Crisp cool air, hit my warm face the pavement pushes my shoes and my body pushes back the weight of gravity resting heavy on my shoulders. The cool almost-winter weather surrounds me the winter wind whispering to me telling me that is around the corner Quick sudden breath in, the air so ice cold it almost chokes me. I don't care, not being able to breathe would be an improvement from the nightmare I was walking away from. Just the thought of what I was leaving behind made me pick up the pace of my walking. I got to a busy street and hailed a cab, hopped in "Dorchester please" with a quick nod and muffled affirmative we were off weaving in and out of the morning traffic of south Boston. The nightmare I had left behind and the horrible memories I would carry around with me for the rest of my life were ever present in my mind and as I watched all the people walking around downtown, carrying grocery bags, walking kids to bus stops, going on a morning jog, taking the dog out. They had no idea who I was what I had been through and they would never know. My taxi flew past them and they didn't think for a second more about it. I wish I could've been one of those people who knew that there was evil in this world, but would never have to really know what it felt like to hurt so bad you wished for death. I wish I could've been one of the unknowing, and for a while I was, I used to be a completely normal person, a young naïve girl, who believed with all the hope and faith in her heart that the world was a place of wonderful adventures, beautiful places and people that the world was a huge place where you could learn so much from every corner of the globe. But the biggest lie that nobody ever wants to talk about, the one that everyone tells there children but as every one does kids grow up and realize that the truth is that the good guy doesn't always win, that bad guys can walk away and get away with everything they have done that is evil in this world. I used to think that all people had some good in them, that somewhere deep down inside that every human being on the planet had some sort of idea of how to love and be loved. But I was wrong. Very Wrong. You would never read my story in the local paper, or hear about it on the local news. At least not here anyway. By now I'm guessing that you really want to know what happened to me, but first I have to go back to the beginning.