The darkness is overwhelming

Smothering, choking

It is killing me slowly.

Ripping the air from my lungs

as I breathe in the pollutant

There are times if I close my eyes,

I can imagine myself a way out.

A way out of the darkness

into the light.

Sunshine soaks through my pores

I can breathe.

The grass is green

and the sky blue.

Clouds like cotton float on a gentle breeze.

I am with friends.

Companions I care about

They love me.

Their words are soft and comforting.

I feel peace.

But darkness tears at the blue-skied seems.

It mauls apart my dream until

it becomes my nightmare once more.

It becomes a hell that I cannot bear.

Where there is no way out.

Tears burn my face like acid.

My skin melts from my bones.

No one cares.

I endure this pain on my own

Without a friend, without love.

Will no one help me?

I am dying.

No one will miss me when I am gone.

The worst part is