A young, beautiful, vain, and wicked demon discovers an injured man, and decides to nurse him back to health for her own senseless wants, needs, and pleasures. Everything is going as planned - until she realizes she is desperately in love with her slave.


Ash. The name was short and sweet. Almost like the body that possessed it. Ash was short and sweet. About as sweet as murder. Vain, evil, deciving, and beautiful, she cared for no one but herself. Ash made the men she 'desired' fall head-over-heels for herself, then disposes of them like trash. She even killed her own legendary father for his amazing power. Of course, she would keep the humans she especially liked as slaves, to fufill her sick fantasies. But when Ash met me, her immortal life changed forever... in her favor.

I always took walks in this forest on Sundays. Looking around, I saw it's familiar features: Lush tree's grass, bushes, succulent berries and nuts, and thriving with creatures. The birds chirped merrily, without a care in the world. My dust-covered boots thumped humbly with each step, taking me to my favorite creek. My knife at my side, my gun at the other, I began to sing a tune. One about the old world, where Sirens, Demons, Vampires, Griffons, and werewolves didn't exist. I had learned to stay away from Sirens - they could enchant you into death with a flick of their majestic tail. Werewolves weren't as bad as you might think. As long as you didn't stumble across their food, touch their pups or mates, they would merely stare you down, but not injure you. Griffons, on the other hands, were really bad. They would sneak in our houses and steal us in our sleep, charming us with voices that belonged to angels. Then, they would devour us like delicious appetizers. Vampire's were just as bad. In fact, the only thing they couldn't do that a griffon could, and that was fly. But the thing that made vampires so dangerous, is that they are extremely fast and stealthy, drain their victims quickly, then leave nothing but a dried, wrinkled body. But the worst, by far, were the Demons.

Demons could take any shape, any size, and had acess to all means of death. Their voices were more charming than a siren, looks deadlier than a vampire, fangs and claws sharper than a griffin, and more witty and terrifyingly still than werewolves. Encountering one almost always ends in an induced death. The could even possess people... which made almost everyone on edge now-a-days. Their was always something distinguishable about demons, though - their eyes were bright crimson red, and were always filled with lust. One that was famous around here was the deceased Andrek. Legend has it, his fabled daughter without a name, murdered him and stole his power. But this is only a tale. Of course, we still have the minor demons that roam; Frin, Silik, Erow, Dyra, and Cyan. They usually laid low. They fear Andrek's daughter. They fear she is real. Ha! Well... at least that meant less humans going missing. Demons usually took the form of female, though some chose to lock their gender as male.

I stumble upon my creek. A black wolf - no, a werewolf, lifts it's muzzle from it's drink to stare at me. I immediately checked it's eyes. Nope. They were deep brown. I froze, letting it look me over. Gnarly fangs poked from it's mouth. Dagger-like claws dug into the soft earth. After a minute, it's dipped it's muzzle back in the water and paid no mind to me. Bending low, I dunk my cupped hands in the water, and bring it to my mouth. The water is cool and refreshing when it meets my chapped lips. Suddenly, I was in the water, pinned down by a massive, strong force. I can't bring my nose above the surface. Fear races through my veins as I quickly begin to choke and sputter. The things claws dig deep into my shoulders, until a sharp pain accompanied with a sickening crunching sound emanated from the water around me. With claws still tagged in my shoulders, I was flung backward and hit the ground with a thump. The claws were removed from my shoulders, and I was roughly forced to look upward. I dark brown werewolf towered over me, no doubt male defending it's mate at the creek, staring down at me with hateful green eyes. It's disgusting breath filled my nostrils, it's anger feed my fear, it's claws reburied themselves into my flesh. It's jaws opened wide, ready to snap closed on my scarred face, when a larger, winged creature flipped in off of me, dug it's teeth into the wolves throat, and killed it. It's attention snapped to me, and my heart almost stopped.

It's eyes were red.

Okay, so this is a mysterious P.O.V... Not really. Anyways, kinda cliffy, and a seriously rushed chapter. Wrote this in an hour. I would love some feedback. Thanks for reading.