i have one single request,
if it isn't too much to ask.
my intentions are at best,
but i'd kindly take them back.

i would like to see your heart.
of course, for no greater cause
than to mark out my perfect spot.
to do this, there is no set of laws,

no way to plan ahead.

a stitch over here, apply some gauze,
maybe spend the day in bed.
me? oh no, hold the applause,
it was the doctor's skill instead.

it seems to have acclimated rather well,
but there's not much room to spare.
i don't think i'm feeling swell,
i'll just get some air.

what am i to give to you,
that you don't already own?
somewhere along i missed the clue,
because i should have already known.

it's all full of love, right to the brim.
how could you not have said?
i'll go along now, torn limb from limb,
with only grief to fill my head.

here, take this back, i'm sorry again,
i cannot do a thing.
just think of me, now and then,
though i was only just a fling.

"i will not watch you break, my dear,
because there is something you should see.
that heart of mine would be clear,
if not for the love you have given me."