Hold me here
and tell me it's okay
even if it's all a lie
that's all I want to hear

Keep me close
and chase away my fears
block out the light and
hide me in your shadows

Take my hand
to assure me you're still
there beside me as the
dawn chases the shadows away

Kiss me as you disappear
I'll open my eyes to find you gone
and the sun is all that's there
but i will...

Wait until the moon
comes again and you
return to me with
shadows in your eyes

As you return
I'll hold you tightly
trying to keep you there
knowing you will leave with the night

A/n: I wrote this poem a while back. It was kind of supposed to be about a vampire. You know, the ones that burn in the sun, not sparkle like faries. Sorry, that's just my twilight-hate coming out again. If you like those book/movies, well, that's your deal.