"In here!" A voice whispered. A cat wearing white and red assassin robes ducked into the building where his ally was waiting, his black fur absorbing the light from the moon. An airship passed over the street he was previously occupying. The cat sighed in relief as the airship passed harmlessly over.

"Thanks." He breathed.

"Don't mention it, besides, this is where the signal is originating from." An eagle responded, lowering his cowl to investigate the room better.

"Do you think Allie..." The cat trailed off.

The eagle quietly sighed. "Let's just take a look around."

The cat grimly nodded. "So how do we know where to look?"

"We don't." The eagle replied. "The only indication we got was that it was here, either weak enough for the airships not to notice, or underground."

"So we're looking for either something small, or a hidden passage." The cat deduced.

"Not necessarily," The eagle responded, checking under a table. "A hidden passage possibly, but not necessarily something small. It may be huge and simply have the signal masked."

"But wouldn't they have to have been able to predict the future if they actually made the signal low enough for the airships not to notice?" The cat asked.

"Rumours say that they actually had a seer." The eagle said.

"They had seers back then?" The cat asked, in disbelief.

"Zeke, don't be so naïve." The eagle sighed. "Skye was around thirteen hundred years before this house was inhabited by the Croce family."

"Did she actually know them?" Zeke asked.

"She wouldn't say..." The eagle said. "All she said was where to go, how to get there and what to avoid."

"No actual details?"

"None, besides that the info we might find will be extremely useful." The eagle said.

"I think I found something." Zeke picked up a dusty old book.

"What is it?" The eagle asked, approaching.

Zeke looked the book over, trying to find a label or a title. "I don't know." He opened it and read the first page. "The truth of the words of the book of counted blades can only be verified by a Mother Assassin."

"The Croce family were known for their strange sense of humour." The eagle said. "This is a parody of the fictional book 'The Book of Counted Shadows'. Though I doubt that detracts from the truth of the statement."

"So they find this amusing?" Zeke asked.


"Let's keep on reading then." Zeke said before he turned the page. "It's a riddle."

"Upon the floor, atop the roof." The anthropomorphisms looked at each other. "In a whore, by the poof."

"Is this for real?" Zeke asked.

"I think so." The eagle blinked.

"So we're looking for something on the ground, and on the roof..." Zeke said.

"The second floor." The eagle said.

"Good thinking." Zeke said. "But, in a whore, by the poof..."

"Would it be a euphemism?"

"If they're known for their humour, then I would assume not." Zeke stated.

"Let's just check upstairs." The eagle said.

"Good idea." The pair walked up the stairs.

"This is a rather large house." The eagle commented as he looked down the stairs at the large room below.

"Byron, I found some rooms." Zeke said as he brushed some dust off a nameplate on a door.

Byron walked over and read the names aloud as they brushed them off. "Razor, Spike, Alex, Zero, Slash, Rhys, Fang, Jimmy James..." Byron frowned at the last name. "And..." He brushed off the dust.

"And who?" Zeke asked as he looked.


(A/N) This would make more sense to people if they actually knew my characters... as it is, no-one knows them, so this should make for a fun story

All characters are © by me

The assassin robes are based on Assassin's Creed

The Book of Counted Shadows comes from the book series Sword of Truth, also known as Legend of the Seeker