I don't this one needs to much of an explanation, just a quick dedication to all those who have been destroyed by circumstances beyond their control, and spend their days dreaming and hoping for that seemingly unobtainable day when everything will be beautiful and new again. May we one day find it.

A Blank Slate

Does it not exist?
Just another,
Expression rendered meaningless.
Is salvation only there to draw us in,
And destroy us with a glimpse?
Leaving you to wonder;
The questions make you sick.
Was it always supposed to be this way?
Or was it something that you did?

And singing la la, la la, la la, la-ha!
La, la la la la la.
La la, la la, la la, la-ha!
La, la la la la la.

Emptiness is perfect bliss!
At least it's always been there!
Go ahead and reminisce!
On the past they use to keep you prisoner!
With every condescencion softly, branded to your nightmares!
So every waking moments spent, expecting that no one cares!

It does not make sense,
This world,
Punishes the innocent.
The pain and sorrow will not end,
Until your morals twist and bend.
The wicked just get stronger,
It seems,
That we can never win!
But tomorrow is a new day...
I can make it if you can!

(Screamed instead of sung)
And singing la la, la la, la la, la-ha!
La, la la la la la!
Singing la la, la la, la la, la-ha!
La, la la la la la!

The things we trust have turned to dust!
Despite our sobbing prayers!
You'll go further if you must!
Even if you're going nowhere!
For the sleepless nights and thoughts therin that make you tear out your hair!
And the wasted mornings slept away, cause this world makes you too scared.
And the seconds that are torture, for with not a soul they are shared!
And the injustices so sick that people, pass of as just not fair.
Believe me, I've been there!

When you're dead or dying,
And no one knows!
But being sad or crying,
Doesn't go!
Any, further...
Toward making shit better.
Fall, cause what goes up,
Comes down!
If regrets an ocean,
Then I have drowned!
Sobs, laughter, what I treasured...
I can barely remember.
They burn out like embers...
And what I'll long for forever,
Is what I've had never.
A blank slate.