A/N: This is for my grandfather who passed away. And on the other side of my family my grandmother who has Alzheimer's.


A simple flower,

Painted in blue,

That whenever I see

Shall remind me of you.

Why did you have to go?

Leaving us behind

To face this world

One step at a time.

I knew time was up

But I just couldn't fathom

The thought of you gone

Because forever is too long.

Your memory gone,

For who knows how long.

But I will always remember

And hope you shall never surrender

To this because you are strong.

I pray for you both

And hope that together

We can make it to forever

Because I'm afraid of what will happen

If forever is a never.

So the next time a see that flower in a field

Standing like a promise

I'll fuel a little hope

Because I won't forget you

No matter what.

So promise me that you will