i was sleepwalking when i stumbled and fell
up past the moon and then deep into hell
my eyes were closed but i still managed to see
i saw all the world as it was made for me

i woke up hours later only to find
everyone's secrets inside my mind
it was dreadful dear, i'll tell you this
i forgot what was mine or hers or his

i was dreaming when my mind went blank
all i saw was peter pan on the plank
he told me to only think happy thoughts
well, he said some more, but i forgot

i woke up too early and rather amazed
the light in my eyes left me dazed
the sun was bright glowing in midday sky
i woke up to you with a glare in your eye

think happy thoughts, and come fly with me
up to the moon where there's lots to see
no more sleeping with a worried head
let's nap right here in a grassy bed