Ava's point of view

I wake up in the morning feeling groggy and tired. After trying to figure out why, I realize it is because I stayed up too late the night before when me and Lilian went shopping. We had spent all day shopping while Aubrey stayed home and rested. She slept for the most part of the day and just lounged around the rest of the time. Me and Lilian managed to buy her ten outfits, two new pairs of shoes (one a pair of flat heeled boots and one a cute high heel), we picked out two scrumptious brands of perfume, and we got our baby gifts and bought everything for the party. After going over the invitation list, we settled on fifty five guest and after we got back from shopping we filled out every single invitation and put it in the mailbox.

We had had a very productive day. And it had left me very exhausted.

After finally collapsing onto my deliciously soft bed at two in the morning, I've now been woke up by loud pounding downstairs. At seven in the morning. That is a measly five hours of sleep. I'm not nocturnal like most teenagers. Neither can I sleep on few hours and be able to last the day. My battery sucks.

Focusing on the noise downstairs, I try to figure out what it could possibly be. Coming to a decision, I figure that the ungodly racket downstairs is coming from my brothers drum set. He got it for his birthday two years ago and still can't play it any better than a toddler beating on a pan. My brother has zero rhythm and he is in hardcore denial. Normally he is restrained to playing only in the garage, where no one can hear. That's where we like him to stay.

I crawl out of bed and slip into my soft robe to cover up my silk nightie. I slide my feet into my house slippers and then open my door. The noise gets worse. With a hand pressed to my temple to try and stave off the headache, I groan as I make my way downstairs. I pass a mirror and look at my reflection with a groan. My hair is everywhere and my eyes have bags under them. I look like the walking dead.

I continued onward. Just when I think the noise is becoming too unbearable, it stops and I hear a husky voice say, "Well if it isn't Sleeping Beauty come down to play." I look at the grinning face of the devil. "You sure look pretty this morning, Princess." Paris leers at me with his stunning eyes and I flip him the bird as I contemplate going back to bed. Figuring he'd just start up again, I decide on sliding into the seat across the room from him. He has actual skill at playing the drums and the fact that he was playing so terribly obviously signals to me that it had been to get my attention. At least he hadn't came into my room and pounced on my bed. That is what he use to do before we slept together. It would be awkward now. Maybe. Probably more sexy then anything else. Which is the dangerous part. It's hard enough not pouncing him with my brain fuddled and forgetting why I hate him. He is just too delectable.

"What do you want, Paris." I look out the living room window to see frost covering it serenely. Winter has arrived. It is then I noticed the pronounced heat of the house. I pull my robe closer and make sure the sash is tied tight.

Paris shrugs and thankfully places the drumsticks aside as he stands. He comes to join me on the couch, lifting my legs and sitting down before placing them across his lap. I raise an eyebrow at the intimacy he has just showed, but he isn't paying any attention. Instead he is staring off into the distance.

"Your brother took Aubrey out for breakfast this morning. He was going to take her to the hospital for her checkup." His voice is soft, but the husk is still there and I can't help thinking that his voice reminds me of falling dusk outside. Intimate and beautiful. Sexy.

His scent wraps around me and I try really hard to not inhale it deeply, like an addict.

I sigh and close my eyes, dropping my head back to rest on the couch arm. My headache is subsiding, but its still there, annoying the hell out of me. "Thanks for telling me, although I don't see why it couldn't wait until I woke up. I mean, I hardly get any sleep and I have to wake up to you banging around incessantly. It's rather annoying and if was feeling better I'd be threatening murder."

He pats my leg and I look up to meet his eyes. With a devilish grin he says, "I just thought I should warn you before they came home later tonight with a screaming baby." He pauses for dramatic effect. "She went into early labor before they could even make it to a restaurant this morning. She's had a healthy baby girl and the doctor said she'll be able to bring her home either late tonight or early tomorrow."

Headache momentarily forgotten I jump to my feet with a shout. I feel a grin split my face as I shout with joy. "That is so great! I can't believe it." I turn towards the stairs. "I have to go get dressed. I'm going to go see her."

I'm hardly three steps away from the couch when an arm is snaking around my waist and I'm pulled back into a hard chest. He puts his head on my shoulder and whispers, "Actually, they said they'd rather you wait until she brings her home. She wants it to be a big surprise. They said not to bother going because they told the nurses not to let you in."

The disappointment of that couldn't deflate my overall excitement. I sigh but my grin won't leave my face. "What am I suppose to do until the come home?" I have no plans for today. I had been wanting to sleep in and then hang out with Lilian and Aubrey. Then tonight is the party at Paris's and I'm definitely going to that. But a whole day with nothing to do? This is rare.

A hand reaches in front of me and rests on the expanse of thigh that is showing past my robe, beginning to trace lazy circles on the smooth skin. It becomes harder to swallow and I feel the temperature of my body notch up into dangerous degrees. My shoulders tense and my eyelids flutter. A husky voice whispers in my ear, "I could think of some things that would keep you occupied." His tongue darts out and tastes my neck. I swallow back the groan threatening to release. I feel my heartbeat accelerate. His body is steadily hardening and I can feel his desire clearly as it presses into my back, his sweat pants proving to be no hindrance.

Turning in his grasp I lift my arms and wrap them around his neck, putting my body flush up against his and giving my lower half a small thrust, putting pressure on his pronounced manhood. His moan has me near groaning again. I play with the tips of his hair and then grasp a handful of it roughly, the curls soft to my palms. Lifting up so I was almost kissing him, I say, "You still haven't apologized. Until then, I'm most definitely off-limits."

I step back, putting thankful space between us and try to keep my breathing even. He looks at me with desire strong in his eyes and I bite back a groan. He looks so perfect, with his face slightly flushed, his hair tousled, and his body encased in a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. Sexy without even trying.

He grins, showing perfect white teeth. That grin disarms me more than it should. It's becoming hard to breathe evenly. "So you're saying that me saying sorry will get you to crawl into bed with me? That sounds like a good deal to me." He takes a step closer and lets his eyes trail down the length of my body and then back up slowly.

Annoyance flares and squashes the desire fully. "I'm saying that even if you stood a chance, you wouldn't get anywhere until I hear a heartfelt sorry. This doesn't mean that you have free access to me after you apologize. I'm not easy." I know I'm breathing hard now, trying to quell the anger bubbling inside before it overflows and causes a volcanic reaction. I terrify my own self when I'm angry. I'm rather like the Hulk.

His grin widens. "Never said you were, Princess. I'll be thinking up that heartfelt apology though, if it ups my chances."

I snort. "You have no chances." I turn around to walk off and am once again being held back by a sudden arm around my waist. I move to turn around but then I am being pulled tightly up against his deliciously, strong chest and held close enough that my body is stationary.

"No chance, huh? So, you're saying that this doesn't affect you?" He whispers as he hand once again finds the end of my robe. It slips inside and runs up my front, lightly caressing my breasts before settling at my neck, gently wrapping around it. He bends forward and plants a soft kiss at my neck, right over my erratic pulse. I clamp my eyes shut, fighting the sensations he is provoking from within me. His hand moves back down, reaching down to the hem of my nightgown. His lips slide up my neck slowly and he nips at the skin, causing a shiver to ripple across my skin. His lips reach my lobe and he takes a bite before his tongue flicks out to caress. I moan.

With a quick movement I am being picked up and he is carrying me upstairs to my room. I can't think of a single word of protest as his sets me easily down on my bed and then turns off the light. The sparse light seeping in from the window shows me him taking off his shirt before crawling atop me on the bed. "You want me, Princess. Just admit it." His voice is husky and deep and oh, so delicious. He holds himself above me, resting on his forearms that are placed on both sides of my head. I can feel his body heat even from the distance between our bodies.

His lips slide along my jaw and I grasp tightly to my comforter, to keep from rubbing my hands all over him. My body is fighting with me, wanting to strain towards him. His lips find my ear, pulling the lobe into his mouth before he gives it a gentle bite. My body ripples with desire and I moan. He moans in answering and then drops the full, delicious weight of his body down on me. I realize then that my robe is gone and all I wear is the thin silk night gown that hardly covers anything. His abs ripple and I feel every delicious inch of him. My body thrives under him, wanting nothing between us.

Finally, his lips find their way to my own and press roughly against them. The heat emanating off his body is almost unbearable. His chest is weighing me down, those exquisite abs pressed tight against me. His tongue pries my lips apart and slips inside. I finally return the kiss, my hands releasing the blanket and reaching up to thread in his hair. He groans and thrusts his hips. I gasp into his mouth and he groans again. I rake my fingernails across his back, reveling in the smooth skin at my disposal. He gives another thrust and pulls my lower lip with his teeth.

My body is on fire. I run a hand down his sculpted back, finding the dip of his lower back and sinking past the top of his pants. My hand just brushes the top of his rear. Applying pressure, I push him into me again. He suddenly pulls away from my lips and with his hands, he parts my legs. My night gown rides higher up and he stares appreciatively before his lips are seeking mine again as he slides between my legs. Perfect fit.

He thrusts forwards, the hard bulge under his pants meeting my core and sending a moan of pleasure past my lips and into his mouth. His sweat pants are no deterrent to the feel of him. I run one hand up his front, savoring the muscle. With a groan, I flip us over to where I am on top, straddling him. He thrusts his hips upwards and I bite my lip to contain my moan of pleasure. My night gown is hardly covering me and I see him taking in every inch of what he can.

Staring down into those surprised, desire clouded cobalts, I smile. I rotate my hips slowly, his desire pressed to my core. His eyes drop closed in pained pleasure. Then I lower my face until it rests right above his chest. Looking up to meet his eyes again, I bend forwards just ever so slightly and flick my tongue out. His head drops back and his eyes close tighter as a moan of anticipation grumbles past his lips, vibrating his chest. His hands are tightly grasping my blankets. I chuckle and lower my face, pressing my lips firmly against his chest and then move, sliding my tongue across his chest until I find his sensitive nipple. Drawing it between my teeth, I lightly bite it. His body convulses and he jerks upwards.

With a sigh, I quickly remove myself from him and he shoots up instantly, his electric eyes searching out my presence. I smile weakly at him from the corner of my room, beside the door. He growls at me warningly. I shrug and open the door. He understands my meaning. I'm not having sex with him. I didn't come back to fall into bed with him, but to make him regret what he once did to me.

He stands slowly, grimacing as he adjusts himself. His member is easily outlined by the pants seeing as how they hardly serve as a resistant. I advert my eyes, embarrassed now by my wanton actions.

I'm still panting, but not near so much as he is. I tug the strap of my gown back up as he picks his shirt off the floor of my bedroom. He approaches me, anger and desire warring in his eyes. As he gets close, he stops and his hand quickly grasps my upper arm. He pulls me flush up against his chest and bends forward until his forehead is touching mine and our eyes are meeting.

"Don't tempt me again, Princess. I won't be started to only stop. You're lucky my self-control is better than most."

I swallow and stand my ground. "You started it yourself, Paris. And I told you that you stood no chances, especially until you apologize."

His sudden grin takes me by alarm. "Oh, honey. You are sadly misled if you still think I have no chances. You were just thriving under me like a sex craved vixen. I have more than just a chance. And I think that scares you. You'll get your apology alright. Because I know you're too stubborn to bed me until it happens. But I'll promise you this...I'll have you underneath me before you know it, and next time you'll be begging me to never stop." Then he swiftly leans forward and takes my lips into another heat-inducing kiss. "See you tonight, Princess," he whispers seductively before sauntering out.

I close my bedroom door and slide against it. A sigh escapes past my lips. I'm supposed to be the one seducing him, not the other way around. Tonight I'll begin my plan harder. No sex, though. We'll be doing none of that. His party will be the start of my swift revenge.

But I can't help replaying his threat. He's so confident that he promises me that he'll be having amazing sex with me before I know it. I can't help but shiver in anticipation. I may not be able to remember my first time, which was with him, but I can imagine that it was amazing even back then. And he has had more practice since then.

Aubrey and her child ended up not being able to come home tonight as planned. Not because she wasn't ready, just because they felt she was too weak to return home and wanted to keep her one night so she can regain the energy she lost. So, I'm stuck waiting until tomorrow to greet the newborn. Luckily, the time away from her gave me the chance to email all the people invited to the shower and tell them that we've rescheduled it for tomorrow. She is being released at noon and the hospital is an hour drive away, so we have until one to organize a smashing party.

Paris's party is tonight. I'm not bailing just because things got a little hot and heavy with him earlier. Instead, I have a plan. If it goes according to, then it will humiliate him to the extreme, which also means it will piss him off...but I can't say I care.

Lilian comes over two hours before the party, to get ready with me. It is a girl thing.

So together, we make our way to my room and I just plop down on my bed. A tray of fruits and two drinks apiece sit on my little table. Laying sprawled out and sipping my soda, I tell Lil, "Me and Paris were alone at my house earlier."

She had been in the process of finding something to wear in my closet, we're the same size after all, when she whirled around, jaw dropped. "What! Alone? I know something happened." She walks over to me and drops down into my dark red armchair and grabbed her drink. Staring at me wide-eyed, with her feet tucked under her and sipping on her drink, she motions at me to let it out.

I sigh and sit up. "He woke me up banging on the drums downstairs. I thought it was Adam so I didn't even get dressed before heading down."

She flinches momentarily. "Ah, so you were donned in a sexy nightie?"

"Well, yea, but I had a robe on over it, so it wasn't like he could see that. Anyways, I came down and found him so I was about to go upstairs when he told me about Aubrey going into early labor. This of course excited me to no end, even after he told me I couldn't go visit. He propositioned me like the flirt he is and I declined as gracefully as could in the given situation. He thought I was bluffing him so he seduced me. Let's just say we made it to my room, where we had a massive make-out session before I remembered my purpose and kicked him out."

Her eyes widened to massive proportions and she leaned forwards. "Oooh, I bet he was mad! I can imagine a horny Paris being rejected." She cooed. "I would love to see a horny Paris. That sexy hair tousled. Those electric eyes hot with desire." She groans to herself in exaggeration. "I bet his is one fine devil."

I give her a shrug. "He was mad, but not so much as would be expected. He told me that next time I led him on he would probably not force himself to stop. And then he promised that there would be a next time and I quote, 'But I'll promise you this...I'll have you underneath me before you know it, and next time you'll be begging me to never stop'. He said that to me before he left." Then I grin at her. "And he does look ten times better while he's turned on."

She sighs dreamily and throws her head back. "Paris is so damn sexy. If only he'd look my way he'd see a willing subject." She grins at herself and I believe her. "If only he'd look past you and the other bimbos, he'd find me, a real woman."

Laughing, I throw a pillow at her and bounce up. "You're incorrigible. And since when am I a bimbo?"

She gives me a cheeky grin as she watches me poke through my closet. "I was referring to his other bed-buddies. You gonna seduce him tonight?"

I pick up a dress I forgot I owned and hold it up to me for her inspection. She nods her approval. "Yes, I'm definitely going to do that. Fill him full of alcohol, lure him to his room, and he won't know what hit him."


The party was in full swing before eight o'clock even hit the world. Paris grins from where he is sitting at the bar. He keeps waiting for his favorite black-haired girl to show up. He's already on his second beer, and he knows that if she doesn't show, he'll be hitting it hard. He still can't believe about what happened earlier today. He'd been so close to losing his iron control. He feels like a damn virgin boy when she is around. It's embarrassing, but also invigorating.

He can't seem to control his sexual impulses where she is concerned. It's like she brings out the horniest in him. He can't stop it any more than he can keep the sun from rising every morning. It did get way more than out of hand. He shouldn't have tested his limits, came close to breaking, but at least he now knows that she isn't as immune to him as he thought. With just a little bit of coercing, he could have himself a fantastic bed warmer. Hopefully she'd fall for the whole 'friends-with-benefits' thing. He could live with that. Of course, he already has some pretty good bed warmers if she says no.

Just as he is about to order his third round, the front door opens and in walks his mouth-watering, delectable female. Her hair is loose and flowing, a waterfall rolling down her back to hang at her delicate waist. Her face is void of all make-up except a little mascara and some blush. Her dress is the deepest cobalt he'd ever seen. It stopped at mid-thigh in the front but that back ended at her ankles, and it flowed when she walked. She took his breath away. Her friend was beside her, looking pretty but definitely being outshone. Actually, every girl was being outshone. They knew it, too, considering the multiple death glares she was getting sent.

Her friend's hair is also down, swaying at her chin in perfect ringlets. Her dress is short and black, fitting like a glove. She wore floral print stockings that ended right before they reached her dress, in pale pink lace, adding a sexy aura to the classy look. Her face has more make up then the her companions, but it doesn't detract. They are both elegant. Both unique. Both beautiful.

But he only has eyes on one.

Paris is about to head that way when, suddenly, a tall blond figure is blocking his view. The figure wraps his strong arms around Ava and picks her up in a bear hug, her laughter bounces around the room,drawing more than one pair of eyes back to her. The big blond gives her a twirl and her eyes widen as she attempts to keep her dress from riding up. When he sets her down, Paris sees another figure enter the house. Amelia.

His eyes widen and he quickly hurries into another room, not wanting to confront his current girlfriend. His anger is sharp, though. Of course his brother would be trying to get with Ava, too. What guy wouldn't? Paris is just going to have to try a little harder than originally planned.

He looks around and spots Adam. Adam had showed up about an hour after it started. He had stayed with Aubrey for as long as he could but she sent him off, annoyed that he was fluttering over her like a mother hen.

Adam sees Paris about the same time that Paris sees him. Grinning, he makes his way over. Amelia chooses that exact moment to enter and walks quickly until she is behind her 'boyfriend'. Her hand snakes around to his front and reaches up to grasp his neck lightly. She stands up on tip-toe to reach his neck and slicks her tongue up to his ear.

"Hey babe," she whispers in what she finds a seductive voice. She can't see his face as it snarls up in disgust. He wipes the slime of her spit off his neck and then wipes his hand off on his pants.

He detaches himself from her and turns around. His eyes are as hard as granite and she can't help the spike of fear she feels when they fasten on hers. "Hey Amelia. I'm sorry, but I don't remember you being invited."

She humphs at him and fluffs up her red-brown hair with a wrist so skinny that it was only bone. "I don't need an invite to come to my boyfriend's party." She flashes her brown eyes around and they land on Ava as she approaches the makeshift dance floor. "What is she and the freak doing here?" Amelia asks. Her voice is nasally and full of annoyed disdain.

Paris looks over his shoulder, concluding the freak to be the unique Lilian and the she to be Ava. Desire briefly displaces his anger as he watches her dance, but he ignores the desire as he casts his cobalt blue eyes back on his supposed girlfriend. His lip curls up in distaste and his eyes harden further. "Amelia, I think you should take your scrawny ass home. I'm done with you." He then turns his back to her, fully dismissing her.

Ava's point of view

The feminine scream of outrage pulled not only mine, but the entire group of people's eyes to where a pissed off Amelia stood, pounding away at Paris's back. My curiosity almost gets the best of me. He is looking directly at me, after all. Those cobalt blue eyes are as hard as flint and as cold as ice. If I hadn't known they weren't aimed at me, I might have been coward enough to run off and hide. Whatever he said to make her mad, it made her forget about the way those eyes could suck your soul out slowly.

I spot Adam behind her left shoulder, looking like he is trying not to laugh. I debate walking over there when I see that Paris is moving. That glorious bundle of blond glory is heading my direction. Normally, around boys, I am extremely calm and collected. But where Paris is concerned, especially while those eyes look like they want to see blood and he promised me just earlier something equal parts disturbing and equal parts appealing, I can't seem to find the courage to want to face him. Paris makes me unravel unless I am the one to approach him first. When I'm in control, I can handle anything he throws at me. If I'm not in control, then it makes it harder to suppress sexual desires, or murdering desires for that matter, when it is Paris I'm dealing with.

So, in what I admit as a major act of cowardice, I turn around and successfully disappear into the thriving crowd. In seconds I am in the guest room, where a game of Twister is being held. Of course, it isn't much of a game considering all the participants are drunk out of there mind. When the next game begins, I jump in, ready for a distraction.

Into my third game, Adam finds me bent over with my right hand green, left hand yellow, and my right foot red. He barrels into the room and sloshes the drink in his hand as he roughly leans against the doorway. His green eyes narrow down at his drink briefly before he is walking over to me. Giggling, he shoves me over. I shout in alarm as I fall, knocking into the boy beside me. After that we're like a line of dominoes until all off us are lying on the ground, laughing and groaning in our minor pain.

I stand up and give Adam a shove. "What did you do that for, you ass?"

His drink spills even more but he ignores it. He looks at me and his head lolls forward somewhat. I swear his eyes cross for a short minute before his is straightening to his full height and poking a finger at me. "You haven't said a hi to me once, Kenny."

"You've been drunk almost since I've got here. So don't go whining at me. Just because I have no desire to be around your slobbering mess doesn't mean you can come poke me around."

He chuckles and nods. "I know, Kenny. I love you so much." He leans forwards and plants a slobbery kiss on my cheek. My eyes go wide as I wipe it off, my face scrunched up in disgust.

"Love you, too. But don't do that again." I smile at him and then start to move past him. He sticks his arms out, bends his legs slightly, and gives me a sly look. Well, as sly as one can be while drunk.

"Aw, does Kenny not want my kisses of sugary goodness."

I laugh. "Sugary goodness? Try slobbering grossness." I start to walk past him again but he lunges. His beer must be empty, because none pours out. I dodge his lunge and duck under his arm. He grabs me around the waist and then proceeds to cover my face with his drunk brotherly kisses. I can't help my laughter.

So that is how Paris finds me, finally. A giggling mess in the arms of an over-affectionate brother. He is laughing as he pries us apart, becoming my temporary hero. He even hands me a handkerchief to wipe away the proof of Adam's affection.

As I am wiping my face, Paris envelops me in a hug, placing his mouth close to my ear. "Is it my turn now," he whispers so soft that I I think I've imagined it. I do not, however, imagine his tongue as it darts out to taste the small spot right behind my ear. I shiver against my will and shove the damp handkerchief into his face. He releases me briefly to take it and drop it on the floor. That is enough time for me to make my second great escape.

I make my way to the dance floor again and spot Lilian as she grinds against Julian. I stay back and watch as he wraps an arm around her waist and turns her around. She clasps her arms around his neck and they sway wildly to the loud music. They look good together, too. She's petite, he is tall. She is dark, he is blond. She looks wild, he looks toned down. Its a perfect match. I hate to interrupt.

Grabbing Lilian's arm, I turn her around to ask quietly, "Has it been fixed yet?"

She sighs and then grins."Yes. Everything is in place for you. The key is already on the dresser, sitting atop a stack of clothes."

I smile and give her a quick peck on the cheek. "Thank you. Now go back to gyrating with the enemies brother."

Laughing she shoves me lightly away and then disappears back into the dancing crowd. I look around and spot Paris entering the room. His eyes dart everywhere before finally they latch on to me. I give him my best smile and crook my finger at hi before finding the stairs and making my way up them.

Paris's point of view

She disappeared again briefly before he saw her seemingly float up the stairs, not once looking back to make sure he followed. Of course he would. Without any shame for his obvious obedience, he fought through the crowd and all but jogged up the stairs.

He couldn't see her in the hallway, but he had a pretty good idea of where she went. So, with sure steps, he slowed his pace and made his way to his bedroom. The light was off, but he could see her silhouette as she laid atop his bed on her side. An arm propped up her head and her legs were crossed. His throat tightened and he found it hard to swallow. White flashed as she gave him another grin. He removed his shoes and then walked towards her slowly.

"This comes as somewhat of a surprise," he says, his voice husky. He finds himself sure of what do with himself. He can't decide what the situation calls for. Before he can do anything, she is standing and walking around to the end of the bed.

She looks at him and the light from outside hits her face. She gives him a half smile and then moves towards him. His palms break out in a nervous sweat as she runs her hands up his chest, taking his shirt in her small hands and pulling it over his head before discarding it on the floor. She leans forwards and kisses his neck, her right hand running down his sculpted chest to trace the edge of his pants. His skin shivers.

Ava steps away from him and steps back a few steps. He crawls backwards until he is laying on the pillows at the top of his bed. His eyes glaze over when she reaches behind her back and unzips her dress. It drops to the floor.

His eyes can't get enough. They start at her slim neck and make their way down to the strapless baby pink bra that went well with her ivory skin. They continued down her flat, toned stomach and followed the flare of her hips, noticing the spot where her hip bones were slightly visible. Of their own accord, his eyes trail down to the matching pink lace panties before following the length of her long legs ending in a pair of gold, sparkly heels. The room becomes unbearably hot for him.

She grins at him before making her way to him slowly, her lower half swaying seductively. His eyes clamp close and his hands fist in the covers. He feels the bed drop as she climbs atop it and then he feels her body as it slides up his. Her hand trails up his, lifting first his right hand and then his left above his head. In the desire fuddled haze it takes him a good five minutes before the cold metal resonates through his head.

He casts his eyes frantically at his hands to find them handcuffed to the bed posts. He lifts his head to look at her, finding her eyes on his and looking all the more like a sly cat. Her head tilts down, her eyes still locked on his, as her tongue darts out and teases the skin of his chest. His quick intake of breath satisfies her.

Grinning, she moves back down his body, trailing her tongue along in a path as she makes her way. When she reaches the top of his pants, she raises up and looks up at him. Her own eyes are hot as they meet his and she begins to unbutton his pants. With quick movements she has them unbuttoned and removed, laying on the floor near to his shirt. His boxers went next. He's groaning now, unable to stop the noises as they pass his lips.

She takes his member in her hand and she gives him a good stroke. His hips thrust up impatiently and he looks up to meet her eyes again, as if saying, 'What are you waiting for'. She slides up his body again, almost groaning her self. She stops once she is eye level with him.

In slow, seductive movements, she lowers her face until her lips are pressed against his. Her lower have maneuvers until she is straddling him, his naked member pressed against her clothed center. She moves her hips slowly, rubbing against him and causing them both to groan. His tongue delves into her mouth and she presses her lips to his roughly. Her hips continue their slow movement and his begin to thrust slowly, matching her movements in a seductive dance.

One minute she is there rubbing against him and the next she is being replaced by cold air. He looks around wildly and finds her by the dresser, one hand flat against the top as she bends over, taking deep breaths.

"I'm sorry," she says quietly, breathy, "I didn't mean to let it get that far." She straightens and sigh, running a hand down her body as if to shake off the lingering shivers of desire. Her eyes trail along his magnificent body before she jerks her head away. She picks something up from the dresser and shows it to him. The light reflects off of it and he realizes it is a key.

"The key to the cuffs," she explains before setting it back down. She walks towards him slowly and sits on the bed beside him. "You humiliated me, you know. Those things you said...they hurt. Like hell. I hope you know that this is nothing personal. You use to be a pretty cool friend." She reaches over and runs a hand through his hair. "You can holler all you want but no one will hear you above the music. Your maid comes in at about seven. I'm sure you'll find her your best route if you want someone to release you from the handcuffs. I have a feeling your brother will be with Lilian."

With that said, she stands and leaves. Leaves him there. Naked. Handcuffed. She dresses slowly and then disappears. He didn't say a thing throughout the whole thing. After she left, he chuckled.

"Smart move, Ava. But my turn is next." With that said, he sighs and resigns himself to waiting on Mariana when she comes in for her morning shift.