Hey guys! So half way through when I was writing this and told my friend about it, he mentioned that it sounded a lot like what happened on One Tree Hill. I would just like to point out that I do not watch the show and have never seen that episode if they are really that similar lol. But anyways I hope you enjoy and I always appreciate a review! :D

As she is running from the school in a tidal wave of students, all shouting in panic, Haley stops and looks around. She doesn't see Tash, her best friend. Tash, her best friend who would do anything for anyone. Tash who wasn't afraid of death. Tash who said that she was sure she would have sacrificed herself if it meant another could be happy.

She looked back towards the school where the crazed gunman was still roaming. Still in there. The last time she had seen Tash, she had been waving at her to run from the lobby. She hadn't seen her since.

"Oh my God! Tash!" she screamed realizing the truth. Tasha was in that school probably distracting the gunman to buy everyone else time. Shit.

"Haley! Why are you screaming for Tasha? Where is she?" came a voice and she turned around to see Owen running towards her through the crowd. He stoped in front of her. Haley shook her head at him. Owen would die if he knew. Owen had been in love with Tasha since they were little. Little did Owen know that Tasha returned the feelings. But neither of them knew about the other because they had both made Haley swear not to tell. They had been best friends since they were little and they didn't want to break the bond they had.

"Haley, where is Tasha?" he asked slowly and clearly looking into her eyes. Haley shook her head again, her eyes filling with tears as she looked back towards the school. Owen turned to see where she was looking.

"No! NO! NO!" he cried and started to sprint back towards the school, fighting through the crowd.

"Owen! Don't! she yelled but he was already gone and as she tried to follow him, to follow her two best friends she was caught and a voice spoke to her.

"Miss, you have to leave! We need all students to leave the area so we can get this guy!" said the deep voice. She looked up and saw an officer standing there. "No! You don't understand! Two of my friends are in there!" she screamed, thrashing, trying to get him to let go of her.

"What? Miss are you sure?" he asked. Haley gave up trying to get away from him and nodded her head, tears spilling down her cheeks.

The officer proped her up against him and said into a walkie talkie he had taken from his belt. "All units! We have to kids in the building! Repeat, we have two kids in the building! Over!"

He looked back down to Haley. "Come on sweetheart, I'll get you a blanket and something hot to drink alright, and I'll stay with you so as soon as we hear news about your friends, I'll let you know okay?" Haley nodded mutely and let herself be gently pulled into a police truck.

She looked back over her shoulder at the orange building that was her school and whispered "God protect them."

Tasha hid underneath a section of stairs that if you didn't know was hollow, you wouldn't know it was there. She herd the lunatic walk by slowly as he went through a door to the grade ten wing. She held her breath until she couldn't hear his footsteps anymore, and then she got out and ran the opposite way back into the lobby.

Her sock feet padded softly on the tiled floor, she had shed her shoes earlier knowing that she could run without being herd. She glanced around looking to see if anybody else was inside. If there was nobody else, she could leave. She had made the man chace after her instead of killing three other students by shouting insults at him and avoiding him using her knowledge of the school. Each time he had tossed the other teens aside and Tasha had yelled at them to run before ducking into another hallway or into a room making the psycho follow her sceaming about the "patheticaly annoying little girl".

She looked over at the glace wall of the guidance office that now had holes the size of bullets thanks to Tasha ducking in there and retreating out the back door just as the gunfire had started.

Tasha was just about to go and check the last place, the auditorium, where she hadn't been but whirled when she herd her name shouted.


God no, please, no! Thought Tasha but he was still standing there in all of his dark-hot glory. Her heart squeezed when she herd manic laughter coming from the hallway the man had gone down before.

She ran and grabbed Owen, dragging him towards the auditorium, the place where she knew all the good hiding places and tricks because she spent so much time there.

They ran side by side, hands clasped together. Tasha noticed how Owen was being slow because of his shoes. "Take them off!" she gasped, nodding down to his feet. He nodded and kicked the shoes off still running down the hall towards the library and then turning left towards the auditorium.

As usual, the bright orange doors were closed and Tasha knew, locked. But she also knew, like most students did, that if you yanked a certain door hard enough, it would open with the sound of a gunshot but then close behind them, locked once again.

"Ready to break in?" said Tasha, putting on a burst of speed knowing they could soon be safe if only for a moment. "Yup," said Owen following just behind. Tasha reached the full lenght door handle and planted a foot on the door beside it just as Owen grabbed the handle as well and planted his feet on the floor.

"One, two, three!" said Tasha and they both pulled with all there force. The door opened with a bang and they flung themselves through and pulled the door closed behind them, hearing the lock click. Less than a second later, there was the sound of pounding feet herd coming from the other side of the door and getting louder.

They sprinted down the carpeted stairway to the stage and Tasha ducked in behind the curtains with Owen following her. This was her territory and he knew it so he followed her without question.

Tasha stoped infront of a pile of mats taller than the both of them and whirled to face Owen. "Do you trust me?" she asked. He looked at her. "Of course!" he said. "Then follow me!" Tasha started to climb the mountain of mats. When she was at the top, she jumped over onto a large structure they used for a background. She wobbled for a minute before getting her balance and looking back to Owen.

He copied her and they clung to each other on the backdrop triangle. "Okay, now we gotta jump down in there," she said and pointed to the old and now unused dressing rooms that were always locked, used for storage, and that didn't have a roof. "There's a bunch of costumes in a pile in that corner so jump there," Tasha said and with that she jumped and landed with a soft thud and a poof of dust where Owen couldn't see her.

He followed seconds later and they both sat there in a pile of old costumes breathing heavily and listening. They both stopped breathing however when they herd all four of the big doors being rattled but none of them gave.

They waited.

No other noise came. They looked at each other and once they locked eyes, they didn't look away. "He must not know about the trick door..." said Tasha trailing off. "Yeah," said Owen. "He must not."

Tasha took in Owen's handsome face. The face that she had grown to love during the years. She looked at his cofee and cream skin and his short dark hair that would never lay flat. She traced the lines of his full lips with her eyes and then finally went back to his surprisingly dark green eyes. His eyes were his best trait espeacially since they were such an odd colour against his skin.

Owen reached up and cupped her cheek, pulling her towards him slightly. He leaned forwards and Tasha leaned forward too, letting her eyes flutter shut.

Owen watched Tasha as they leaned towards each other. He watched her long lashed lids close over her bleu grey eyes. He looked at her flushed cheeks and lips and wondered if it was from the running or from him. He took in her head of fiery red curls and then just as their lips were about to meet, there was a gunshot, and a auditorium door flew open.

The two jumped back as if they had been burnt, and looked up to the direction of the doors even though they couldn't see anything. They looked back at each other as heavy footsteps started down towards the stage, then across it, then back towards the side areas.

Owen grabbed Tash and pulled her against him where she huddled against his chest. He could feel her heart beating wildly against his arm that was around her body and he swore that if they got out a this alive, he would never let anything hurt her again.

Tash looked up at him. "Really?" she asked softly. "Shit, did I say that out loud?" Tash nodded smiling and Owen groaned quietly.

BANG! The man was trying to get into the old locker rooms. Tash snuggled in closer and shoved her face agaisnt my neck. I leaned my cheek ontop of her head and waited as the phsyco tried the door one more time before moving to the one beside it. He gave up quickly on that one too and we herd his feet stomp away and then a door that led to the music room slam.

We stayed still for a moment and then Tash looked up at me smiling. "We have to move," she whispered. "There's nobody else in the building so we can go through the pool entrance." I nodded. "Let's go."

Since we were inside the old locker rooms, we could just unlock them from the inside. I unlocked the one we were in and opened the door slowly, poking my head out. Surprisingly, the door didn't squeak as I thought it would.

Seeing nobody around, I pulled Tash out by the hand and started to lead her towards the stage doors. We had to pass the music room to get to the pool entrance and I was worried because the doors of the music room are glace.

We peeked around the corner where we could see into the music room. Nobody at all.

I looked at Tash and she nodded. I held up three fingers and counted them down. One... two...


We dashed past the see through walls and sprinted through the doors to the pool. One more set before freedom. I looked at Tash and she looked like some kind of cat with her long wild hair trailing behind her and her lithe body running fluidly.

BANG! Ping!

"Fuck!" I looked behind us and their he was aiming with his gun. He was running behind us.

So close...so close! A few more steps and we would be outside. I could see the police line from in here and people were pointing. They could see us.


Through the last set of doors! We were free! We're free!

But something was wrong... the people were running away from us.


Me and Tasha were zig-zagging, dodging the bullets.

BANG! One final shot. I through myself behind Tasha, sheilding her from the bullets.


"OH my..."

I fell to my knees and reached out trying to pull myself forward. I could feel the foreign object in my body that did not belong there. I could feel it with clarity because the real pain handn't set in yet. I was in shock.

"Owen!" Tash screamed. She turned around and through herself on top of me.

I tried to push her off, but she stayed put, I couldn't move her.

BANG! One final shot, and then everything went black.


"Owen...Owen? Owen?"

"Mhpphmm?" I mumbled opening my eyes and blinking in the sudden light. My eyes focused in on a pair of blue grey eyes hovering not far to my left.

"Tash? What happened? Holy shit are you okay?" I suddenly remembered what had happened before all was black.

"You took a bullet to your spine because you went behind me you big jerk! Why did you do that? It should have been me, not you that got hit! Ugh!"

I chuckled looking at her exasperated expresion. "Because I love you, stupid!" I answered. Oh crap, those meds must be messing with me.

Tasha looked absolutely shocked for a minute before smiling bigger than I have ever seen before leaning down and kissing me with all the force she could muster.

I watched the couple kiss on the bed for a minute before Owen pulled away laughing "Ow, ow, just got shot here woman!" but then pulling Tash back down on top of him.

I chuckled, shaking my head and thinking finally! before walking over to where the (very young and very cute) officer was that had made sure me and my friends were safe.

Constable Ryan took my hand as I came closer and bent down to kiss my head. "I'm really glad your safe Haley," he said quietly to me. I blushed and smiled, before starting to walk towards the exit. "I'm just glad you got the guy," I said before poking him in the (very hard, very nice) chest and leaning my head on his shoulder.

Nothing would be normal again for a while, but hopefully, it would be better.