Author's Note: I came up for the idea of this story after watching a video on how humans experiment on animals merely to learn more about them. I thought it would be interesting if I wrote a story where aliens subjected humans to the tests humans had once subjected animals to. And then I started writing and, well, I came up with this! It's short because I'm not sure whether it's a waste of time or not.



In the year 2194, Earth was invaded by a storm of perspicacious, intelligent aliens. They were known as Galanians, from the planet Gala; a planet fifty times the size of Earth, located in a far off galaxy. Their planet resembled that of Earth, except on a considerably larger scale. Because of the similarity of planets and atmosphere, Galanians developed through time similarly to humans. They had certain human characteristics, mostly facial. Their skin was tinted light purple and the women had long, dark purple hair whereas the men kept their heads shaved for reasons unknown. They were a very beautiful species and they were significantly more advanced than humans, being able to access nearly one hundred percent of their brains. Though they looked similar to humans, the main differences on their "outside" were an extra joint in all of their fingers and toes, thin faces, and overall much taller and scrawnier than any human. On their insides, well, they had brains, livers, and hearts but that was all that was similar to any man or woman born on Earth.

Galanians invaded Earth for one main reason. Water. They were desperate for clean water and came to Earth in hopes of taking its water source and transporting it back to Gala through unknown technologies. Humans were taken back at first, having never found alien life before. For a short while humans were compliant with Galanians, letting them examine their wildlife and natural habitats. Once the Galanians started filtering and pumping ocean water into their ships, humans soon realized the severity of the invasion. Not bothering to communicate with the Galanians, they took down the star craft with their armed forces, killing every Galanian inside.

Since they arrived, Galanians were clear about not wanting to harm anyone, but as soon as the humans killed fleets of their so called 'special forces', their opinions took a turn for the worse. The elders of Gala, all being over 150 human years old, had several sons and daughters who were killed on the star ship. As soon as word got back to them from Earth, they realized what was about to happen. Humans joined forces and started killing Galanians without mercy, shaming them for trying to steal their planet's resources.

Three elders of Gala left for Earth in hopes of stopping the war. Once there, they were all murdered without getting their word out. As soon as the elders were killed, Galanians lashed out at mankind. Ships of weapons were transported over, and Galanians roamed the streets, armed with the most powerful weapons they had. They killed almost every man and woman, whisking away humans under a certain age; the majority being girls.

It only took Galanians two months to wipe the majority of humans off the face of the Earth. Some humans fled to mountains to hide, or hid underground in hopes of surviving the genocidal war. Once Galanians got rid of the majority of humans they transported the human children back to Gala, where they were put into a large testing plant. It was miles and miles long, almost resembling a giant indoor soccer stadium. Galanians had built it a few weeks after the war started and they devised their plans. They observed the human children in the natural, Earth-like environment littered with grass, trees, flowers, and rows of growing fruit and vegetables. While the children were being observed, Galanians on Earth were gathering as much technology and information about humans as they could.

After everything they needed was downloaded to drives and on their ships they set up bombs, more powerful than any known to man, set to explode on every continent. They got into their ships, flashing off the planet in less than a blink of an eye. Once out of harm's way, they watched from the heavens as the dry remainder of the planet known as Earth disappeared into a cloud of fire and smoke.

Chapter One

A dark figure walked into sight, holding a large gun in his hands. With a simple thought, fire erupted from the end of the gun and sprayed across the room. It looked as if it were liquid, like molten lava, spraying everywhere. The room was suddenly illuminated, and she was able to see the blank look in his pale eyes. Her ears were filled with screams, and only when she saw her dead mother did she realize they were coming from her.

Savannah's eyes flicked open and her body shot up against the restraints, violently trying to move. She saw them above her, holding several tools and prodding her body. She felt a cold hand putting pressure on her chin, and she saw a large needle pointing towards her mouth. Turning her head, Savannah knew it was no use- they always got what they wanted. She was strapped down, naked, on a cold metal table with no way of escaping and yet she refused to not put up a fight.

That is what they refer to as 'testing'. Testing everything you could think of, observing and learning how humans worked. Savannah felt a sharp jab in her thigh, and she cried out in pain. Before she even had a thought of closing her mouth, a metal plate was forced in and her jaw was secured open. She tried turning her head but her attempts were weak as she could feel two hands on either side of her head, holding her steady.

It felt like a lifetime since she had started this horrid testing. It must have been weeks ago that they were sinking needles into her legs, recording the noises she made and noting the expression on her face as she cried. After that it was having tubes pushed into her skin and openings, only to feel the most excruciating pain she had ever experienced. Then it was making her speak. That was one of the worst, but not because of the pain- there was no pain during those few days. It was the worst because she could feel them inside her head, willing her to speak when she refused. She had to tell them whatever they wanted if they asked. And now it was this. She didn't even know what this was

Savannah watched as the needle was lowered into her mouth. She closed her eyes as she waited for the sting in one of her cheeks. She felt the needle stick into the back of her throat, and her body flinched as it sank deeper into her. Surprisingly, the needle hardly even stung when whatever it was was injected into her. The needle came out, but the metal plate in her mouth stayed in. It was less than a few seconds later that Savannah found herself struggling to breath.

The Galanian woman standing behind Savannah pushed her head down and tilted it backwards. The metal plate was taken out of Savannah's mouth but as hard as she tried to make a noise or close her mouth, she could no longer feel it. She did, however, feel a tube being pushed into her nose and the discomfort of it being forced further inside of her. Then the discomfort wore off, and she felt air being forced in and out of her lungs at a painfully slow pace.

She felt several needles being injected in and around her neck, only some of them were painful. Soon she was numb from her shoulders up. Savannah tried moving, but her attempts were futile. It felt as if she was a floating head, but she could still wiggle her fingers and toes. It made her feel nauseous, thinking about what was going to happen to her next. She closed her eyes, trying to direct her mind to something more calming.

She never thought this would be her life... being held captive like she was some sort of animal. All she could think about was her family. All of them were burned to death in front of her very own eyes. For some reason she was the only one in her family to be chosen to be kept alive and tortured. Savannah remembered the look of complete horror on her mother's face as the Galanians shot fire from their guns at her father and brothers. She was cowering against the wall the entire time, holding her breath as the smell of burning flesh wafted across the room. Savannah watched helplessly as the fire water was directed at and hit her mother's head, melting her mother's face from her skull in an instant and sending her plummeting to the floor.

Please wake me up, Savannah pleaded wordlessly.