A Perfect World

I told you about my hair

Because some people think

That people with the dreads

Don't bathe and that they stink.

We tell them that's not true,

We shower just the same as you.

I grew my hair this way

I thought that it looked cool

I'm not the only one

But I was the only one in school.

It's part of me, just like my feet

A fact some people will not greet.

I wish that everyone was taken just the way they are

The gay people married

The Christ people saved

Others observing, accepting their ways

Young people searching, using their new slang

Old people growing down, wiser everyday

Remembering that from each other there's something to be gained.

I wish that flamers would go up in smoke,

To make my writing free from blame

I wish that everywhere,

People could be free in what they say.

I wish that you would clear your car

Of words incriminating us for crimes that we did not commit.

I have many wishes

But there are many shooting stars

I trust that someday

Peace and love are ours.

I told you about my hair

Not knowing what you'd say

I'm so glad you didn't care

I've found a place to stay.