Sorry for not updating, I was writting other stories. This chapter is going to be short, lack of ideas...

"Brother? I don't have a brother!" The guy walked over to me, a knife in his hand. "What are you doing?" I asked backing up. He grabbed my arm and pressed the knife to it until I started bleeding. It didn't hurt for some reason. Just looking at the blood rush, I wanted to taste it. It's normal to lick blood right? As long as it's yours? I tasted my blood. It didn't taste as good as the red color made it but for some reason I felt, well , saticfied.

The guy explained everything to me. "So you're my older brother Triston? How come they never told me?" "I told you the reason. You are the new me, but there is another. Another killer. They will test you, and might become your enemy or your friend." I shook my head. "I can't kill a person, let alone kill a bug!" I yelled. Why me? Why do I end up with the psycho ones?

"Yes you can, and you know just the person." Triston forced my head twards the door, Where Lidia was about to approach it. "You know what to do." I turned around but Triston was gone. There was a bloodied knife on the floor where he had stood. A sudden rush of no regret came over me. I grinned widely. I can smell the blood, practically taste it. "Coming." I said in a sing song voice. I opened the door and everything went black.

"Welcome back Elaina." I opened my eyes. There was blood everywhere. "Whah?" I looked around and on the floor was a hand. I followed the blood trail to the basement. I gasped. There in the basement, lay Lidias body. Her limbs were missing, she was dangling from the ceiling with a chain around her neck. Her eyes were wide open, her face twisted up in horror. I ran up the stairs. "What did you do to her?" I yelled, tears rolling down my cheeks. My best friend was dead.

"No not I dear sister. But you." he said turning a mirror twards me. I gasped and let the knife fall out my hand. One side of my body was covered in blood. The side that had no blood, my eyecolor wasn't hazel anymore but red, and it was twitching. "Oh god." I said falling to my knees sobbing. "Step one complete." I turned to Triston.

"This isn't a game. I killed my friend. And you sit there and laugh about it? Well I thought it was funny. Watching her run and beg for mercy. It was priceless!" I gasped. "What or who said that?" I asked. Triston laughed. "That's your inner self dear sister. She will help you when I can't."

"Why? Why kill Lidia?" I asked myself as I looked in the bathroom mirror. "I only did what you wanted to do deep in your heart." I answered. "I never wanted to harm her! She did nothing to me!" I yelled. I laughed, "Yes she has. You just denied it so much that it slipped your mind. Like when you saw her kissing Randy when she knew how you felt about him. Or at the party when you heard her tell randy the plan. And when she took your food at lunch, or made you do her homework?"

"No! Stop please!" "You know you can't hide the truth Elaina. You know you wanted to hurt her. You knew she deserved it."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

"No Elaina, you know what I say is true. You wanted to do it."

"Shut up ,leave me alone!"

"I'll be quiet but you will be haunted the more you deny."

I fell to the floor crying. This is horrible... What do I tell Vidia?

yeah thats all...