You Lost Me: Chapter One

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"Why?" I asked myself for the thousandth time within the hour. "I-," I cut off, no longer having the strength to finish that one sentence.

~*20 Minutes Earlier*~

"Chyna," Coach Brigid called. "Mmhm?" I watched her struggle with the contractible soccer nets, trying to get them back to the gym by dragging them across the field. "Please usher everyone back to the gym, it's about to rain!" Ms. Brigid looked frantically up at the darkening sky, "I swear it's gonna soon be rainin' cats and dogs!" Her laugh was nervous as if she thought that lightning was going to shoot out of the sky any second and burn us all to death. Eh, maybe, with this odd weather it's always a possibility. "Are you sure you don't need any help with the goals, me and Sabrina can help you?" I looked around to find my best friend Sabrina, but she was no where to be found. Odd. "No, no dear, that's just fine. Just get everyone into the gym before we all get hit by lightning!" She's a worry-wert. "Okay, yes ma'am!" I gave her a reassuring smile. I suddenly heard a large clap of lightning and turned back to see Ms. Brigid deathly pale. "Hurry, hurry!" I jumped and ran to where everyone was lounging and relaxing after playing soccer. "Hey everybody!" I cupped my hands around my mouth so I was louder. "Everyone get back into the gym! It's about to rain and if ya'll don't wanna die from lightning I suggest you listen!" Everybody looked up at me as if I was a weirdo, but shuffled lazily into line to get back into the gym. I looked back to see if Ms. Brigid was done with the soccer goals, only to see her abandoning them and running back into the gym. She looked back at my glance and shouted over the wind, "If the school asks about it I'll tell them they broke, as cheap as they are, and I'll replace them as soon as they higher my pay-check!" I laughed with her as we entered the gym.

People sat on the bleachers as they continued their conversations. I walked through the crowd of them to try and find my friend Sabrina. Barely anyone parted for me, and I had to push and shove just to get through. When I finally got through to the other side of the gym I heard Ms. Brigid shout, "Chyna!" I turned to see her holding up the soccer balls. I ran towards her and again had to push and shove just to get through the crowd just to get through. "Chyna, can you put these balls back in the equipment room?" Ms. Brigid handed me the balls and without another word left to go cover the gym windows incase the storm was serious. "Sometimes I think she takes you for granted." I jumped as I turned to see my friend Emma standing behind me. "Oh, I don't mind!" I smiled at her and she laughed. " I'll help you carry some of this stuff!" She grabbed another bag of the soccer balls and then we were off to Gym Equipment Room.

We left the gym and into the hallway where it was located. Emma stepped forward to open the door and thanked her and walked in. I paled as I noticed the two figures hunched over the table and kissing like crazy. Emma saw my stricken look and walked in after me. She laughed at what she saw but quietly so they couldn't hear. "Just tell them to go snogging somewhere else! I remember when you and Charlie were like that! I think you still are!" I blushed and looked down at the mention of my long-time boyfriend. We had been like that, but I set him straight and said no more of that in public places. We hadn't gotten any chances to talk though as of late and I was starting to miss him. Whenever we met in the hall he could only offer a brief 'hey' before a small peck and we had to go to our other classes. "We are not that wild-," Emma gave me a 'Come on' look before reaching into her bag of soccer balls and holding it tight in her hands. The couple hadn't noticed us yet and didn't look like they were planning to stop. Emma turned and smiled at me before lifting her arm and the ball and hard as she could at the guy's head as he kissed the girl. I use to gasp at her violent tendency but now I was use to it, didn't make it any less mean though, but it was funny as I watched the guy yelp and pull back from the girl. The girl however sat up and adjusted her skirt. Emma laughed at them both, "Go make out somewhere else! I swear, teenagers these days are as horny as bunnies!" I giggled and watched as the guy combed his fingers through his hair. It was a very light blonde and shiny, and reminded me of Charlie's. He moved closer to us and I saw his face, which made me drop my bag. .Chalie. The girl moved closer and I saw her too, it was Sabrina. My boyfriend, my best friend. I nearly choked. Charlie saw me and his eyes went wide. "Chyna?" he coughed. "What, why, Charlie?" I looked at Sabrina. "Sabrina?" My throat felt like I was using too many words, though I only muttered four. Sabrina gave me a sour look, "What? It isn't obvious what we were doing?" She flipped her hair. I was shocked. She was my friend. My best friend. When had she become so evil. I never noticed this in her. "What?" Sabrina laughed and gave me a 'DUH' look. "We hooked up, he doesn't want you, he wants me! Get it now?" She giggled as if it was a joke. I looked at Charlie and felt my heart breaking in two.

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Charlie shuffled his feet. My tears decided to burst free at that time. "Oh, I get it perfectly! Charlie, Sabrina, you two are the worst people I have ever known!" Emma spoke up at that moment. "How could ya'll?" Emma too had been friends with Sabrina and Charlie. She looked incredulous. "How could ya'll hurt Chyna? The person who could love anyone more than their own parents do?" She stepped forward. Charlie looked up and I could see his face, there was emotion in his eyes, but he pushed them away. He looked at Sabrina, then at me. "Let's face it," he started with a slightly sad smirk, "Sabrina has more to offer." Slap. Charlie's face was turned and I could see the bright red handprint on his face. Emma stood there steaming. She would be the one to slap him. I could never be brave enough to hurt someone, or stand up for myself. Sabrina gasped at Emma and attempted to slap her too. Emma moved so Sabrina ended up tripping to the ground. She landed on her face and yelped. Emma stood there with her back tense and hands clenched. My back was bended and weak as fresh tears crawled from eyes. Emma pulled her head back and spit on both Charlie and Sabrina. Charlie shook at his shoes where it landed while Sabrina screamed. "YOU STUPID BITCH!" I took that as cue to leave; dragging Emma out too before she did some serious damage. As we left the equipment room I looked once into Charlie's eyes. It was a longing and sadness I saw, guilt buried deep down, but when I looked at his face all I saw was his smirk. The heartbreaking smirk. I ran. I could hear Emma yelling for me to stop as I ran from the school building and Sabrina screaming profanities in the background. I no longer cared though.

Wind and rain hit my face and tore at my clothes. I didn't take it into notice though. I ran past the school parking lot, past the soccer field and onto the road. I lived close enough to the school to run home and make it in less than ten minutes. I was crying so hard I could barely think strait though, and the cold seeping through my skin I didn't know what I was going to do. My mouth hurt from my sobs and my stomach clenched. I felt like throwing up. I heard a caw. As I looked up I saw a small crow sitting on an old sign. Caw. It turned its head rapidly, as if looking for something that wasn't there. It had red and black eyes. As if sensing me it turned to look straight at me. It cawed again. As soon as it cawed it flew in front me, disappearing in a haze of black feathers and dust. I screamed. My scream spread, and a face appeared. It swirled out of black nothingness and dust and feathers, just like the crow. The face was so close our noses were nearly touching. The world seemed to fade into black. It flickered and swirled with the sparkly black dust, and just as I thought it was a crazy illusion. The handsome face uttered three words. 'I am coming'. I screamed again. The face and darkness disappeared as the hatred and pain of Charlie and Sabrina filled me again. It burned my chest and made my fingers clench. As the last bits of the darkness shed from my eyes I looked up, only to see two bright yellow headlights. The voice came into my head as soon as I was hit. 'I am coming'.

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