.

A glint of satisfaction reflected in Hades smirk. "Oh, excuse me madam, did I bruise your pride?"

"Shut up! You thick headed pig! Nothing about that girl is more appealing than me! Making m- , everyone think you were incapable of love, and then you ravish the girl with your affections! That girl is worthless and better off gone!" Nessy shrieked and let herself disappear before Hades could get violent with her.

But Hades just stood unfazed. The woman couldn't conquer him as she did every man and it made her furious.

Perversely, it made his day.

His wife seemed to always be smirking or glaring at him.

"You look beautiful. Are you feeling well?" Celio purred, ignoring the way Regi had stony look of annoyance directed at him.

"I'm feeling okay." Jager muttered, looking quite pale despite her words. Regi just sighed. Oh, Celio was going to get his just desserts...

Just wait.

The garden was looking all sorts of lovely, soaking in sun and making every flower and plant glow with life as they walked the path.

It all made Tallion sick. What was the plan again, anyway? Darren felt her irritation ripple like an angry bird's ruffling feathers.

"Li, stay out of it. Regina's up to something and it's best to just sit tight."

"B-but Jager loved Hades!" Tallion hissed, kicking the ground she would have preferred to have been Celio's face.

" Regi wouldn't even be tolerating this if she didn't have something up her sleeve. She's always trying to make Celio pay for being blatant cheating bastard." Darren sighed, batting away itchy bushes. He silently vowed to never again follow crazy women with even crazier tempers.

Outside the garden lay a flourishing field where a man clothed in a simple white shirt and beige linen pants stood. His hair looked like bright gold and he wore a smile that beamed like the sun itself.

As they got closer crowds of people could be see behind him, all in white and gold, smiling and murmuring with excitement and joy.

All of it made Jager's stomach fold in on itself with dread.

"Wow. Is this my surprise Lio?" the man laughed, his voice rich and songlike. "I thought it was going to be an instrument of some sort."

"I was feeling generous. Take care of her, or I will take care of you." Celio smiled mockingly, but turned to Jager gently.

"He may be a bit pompous, but you'll get used to him."

Jager wanted to scream. Is this what she deserved for saving their worlds!


Handsome guy…spot in heaven

…no worries…

Okay, okay, it really seemed great to the average onlooker, but Jager was having a tough time, okay! Her memories were all a jumble, she felt dizzy and sick. She felt like she was going to throw up on whoever this guy was…

"…forever bound to one another. Take this ring as it represents a never ending bond." Celio smiled warmly. At last taking Jager's hand and placing it in – what's-his- face's hand. Seriously, she could not remember the man's name…

"Who is he?" Jager finally asked dumbly, making the man scowl in offense.

"He- Jager you're getting married to the man for heaven's sake- at least listen to what I'm saying. I said that this is Don," Celio whispered, trying not to get too annoyed.

Oh yes. She was getting married so she could have a higher status and Celio could take advantage of her powers. It was coming back to her…

Regi told her that in the overworld she had the power of prosperity. Making things flourish while her mother made them grow. Technically, she had to have a much higher status to do that, now that she had been resurrected. If she had merely been born into role, like the last time she had been in the overworld, she wouldn't have to do anything at all. Dying and being put back together meant that she was just a mortal newcomer.

So Celio's plan was to have her married to a god so she could regain her status and tap into her power.

A soft touch to her lips broke into her thoughts, as she realized Don was kissing her. The crowd sighed.

Jager flinched slightly, feeling awkward.

Regi also told her that because it was the overworld that resurrected her, she could not go back to the underworld.

It hurt, but as long as she knew she meant something to Hades…

"You're so beautiful…" if only she could hear those same words from Hades mouth. Don was being earnest but…

Well, she supposed she would have to get used to his attentions.

Letting a small smile set on her lips, Jager allowed herself a stiff embrace as Don slipped a simple gold ring onto her finger.

"…The death of reporter Irene Gibes, Joe Hevus and Peter Rangs leave us saddened and mystified us all as to what really went on in their deaths. Investigators say the sight was an unnerving scene of gore, quote 'looked like a bomb had been detonated.' The authorities say the area around Wenger's forest area was at best, disturbing. 'this was no gang spat' says chief of police, 'the size of the damage could make it a war zone, but there's nothing left but bones and ashes. What disturbs me is that fact that we have no idea who did it and what went on.' This is Cindy Talsvor, local news. Back to you Steven."

Jona gaped at the T.V. screen, allowing her coffee to get cold. Deigo coughed quietly.

"Holy Shit." Jona mewed, still staring blankly at the screen.

"I know, isn't that a shame, about those reporters? Swear these are scary times." The cashier chirped ringing out another customer.

"I'm hoping it was a dream…" Deigo murmured, looking at Jona nervously.

"Right, like you and I had the same dream." Jona spun towards Deigo, getting herself hyped up. "We shouldn't just pretend it didn't happen. Jager is alive and we have to find her!"

"…Nina, I don't like were this is going…" Deigo froze knowing just what Jona was getting at.

"We have to! I want to know if we can see Jager again! Please come with me!"

Deigo stared at the wall for a long moment, then sighed.

"Only for Jager. Not for you." Deigo growled, downing his coffee while standing up. "Let's get this over with."

"De, I love you!" Jona sang, jumping from her seat, coffee left untouched.

"Mi dios…" Deigo muttered lightly.

"No! Don- What the hell is he doing with her?" Nessy screamed, slamming a fist on the desk. This was just not her day…

"Calm down bitch. I swear between you hissing, and Tim squealing and doting over the girl, I think I just might get upset." Thena barked, snapping her book shut. "No matter how much you think so, you can't own every male in the overworld, it's just not practical."

"Yeah, and I think that Loresc is a better choice anyway, wench. " Tim smirked

"He changed her name?" Thena asked stepping in the way of Nessy's attack mid leap.

"Yeah. 'destruction' is a little bit, uh depressing? I think 'prosperity' is much more fitting for a daughter of Deme, don't you?" Tim grinned, playing with a strand of her own silvery blond hair. "She is just so sweet! Kind of quiet, but That's what Donny needs, ya' know? Instead of roaring bitches that can match his ego-"

"TIM!" Nessy shrieked, only to have Thena's hand over her mouth.

"Timmykins, be nice." Thena grinned, always enjoying some Venus bashing…

"Thena, Tim- you're needed in the conference room." Regi drawled from the doorframe.

"Er- yes ma'am!" Tim shot up and grabbed Thena by the arm, rushing to get to Celio's office.

"If only they knew what you were really upset about…" Regi smirked, getting a buggy eyed looked from Nessy as the door shut with a click.

"Wh-I- y-you! You don't know anything about me!" Nessy practically hollered, furious.

"I know plenty. Like the fact that when you were pubescent little snot and first caught sight of King of the underworld, you wanted him so bad you threw yourself at him like a fan girl at a rock concert. But he never gave you the time of day, and that was a real blow because you're the prettiest of us all! So, you use men like toys to repair your ego. Heck, he was probably asexual anyway, right? Then here comes some little red head that takes your prize and even threatens to take your place as 'fairest of them all'. Hell, I guess I would be pissed to if I were you. But I'm not. How many times have you slept with 'Lio?" Regi rattled off mercilessly leaving Nessy on the verge of angry tears.

"You…I…That's personal Reg. It hurts bad. Yeah, I know I'm a bitch and a whore…but that love was real. And it still hurts." Nessy crumpled into a desk chair, letting her anger seep out, to be replaced with anguish.

For once in her life, Regi felt a little bad for teasing her.

"Oh Ness. We all know you're a bitch and a whore, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve to be happy. You're just you. Even though it looks like I hate you- it's true, I do." Regi soothed, scooping the woman into a mocking hug.

"I hate you, stupid cruel bitch." Nessy mumbled, wiping her face.

"So Ja- I mean Loresc can't go back to the underworld?" Nessy sniffed.

"Don't try to get information out of me, wench."

"…Sometimes I wonder why Celio married you."

"Probably the same reason he's always cheating on me, the bastard. He's got CCI."

"Wait- what the hell is CCI?"

"Chronic cock itch."

Kakios sat in the middle of the dank, dusty field, truly alone. His father, brothers- everyone was dead. But him. He could run- but he wasn't welcome anywhere; not in the overworld, not in the middleworld and not even in the underworld. He could feel his skin sagging, his stomach concave. He was so hungry. Soon, there would be nothing left of him.

His father would have despised him for crying.

He felt so empty.

"Hey! Hey you!" a light voice called, but he didn't even have the energy to flinch.

"Kid, are you okay?" the voice continued.

"Jon, Jona Don't! It's one of the things!" a deeper, male voice started.

"What?" the female, Jona asked, much closer than before.

"You don't have to be afraid. I'm almost dead anyway." Kakios mumbled pitifully, dizzy with the effort of talking.

The silence seemed thick.

"Don't worry, I'm not." The woman- Jona said sullenly. Skinny arms cradled his back as she hefted the fragile looking monster to his feet.

"JONA!-" the Male roared, but was ignored.

"I'm getting him help." Jona said stubbornly, her features set in stone. Deigo looked enraged.

"Chica! Don't be blind! Just because it looks frail don't mean it can't hurt people! Don't you remember what it did to us! Jona!"

"I DON'T CARE! I'm not a monster. I can't just leave him here shivering and dying! I don't know why! Look at him! He's anorexic! Nobody even bothered to put him out of his misery!" Jona screamed crying. Why was she trying to save one of the things that killed her friends!

"It's alright." Another voice spoke, sending a chill down the fae's spine.

Both Deigo and Jona turned to see a man in a grey tunic, with large silver wings that faded to black. His flaming red hair slightly ruffled by the weak wind.

"There's hope for this one. I'm actually impressed; it's hard to be a Good Samaritan these days." Garren gave them a small smile.

"Who are you?" Jona asked, in awe.

"Just somebody who can help you get to Jager. On one condition; you are not to tell anyone that you saw me, understand?" Garren asked sternly.

Both nodded blankly.

"Great, then follow me." Garren smiled softly then frowned, smoothing down the hair of the fragile fae.

"Don't worry child. You didn't deserve what happened to you. I'll make sure you're taken care of."

Kakios only shivered.

Didn't he deserve to die?

"How come you won't look at me?" Don grunted annoyed. Damn he was horny. And the girl was just not cooperating. Why did he have to marry the one woman who didn't fall all over him?

" I look at you." Loresc said idly, picking at a flower-like weed in the grass they were sitting on.

"Would you prefer someplace more private? Like the bedroom?" Don grinned. Maybe she just didn't want to do it outside-

Loresc almost fainted in shock. She thought she would have at least a day before she had to deal with that shit…

"wh-wh- wh- NO! I am not going sleep with you!" Loresc spat, Distaste plain on her face.

Don blinked in astonished anger. He was not ugly. She…

He stared a bit too long and lost his train of thought…

Was she really not related to Nessy?

"Look, I know you're scared; we don't have to go there right now."

Loresc gaped at her hands…

No, she only wanted one person…

That she couldn't have.

She would've rather stayed dead, but she was just going to have to make the best of it. After all, she couldn't mope forever.

Taking one of Don's hands in hers, she surrendered a small smile.

"I'm sorry." Loresc gave him a peck on the lips. It didn't feel right.

"I'm sure things will sift out. I didn't mean to rush you. Anyone who knows me knows I tend to be impatient." Don grinned apologetically, wrapping his arms around Loresc's shoulders.

She leaned back hesitantly, hoping that soon she would forget piercing green eyes shadowed by darkness.

"Um sir…" Noshkin dared speak. Well not really; he would have rather stayed outside, but he had to deliver a message. Again.

"T-there's someone who needs to sp-speak with you."

"Well, who is it this time Noshkin? I tire of you bringing every passerby on the planet to my office. Tell them they can go screw themselves. I am busy." Hades grumbled as he hunched over something particularly bloody.

"Hades, it's been a long time." Soft, but slightly harsh voice whispered.

"So it has." Hades grinned, knowing the voice immediately. "Looking for something to kick Celio's ass again?"

"Now, now; are you suggesting that I plot against my dear husband?" The woman laughed, stepping into the meager light of the room. "Seriously though, May I ask you a question?"

"I guess, Reg. Must be important- you would not visit unless it was." Hades shrugged.

"If you had to have to give the power of creation to life or death, which one would you give it to?" Regina asked, picking at the hem of her sleeve.

"Why are you asking me that Reg-"

"Death- because only death knows the full impact of life. Life is oblivious. Celio will never understand. I know that." Regi sighed. "Listen. You know the power you hold. I don't have to spell it out for you. Those creatures had the ability to destroy Heaven and earth. Only hell would have been left, and even so, in a constant state of war. Celio is smart and yet so stupid- he's too stubborn to let the fact go that you are more powerful than him. I-"

"What's your point?" Hades scowled sifting through the bloody mess on his work table.

"Alright, alright. My point is I want something from you Hades." Regi smiled coyly letting her arms rest on broad shoulders.

"What is with you women? Am I sweating some kind of crude pheromone or something?" Hades groaned, giving Regi a halfhearted glare.

"Well, first of all, in a week at this time, I want you to meet me in the palace gardens. I have a gift for you. And in return I just want you to owe me one little favor. That is all." Regi spoke, ignoring his comment.

"No. To be in debt to you is no simple matter." Hades grumbled turning back to his work.

"Are you trying to say you don't know what I'm talking about?" Regi sighed trying to hide her alarm. That could have only been his work right? Of course he knew she was alive! He made sure of it!


"That I would not know. Should I?"

"…Listen. I have a very good pawn, that if you want- and I know you will- then you will meet me in the palace gardens. It's then or never because at midnight that night, it will wither away. In order to receive it you will have to be indebted to me. I will wait for your answer."

"Nice to see you too, Reg. Next time I'm putting a lock on the door."

Reg stopped suddenly and laughed. "Oh and one more thing! Did you know Don got married?"

"While that is very shocking, why the hell would I care?" Hades muttered to himself as the sinister woman left his office.

"And may I ask, who you are?" Why couldn't people just understand that you just couldn't sneak in the overworld?

"Uh…w-we were just off to deliver these papers t-to M-ms. Thena. Ma' am"

"W-w-well what if I am m-miss Thena? What then, Squeals?"

Jona looked at Deigo wide eyed. "Um, then I guess these are for y-you?"

"Riiight. You kids should know better than to sneak around restricted areas. But I'll let you off easy since you look fresh and brainless. For further reference, the red carpet hallways are restricted. Authorized personal only, got it?"

"Injured person! Make way!" A group of workers rushed by them like a whirlwind.

Thena looked about the hallway a moment.

Then cursed.

It was empty.

Damn those kids and their pranks.

"Woa hey!-" Deigo snapped as the people pushed him through the halls.

"Just keep running and acting rushe-" Garren was cut short by a yelp that sounded to close. The mob of people around them suddenly disappeared.

"That was an illusion-?" Jona gaped.

"Shh. Be quiet a moment."

The sound came from around the corner to the next hallway.

"Listen sweet, you'll get used to it trust me." A male voice. sounded like Apollo or Don. Probably Don.

"I just don't want to right now, alright? It's just too fast. Can't we take a walk or something? There are still places I haven't seen."

Shit; that was his daughter? His little sweetie pie with-


Damn it to hell, anyone but Don!

"Jager?" Jona and Deigo exclaimed. The whispering got quiet as harsh steps began.

Holding the bridge of his nose with a sigh, Garren turned to the daft humans, annoyance thick on his face.

Just great.

"Hey! Donny boy!" A noisy voice from the opposite hallway rushed in. Regina appeared pushing the Loresc and Don down the hall and away from the intruders.

"A walk is a fine idea, you should explore the orchards! Loresc would love that!" Regi smiled as she pushed them out of sight.

"That was close. Sorry." Jona breathed apologetically.

"Ah, just the people I need! Are you from the underworld?" Regi again popped out of nowhere, just behind Garren; who was still fuming about a certain sleezy bastard-

"Earth to demon…" Regi walked around him, just loud enough for Garren to be slightly startled.

"I need to get into the spell room." Garren said simply. "You look like you're up to no good. Might as well help us."

"Well, this is a surprise Ferry man. Aren't you supposed to be bound to the underworld?" Regina folded her arms across her chest with a smirk.

"That is true; unless Hades himself releases me for a time." Garren lied, inwardly thankful he put his cloak back on.

"Oh, Hades sent his minions to say he agrees and to make sure I uphold my end of the deal? Or maybe to find out exactly what-"

"Yes. Allow me to go to the spell room and collect the supplies I need to make a spell circle." Garren sighed, hoping to look nonchalant and informed. Because he had no idea about any deal made between Regi and Hades.

"And why would you need a spell circle?" Regi's gaze darkened and Jona stiffened.


"So Hades can teleport to restricted areas without assuming a human body of course!" Garren held his breath.

" I see you are well informed. You're a day early though- well, Hades always did do everything ahead of time. I'm surprised you didn't come yesterday. Come along."

What the hell was Hades planning?

Oh, vengeance was sweet! Regi almost laughed as she crept down the hallway to Loresc's room. Ferryman and friends were making the circle in the garden as she thought. Arachnid followed silently- well as silently as you can with an armful of cloth, thread and other sowing stuff.

Loresc startled as door opened. Who could it be at that time of night?


"Don- wait! I don't want to-"

" Sorry to disappoint you dear, but it's just little old me." Regina grinned.

"Oh, thank god." Loresc breathed.

"I guess he is rather repulsive." Nid chuckled, setting the cloth and things on a chair beside the bed. "Too bad you have to meet him in twenty minutes."


"NID!" Regi hissed. This was no time for Loresc to be putting her hackles up.

"Look sweetie, I guarantee you'll be fine-"

"I can't- I CAN'T! I know I'm being ungrateful, but I can't be with Don! I love Hades! I can't keep pretending nothing is wrong! Being with anyone else feels wrong…please." Loresc let her hands flop into her lap. "I'm sorry-"

"No, don't be sorry. This is all Celio's fault and I'm going to make sure he pays dearly for his meddling. Get dressed for now sweet, and promise you, something wonderful is going to happen."

With a glimmer of hope, Loresc picked up the fabric wondering just what Regina was up to.

He didn't think she was going to be ready this fast…after all, what else would she want in the royal garden at midnight?

Timid steps from the trees revealed a stunning woman dressed in light, shear silver fabric draped around her body seductively.

"Loresc? You look beautiful!" oh yeah.

She was ready.

Loresc shook, fighting the urge to run away. How was this in any way wonderful? Him looking at her like a piece of meat? Regina must have lost her mind- what was her plan? What was she supposed to say?

Don walked over to her so fast, she almost tripped trying to back away. "N-now hold on a minute-"

"Come on babe, don't back out on me now." Don growled. She was not going to tease him like this. Dress like…that and then tell him no. Hell no.

All little further into the trees, Garren growled as he heard his daughter's cries.

"Son of a bitch…Damnit." He looked at the spell circle and cursed. If he left out of the spell circle while it was still working, he would get seriously injured and the humans would die. But if he stayed his daughter was subject to rape. The white powder taunted him. So docile looking, but could do so much damage.

Surely this was not what Hades was up too right? Or…


Damned if he didn't kill that woman!

Kakios writhed in the center of the circle as the hooded man regained his focus to finish the spell. He didn't want to live anymore! What were they doing to him? Two humans stuck odd object under the skin of his back, while the hooded man called Garren mumbled and rubbed some oily stuff on his chest that stung.

"Life of the overworld, power in the light. Pressure comes from darkness. Incompleteness consumes the flesh. Reverse and make whole. Strength of the dark king granted by the universe in my hand. Know this body. Complete it."

Fuck, they're torturing me! Kakios thought frantically. They weren't going to help him! They were going to torture him!

Approaching the eerie lights Regi gaped.

They didn't tell her that they had to sacrifice someone in order to bring Hades!

"No! STOP!" Regi Screamed, running towards the circle, only to be thrown back by a ripple of energy.

"Looks like someone else had the same idea." Don grinned as yelling could be heard in the distance inside the forest.

"Please don't do this." Loresc sobbed, as she tried to clutch onto her clothes.

"Oh please, don't act like I'm raping you- you're making me angry. If you didn't want this, you would not have worn those clothes and come out here in the middle of the fucking night, now cooperate! I can make this enjoyable for you." Don growled, grabbing at her hard enough to rip the cloth that hadn't fallen off.

Did Regi hate her?

Thirty minutes to midnight. Was it worth a look? Well, if Regi insisted, he might as well take a look. Checking his clothing once more, he prepared to leave, taking a deep breath and readying himself for any trick Celio might want to play.

The fresh air was a pleasant surprise as he finished his breath in the overworld's royal gardens. Opening his eyes to see-

Jager screaming, naked in some man's arms-

In a beautiful night scene, the garden light set just so.




Jager—was alive. And being forced on.

What the-


"What in the FUCKING NAME OF CHRONOS are you DOING?" He didn't even know how he got from the spot he was in to have his hands around- DON- Don's throat. But it seemed he would be killing more gods than he thought.

"Um, having sex with my wife? I-I really don't think it's any of your buisnes-" Don stuttered, choking in the tight grip of hands tightening around his throat.

"Hades...?" Loresc almost stopped breathing.

"Why do you still exist?" Hades coughed in disbelief.

"Regi…Regina. Sh-she. I don't know actually-" Loresc gasped as she was cut off by a hard kiss. Couldn't talk…

Couldn't think…

Couldn't breathe…

"You can't just pop in here and do that!" Don sputtered, as he watched HIS wife suck face with the king of DEATH!

"…Love…I thought you were gone! I-" Hades moaned into the hair he thought he would never see again. Touched the small body he thought he would never feel again.

"What the hell is goin on-" Celio roared, stopping short at the sight of Hades.

"Here. Hades what are you, ah, doing here?"

"Celio. You never told me she was alive. YOU DID NOT FUCKING TELL ME! How long has she been here?"

"Hades, let's calm down and talk about thi-"


"Since the day after the battle." Celio sighed. "Listen Hades, even if she loves you she can't go back. I revived her through means of light-"

"Liar. All you did was take advantage of the situation." Regina laughed from behind Celio, making him spin around.

"Regina! This is treachery!" Celio spat, glaring at his wife.

"You're right, it is treachery, but not on my part. Everything I've been doing is perfectly legal. According to the law of the worlds, you must die or sacrifice you right eye."

"Stop that Regi! I only lied! That's it! I broke no-" Regi cut him off with a glace to the shivering girl.

"Jager was revived in the soil of the underworld by the fruit of death- the pomegranate. She belongs, body and soul, to the underworld. Bringing her here was not a crime of treason- but marrying her to someone of the overworld without permission of the underworld is treason worthy of death- or half your power until you can grow another eye." Regi smirked as Celio fell to his knees and howled.

Hades grinned nastily. " Regi. Have I ever told you how much I love you, lately?"

"Now, now. I have something in store for you also, pet. Remember our agreement?" Smiling broader, she watched Hades stiffen. Regi walked over slowly and wrapped Jager in her own warming cloak.

"I need you to go over in the trees over there. I think there are some humans you might know. And a trouble making ferryman." Regi whispered in her ear with a gentle push towards the trees.

"Is it that bad?" Hades winced. The woman had all of their balls in her fist.

"I don't want to hurt her. I don't want her to know ever… or Celio." Regi whispered as she stepped closer to Hades.

"My request is that you impregnate me."

Hades reeled back as if slapped.

"You want me to WHAT!" Hades looked over at the pathetic sight of Celio still, glaring at them from where he stood across the path. Hades turned back, trying to look collected "Um, is Celio not putting out or something? Do you not have enough kids?"

"You're so cute when you're making excuses. I have my reasons. But I want you to do it. There now, that's not so horrible is it?" Regi patted his sleeves, looking him in the eyes.

"Reg…I…Fine. Just- fine. As long as Jager does not find out anything about it."


"Jona? Diego?" Jager squinted in the smoke, taking cautious steps into it.

"Sweetheart, you're alright!" the hooded Ferryman grabbed Jager up in a crushing hug.

"Um…Boat guy? What're you doing here? And why are you calling me sweetheart?" Jager flinched, slightly disturbed that the man who usually said nothing was jumping on her and calling her sweetheart.

Then Garren remembered that his hood was still on. Pushing the fabric down, the ferryman revealed a head of flaming red hair, bright blue eyes and a smattering of freckles.

"Honey, I'm your father."

Jager nearly fainted. "y-y-you- YOU! Geez! I told you everything! EVERYTHING! Even…even…"

"When you had you first time with Hades?" Garren smiled innocently. "When you couldn't decide whether you wanted him or wanted to go back home? Oh yes, I remember when he carried you in, kicking and screaming." Wriggling in his pocket he pulled out a silver bracelet.

"I believe you dropped this in the 'water'"

"You're embarrassing me! How come you didn't tell me earlier! I thought you were supposed to be skeleton or something!"

"You watch too much Tim Burton." Garren smiled pulling his hood back up and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Ey, yey- cuddle later. The monster is waking up." Diego grinned at Jager but let it fall as the ashes created from the spell began to stir.

The creature was beautiful…skin sparkling like frosted gold in the night sky. Cerulean hair faded to gold, smooth as silk and agile like water. Big eyes stared at Garren, still black, but with blue iris' ; like jewls. The most impressive of all was the large shimmering translucent wings that glinted like diamonds.

"You didn't k-kill me." Kakios stuttered. Garren smiled.

"So that is where my ring went." Hades grinned as the four of them spun around to face him. Regi looked annoyed, but also amused.

"You lied to me, you troublesome Ferryman. Here I thought you were sacrificing someone. What is that?" Regi laughed, pointing at the bewildered boy.

"It's a complete Fae. My…wedding gift to Hades. And his lovely bride." Ereni grumbled with a nod to Hades. Jager could almost see the wink and the smirk in the shadows of the ferryman's hood.

Hades took a look at Jager, then at Ereni.

"Are you proposing that I marry this woman?" Hades grinned.

" Guess I will have to take the cards dealt to me then. Ereni, make sure Jager and brat get to hell safely. Then escort the humans back to the middle worl-"

"Wait, will we ever see Jager again?" Jona looked at everyone nervously. Hades gave her a dark look. Even Deigo had to step back.

"Humans." The dark king spat. " It is not as if I will have her in a cage. She will see you whenever she damn well sees fit."

Squealing, Jona leapt on Jager as Ereni transported them back to the underworld.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Ha. Just kidding. No you can't get out of the gruesome parts unless you hit the back button…

Footsteps crunched under the grass, coming closer…


"Celio. What do you choose?" that deep voice always sent shivers to his spine. Twisting…twisting.

"As if I would choose death!" Celio hissed, getting backhanded for his trouble.

"Oh Celio. My brother…you never cease to amuse me." Hades cupped the forming bruise on his cheek, gently rubbing it with his thumb.

"Do you think that this little act is my vengeance? No, merely a scorned woman's vengeance. Do you know why I never bother, sweet brother of mine?" Letting his fingers caress Celio's cheek and lips in a mockery of intimacy, he continued.

"My existence is my revenge." Celio let out a gasp as Hades lips covered his own…

Soft velvet lips…

Harsh and wonderful…raping his mouth so brilliantly…

He almost couldn't breathe…

A shrill scream escaped him as fingers dug around his eye and yanked.

And no matter how it stung and burned…

He could not faint.

"You're still wet." A soft, stern voice teased from inside Hades' bedroom.

"What do you want from me? I just showered. Now open those legs and let us get this over with." Hades grumbled, almost stomping out of the bathroom with water dripping everywhere. Regina eyed him eagerly.

"I think I married the wrong brother." Regina leered, leaning back on the bed as Hades approached with a scowl.

"Don't go there Reg. this is bad enough." Hades grimaced as he sat next the queen of the overworld.

"Why not? You are sexier than Nessy's little bastard son, as much as I'd hate to say it." Regi smirked.

"I said shut up! Before I tickle you to death." Hades fought a smile and lost. Regina slapped him on the thigh and grinned.

"What should we call this? Friends with benefits? Siblings with benefits?"

"Hush woman! You are scarring my mind!" Hades bellowed, tackling her with a pillow.

"Hey! We are not supposed to be having a pillow fight! We are supposed to be taking care of business!" Regi howled with laughter as she ran about the room.

Hades stopped and mock glared. "Do not ever ask me to do this again. Or I will kill you."

"No, not until I get you sloppy drunk. Then you can tell your poor little cupcake I took advantage of you." Regi smirked with a toss of yet another expensive pillow.

"Like you're doing now, you little wench!" Hades hopped over the bed and tackled her down…

And well.

You know the rest.

If you don't….well I suggest you talk to somebody about birds and bees.

**Several months later**

"Darren, Darren Drive faster!" Tallion practically bounced in the passenger's seat as the café approached.

"Come on, Lion, I'm trying to drive here! If I break another middleworld law, they're gonna give me more paperwork." Darren grumbled.

"I just got away! Ever since pregnancy crisis…geez. All hell broke loose with that." Tallion complained.

"Shit. I have to parallel? I suck at parallel parking! Damn it…" Darren groaned as he eyed the teeny parking place left to him.

"It's okay sweetie just take your tim-"

A loud crash from outside caused the group at table four to look up.

"Oh, here we go." Jona sighed, and then looked at Diego. "Looks like you have your work cut out for ya babe."

To which Diego swiftly cursed in Spanish.

Kakios squirmed in his seat. How he hated these human shells. They were too small and uncomfortable or something! He just wanted…

Wanted to bite something!

"Behave; or I'll lock you in Scythe's room." Hades grunted, looking down his nose at the little snivlet. Kakios glared as Scythe leered at him from across the table with a sly smile.

"What a year…" Jager sighed with a content smile as she sipped at her coffee.

"We made it! Um…exactly how much would it cost to fix… a broken….hood?" Tallion grinned, sitting down quickly as she dragged Darren with her.

"Damn chick! That's tor' up! Look at it!" Jona exclaimed, looked out the store front window.

Hades took the distraction as a chance to rub Jager's thigh just lightly enough to make her flinch. Scrabble growled within her coat pocket.

"Um…how may I serve you?" the waiter asked; a bit reluctantly, mind you.

" I'll have your head on a plate-" Scythe started, getting a kick from Jager as she intervened.

"We'll take some deli sandwiches thank you very much… um pastrami." Jager smiled a little too hard as the waiter backed away from Hades…

Maybe feeling some kind of impending doom?

Who knows.

"Let's just try to act normal for once. I mean the last time we were out, Kaki tried to bite the poor woman's dog-ah!" Jager's plea was cut short as a certain hand got to the middle of her thigh.

Closer and closer to a certain agitated bird until…

"Alright here are some refreshments while you wai-" the poor waiter didn't know what hit him.

"SONOFA-" Hades roared. As he snatched his hand back.


Needless to say, that little outing did not end well.

Maybe they should've eaten at home.

Regina looked at the sun set as the babe lay asleep in her arms. The most beautiful of all her children. Her jewl.

"He's adorable my lady. A sweet child." Thena cooed, rubbing the little babe's downy hair.

Yes…her magnificent gift. He would rule. He would be strong.

"What will you name him Regina?" the nurse asked, setting a small plate of fruit on the side table.

Regina looked at the ceiling and smiled.



Hope you liked it.