This is a new story and for once its not a yaoi. It's about - actually just read you'll come to find it might get confusing but if you get it congrats.

Our story begins on May 13, 1996. 17 year old Triston Haines is looking at his little sister who is asleep in her cradle. He has a wide grin on his face as he watches her sleep. "Don't worry Elaina. Your big brother would never think of harming you. Mom and Dad was just in the way, but now they're in heaven with the other people who got in your darling Brother's way." the baby began to cry. "Don't cry. Your brother is here." "Y-you. You stay away from her." Triston turned and looked at the bleeding man on the floor. He picked up Elaina. "Look Ela, Mr. Policeman wants me to leave you alone." He looked her deep in the eye's. "Do you want me leave you? ... I didn't think so. Now say goodnight to the nice Policeman." Triston held up the gun and shot the Policeman, then he walked out of his sister's room, then down the stairs past their dead parents, and out the door. The cold air made Elaina shiver in Triston's arms.

Triston wraped the blanket alittle tighter around Elaina. " It won't be cold for long." He looked around, then walked down the street. "Who would take good care of you who isnt in heaven yet?" He said looking into her eye's again. " Tiston." she mustered to say. " I luh you." Triston smiled at her. "Please don't do anything that will make your brother seem sane." he said to her. When he heard police sirens behind him, Triston began to walk alittle faster. He soon came to a house that was a light blue with a red roof, rang the door bell and waited. "Hello?" a woman int her early thirties answered. "Hello. I have heard that you and your husband are wanting a baby. You see, our parents died an untimely death and I cannot take care of my little sister. I have brought her birth citificate and her clothes. Our parents names isn't written on it unfortunately but, maybe you guys can sign it?" He handed her Elaina and the items mentioned. He also gave her a note. "You can call the police when you are finished reading but just so you know, you will never be to far from me." The woman invited Triston into the house regrettingly and called her husband. "Grace, who was at the door?" a man also in his early thirties said as he walked into the living room. Grace explained everything to him and then they both silently read the note.

"Thank you for calling us ma'am." the police officer said as another one handcuffed Triston and headed for the door. Elaina crawled over to them as fast as she could and when she reached them, she struggled to stand on her unstable legs and held onto Triston's pantsleg. "Tiston?" she asked looking up at him with her indigo eyes, seeing the tinniest bit of sanity in him. "Big Brother has to go but don't worry, we'll meet again." Grace picked up Elaina and stared at Triston as he was led into the police car.

15 years later

"Elaina wake up you're going to be late for school!" I sat up in my bed and sighed. Ever since last month I've been having these strange dreams. In these dreams I'm a baby and I'm looking up at a boy or a guy and he says "Big Brother has to go but don't worry, we'll meet again." In other parts, like in the beginning, I see two men get shot, and a woman get stabbed. It's strange because I feel like I know these people yet, I've never seen them before in my life.

"Elaina Ellen Parker you have til the count of three!"

"Sorry mom! I'm coming right now!"

I quickly took a shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed, did my hair, and ran downstairs to the kitchen. "What took you so long?" My mom said as she gave me a kiss on my cheek. "I had that dream again and I forgot to set my alarm." I said rushing to eat my food. "Slow down dear you're gonna choke! Your father is bringing you to school today. Also Elaina, Happy brithday." I hugged her. "Thanks mom." "Now hurry, your father is waiting!" I grabbed my backpack and raced out of the door to the car where my dad is waiting.

"Had another bad dream?"

"Yeah. But it was longer than usual. The same peson I saw kill those people was saying something like "We'll meet again." I don't know who it is."

A dark shadow came down upon my father's face for a moment then he was happy again.

"Well don't let things like bad dreams get you down on your birthday. Have a good day at school and we'll see you later."

He gave me a peck on the cheek and a hug. "Bye dad!" I turned just in time to see my best friend Vidia and her twin sister Lidia. "Happy birthday girl!" "Thanks. I feel like someone else should be saying it to me too."

Actos Mental Institute 2,587 miles away from Elaina. Triston is 32.

"Hello Nurse Sanders. Did you know today is my sister's 15 birthday? I'd give her a birthday gift, but as you can see, I'm all tied up." the nurse paid him no mind. "You're in a straightjacket for a reason." she said. When she turned around Triston was standing right in front of her, the straightjacket was on the floor ripped. "Please don't hurt me, please don't hurt me." she pleaded. "Don't worry, it'll all be over soon." he said lifting up a carving knife. It went straight to her heart as he stabbed her. "Sweet dreams." At that moment the doors open and Triston was being forced onto the ground.

"You killed 45 people today Haines. 15 years of nothing and you chose today. Why?" asked the detective.

"HAHAHAHA just having some 'fun' before i die. Besides, my sister is old enough now." Triston said laughing again.

The detective punched him yet he continued to laugh. "What do you mean?" "I mean, a new murderer is yet developing. And when they are born that is when I will die amd they will have my knowledge. I studied curses and it turns out that I am a curse. I died 5 times as a baby and 4 times I just came back. My mother and father just used old wichcraft that they didnt think would work but now here I am. I am passing my curse to darling Elaina." The detective held up a gun at Triston's forhead.

"You leave her alone you bastard. She's a nice young girl. Don't you dare change that!." "Are you gonna shoot me? I'd be afraid if you could.''

"What do you mean?"

Triston laughed, a sadistic grin on his face. "Does it matter? Just know that you can't hurt me. And you know it's true. I can see it in your eye's."

The detective scoffed then left. When Triston was sure that he was gone, he opened his mouth and spit out a razor blade. "Such foolish people. Thinking they can hold me." he layed down on the floor and closed his eye's. When he opened them, the room was pitch black. He stood up, and walked over to a spot where there was the faintest bit of light.

"Why is it that I still have this bit of sanity?" He said grabbing the light. It sounded as if it were whimpering quietly. He squeezed the light causing it to go out with a yelp. "Happy birthday Elaina. Your present? We'll meet again."

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