One shot of Tristan and Jules in the kitchen.

"Jules, will you go to the store for me?" Tristan asked as he stirred the sweet corn chowder he was making,

"What for?" Jules asked, his dark eyes peering over the top of newspaper that he was reading while sitting at the breakfast bar. He hadn't really been reading it; just pretending to while he covertly watched Tristan moving about the kitchen like a professional cook, chopping, stirring, adding, tasting. Jules felt he needed to have the paper in his hand so it didn't look as if he was just sitting in the kitchen watching his lover cook him dinner. Of course, Tristan knew exactly what Jules was up to but didn't let on. He liked it when Jules secretly watched him; he liked it that he found excuses to be near him, always finding something to do so his real intent was not obvious,

"I need some more sweet corn, sweety." He said saucily, his blue eyes twinkling mischievously, and Jules chuckled,

"Why can't you go to the shop?" he asked, going back to pretending to read his paper, "There was nothing wrong with your legs last time I looked." Tristan approached him, wiping his hands on the cloth he had tucked into his waist band,

"Which was probably just two seconds ago, you perv." He drawled, in that lazy, Western American accent of his that Jules found so sexy, "I saw you checkin' out my ass, while you were pretendin' to read that paper."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Jules stated, archly, not even looking up from the paper,

"Yeah, then why're you readin' this upside down?" Tristan asked flicking the paper with his fingers and laughing as Jules registered shock on his face and checked the paper, giving himself away.

Tristan gave another low chuckle and pulled the paper from Jules' grip. Jules gave a startled cry which was cut off as Tristan straddled his legs and sat down in his lap, he claimed Jules' lips with his and their breaths hitched in their throats as Tristan's tongue pushed for entrance. Jules accepted the insistent tongue, entwining it with his own, his hands snaking up Tristan's back, pulling him closer into the embrace.

Tristan's fingers tangled into Jules' dark hair at the back of his head. He could feel Jules' reaction to the kiss pressing against the inside of his thigh. His own jeans were also feeling decidedly and delightfully tight in the crotch. He smiled into the kiss and pulled his lips away from Jules, eliciting a soft moan of protest from the older man,

"So if you go to store for me, I could make it worth your while." Tristan said in his most sultry, seductive tone. It sent shivers up and down Jules' spine and he knew he was being manipulated and he also knew he didn't care, because he couldn't deny this man anything when he used that tone with him and he set those blue eyes on him, dark and full of desire and lust: like wild animals in for the kill.

This was a side of Tristan that no one else ever saw; sensual and erotic. Far removed from the image he presented to the rest of the world. Sure he was sexy and flirty sometimes with their friends, but he was also very masculine and strong and tough. This Tristan, the one only Jules ever saw; was soft, seductive, and so completely his that it often took his breath away. Jules accepted another arousing kiss, running his fingers through Tristan's mess of thick dark hair, then narrowed his eyes slightly, pulling away so he could look into those amazing blue eyes,

"How will you make it worth my while?" he asked, ready to barter for his shopping services. Tristan leaned back into the kiss and his hands moved to Jules' belt, undoing it slowly,

"I could give you a little somethin' fer goin' and when you get back you could give me the change." He whispered against Jules' lips. Jules was breathing hard now as Tristan slowly undid his jeans, waiting to see just exactly what it was he was going to give him.