My name is Bridge. "Why do you call Bridge that?"
Etta is Mitch's girlfriend.
Mitch calls me Dim.
"Why do you call Bridge 'Dim'?"
She's sweet. Mitch is not.
"Because his skull is as thick as a damn rock, that's why. Look, better 'Dim' than 'Dumbass', which he is, anyway- alright? Besides, he's too stupid to understand what "Dim" means anyway."
Dim is slang for dimwitted (stupid or mentally retarded. I am neither.)
" I think he's a lot smarter than he lets on, Mitch. Have you see what he writes in those little notebooks of his? Poems. Must be hundreds of 'em in there. I'll admit, they're a little rough- and he can't spell for shit but if you take a good look at them, they're..."
She gave me three black moleskin notebooks. I write poetry in them.
"They're what? They're good? You telling me that Bridge is the next Robert fuggin Frost?"
Robert Frost is my favorite poet.
" Don't put words in my mouth, Mitch. What I mean is that they're... interesting. Really interesting- Just ask him to read him one sometime, you'll see what I mean." He won't.
"I had no idea that fuggin' guy could read in the first place, and now you're telling me he writes POETRY? And he'll READ to me? Christ..."
He taught me to read. He forgot because he's drunk. Or stoned.
"...I need a drink"
"Mitch, please. Since the whole thing with-"
Mom killed Dad when I was 4 "Don't start with that bullshit. Don't you dare start with that bullshit, Etta- I told you once and I'll say it again, that is none of my goddamn concern."
with a knife. She stabbed herself, too. Dad was having an affair with Etta at the time.
"Mitch, all I'm saying is that we're the closest thing that that man has to family. Act like it."
Etta and Mitch say they look after me. I am 21 years old. I do not need to be looked after.
" ...Are you telling me what to do?"
I look after Etta because "No, Mit..."
Mitch strangles her.