I have lived on the north side of the wall,

as well as the southern end.

In the north, you can make a snowball.

In the south, you may meet a true friend.

I've seen hate in both.

but one had prejudice.

I've seen happiness in both,

but only in one, have I seen it with blindness.

The same can be said about loyalty.

both claim to have it,

but only in one can they prove it in the face of tyranny.

As the selfish others would rather drop it.

in both, I have seen spoiled people.

in one, they form the minority.

Being small, the aren't all that powerful

In the other however, they are the ruthless majority.

On both sides, I've experienced life.

One gave me the truths, and the memories to support them.

the other told me to forget them with threat of knife.

as if the knowledge was going to cause mayhem.

South of the wall lie forests of Steel.

growing up there, I was subjected to hate, and injustice.

But as time would reveal.

That the hate and cruelty gave me my kindness, as well as my braveness.

North of the wall, are the towns.

White-bred bias and arrogance is king.

Smiles are shown where there should be frowns,

and speaking differently is trouble calling.

The north pleads its innocence,

Claiming to be moral, fair, and decent

Yet even a death of their own for instance

isn't considered in the newspaper, or government as urgent.

A wall used to not exist.

but as the they in the north drifted away from even each other

and the southerners continued to coexist.

The unity once known began to wither.

below the wall, humaneness did not weaken

but above, lies hate without purpose, and egotistical narcissism

I consider the lower, Eden

and the higher, east of justice

In the north, I merely survive.

Hypocrisy holds your home.

In the South, I used to thrive

The south was my Eden, my mind, free to roam.