Bettina McClymont 11-10-11 period 1

Loyalty Means Nothing

She danced. She danced, and danced, and danced around the old tree in the middle of the dark woods. Although the rest of the woods were dark, there was a ring, a halo of light making a column that surrounded the tree and the girl. Even with the light, she stumbled on every one of the exposed roots. She never fell and never stopped dancing. Her little light brown ponytails bounced with every one of her movements. Her pink dress swayed playfully around the small ankles of her bare feet. The little girl was no older than eight. She resembled a little girl walking through an amusement park holding a teddy bear and a lollipop, except she wasn't holding anything. She was alone but she didn't seem to mind. She was concentrating too hard on the dance she was performing to notice no one was watching. She didn't even care the only music around was in her head. The elderly forest was dead silent. It seemed like an unreal place to find any sort of a living, moving creature. As the young girl came to the climax in her movements around the old tree in the even older woods, everything went black. It wasn't like the black you sometimes see when someone turns off the lights at night, but it was darkness, a nothingness that leaves the body in the blistering cold and the mind searching for something it knows it will never find in a hopeless world. This was the first time the eight year old girl stopped. She was not scared or worried of what might happen, just transfix on her surroundings. She looked around; however she could not see anything. She walked around the tree about two times before she stopped. It was then the little child noticed that the tree, the one thing that had watched her dance, was gone. Anyone would have started to get uneasy if a monstrous tree had suddenly disappeared into nothingness without a sound, although this strange eight year old girl, who was alone in the woods at night, was not like any other human child.

Off in the distance, maybe half a mile away something appeared. It was a floating white orb, radiating with almost blinding white light. It didn't really have a shape, and it didn't really do anything either. It was like it was just sitting on a pedestal or hanging in mid-air, but it didn't attach to anything. All of a sudden, the girl was instantly filled with curiosity. It never even crossed her mind that this strange floating object could possibly harm her. Nevertheless she wanted to know what this thing was, and why it had all of a sudden appeared. Taking small steps, she walked up to the thing. It took her awhile, because she moved so slowly. She didn't want to scare the thing away before she could get a closer look at it. It acted like it hadn't even noticed her presences, or it was too scared of the innocent little girl to move. Now face to face with the white orb, the little girl got the closer look she wanted. It was just a small dot, as small as a crumb that even a mouse would leave. Yet, it shone brightly, almost like a star in the sky. Ever so slowly the tiny child lifted her hand in order to touch the glowing light. The instant the tips of her fingers grazed the side; the light exploded around her and her mother stood in front of the girl with her hands on her hips. It looked as if the mother was a ghost, being surrounded by the same pale white light of the floating orb. "Why can't you be more like your sister?" She yelled in the little girls face. "Your sister is so smart; she knows exactly what she is going to do with her life. Do you even have an idea, I didn't think so. You are a total failure." Her mother crossed her arms over her chest, and turned her back on the little girl then she and the sphere of light was gone.

The girl stumbled back a little bit. She wasn't a failure, was she? True she wasn't as smart as her older sister but she was getting there, she just need a little more time. She then noticed another white ghostly figure. This one was of her dad and he was already had his back towards her. The small girl forgot completely about her mother's outburst and was filled with ecstasy for seeing her father. Her father was rarely around, so witnessing his figure was a real treat. The daughter ran up to the father in order to give him a hug; but just as she was about to touch him, he disappeared and then reappeared a few feet away, with his back still facing the young girl. Thinking it was all some sort of a game; the girl laughed and then tried again to touch her loving dad. But just like before, as soon as the girl was close enough to touch him, he vanished and then was seen in another location. After three more times of this occurring, the father reappeared with someone by his side. The eight-year-old walked up to the two, and saw her father standing with her best friend in the entire world. When the girl was right in front of them her dad disappeared and did not came back into sight. The little girl looked at her friend; she resembled the white figures she had already met. "Why," her friend asked, half in tears. The little girl looked confused; she didn't understand what her friend was asking. "Why," her friend asked again. "Why did you tell him?" The child was still confused. She didn't expose anything about her friends, unless her friend asked her to. Her confusion only succeeded in making her friend angrier. "Don't you act all innocent, like you don't know exactly what I'm talking about! You were the one who told him!" All her friend's sadness changed instantaneously to hate. "I told you to keep it a secret, and what do you do? You tell the exact person that I wanted to keep it a secret from! You are no friend of mine." Just like her mother, the little girls former friend crossed her arms over her chest, turned away then was gone without another word.

This made the younger girl feel like crying. She had lost her best friend over something that she didn't even do. She backed up a little, finally starting to feel afraid. Not of what might happen, but of what she had said that she wasn't supposed to. She thought long and hard about it but came up with nothing. But she trusted her friends; and if they said she had spoken without thinking then she had to believe them, whether she thought so or not. The girl took a few steps back again, but this time she bumped into something, or someone. Slowly the miniature human turned to see what had stopped her from walking. Behind her was a ghostly white boy. He looked older than she was by maybe seven or eight years. The strangest thing about him was that his face was completely blurred out. "Do I mean anything to you?" His voice was scratchy, like he had just stopped crying. His statement was so blunt, it shocked the girl. She didn't know what he was talking about; she didn't even know who he was. "Don't you dare deny any involvement. I saw you with my own two eyes." The confused child just stared at the older boy. "I saw you with that other guy. Loyalty means nothing to you, does it? Even if it does, we are through." Another one of the radiating white light people turned their backs to the girl.

At the same time every one of the other ghostly figures reappeared again. They all still had their backs facing the girl. The girl's mother, her father, her best friend, and the strange boy she had just met; they all stood in a circle around the girl. Their light made the halo in the darkness that had once surrounded the girl as she danced. "I'm sorry," the girl whispered. Nobody moved or even seemed to hear her. "I'm sorry." She said again, this time a little louder. Still there was no response from anyone with forgiveness. "I'm sorry! I am so, so sorry!" She yelled. She turned to her mother, as water started to build up in her eyes. "I will be more like my sister. I will try my very hardest to do better in school, I promise." Her mother kept her back to the girl and shook her head like she thought all the girl had said was one big lie. Next she turned to her friend. "I'm sorry I told. I never meant anything by it." The young girl still didn't know what she had told but it was best to apologize for it then ask about it later. Her friend didn't react to her pleas for forgiveness. She just stood there like a stone statue. This time the young eight year old girl turned to the mysterious boy. "I don't even know you, but I'm so sorry. I hope what you saw was just some huge misunderstanding." The girl watched as he clenched his fingers in to fists. The tears were now too much for the girl's eyes to contain, and they begin to fall down her face. "I am sorry!" She yelled again before she collapsed to the ground crying.

The people, that shown like stars shrank down to the tiny dots like the girl had seen before and left, leaving the crying girl in the pitch black woods alone. She just cried and cried. Her sounds echoed everywhere. As she cried the woods turned from black to white. She didn't notice the ghost like people had left her. She just continued to cry. As she cried her young eyes out onto the dirty ground, the girl began to change. It was a slow change which started at her head. A first it was just her hair. Her ponytails grew out of their ties and hung in her face. Its light brown color grew to a midnight black. Her ear lobes widened into holes to let many large pieces of silver dangle from them. Her face lost its color. Her eyes and lips were painted black, and her cheeks were a bright red. Her face showed a lot of wear and experience of harsher times. The change then moved slowly down to her body. It grew from a small eight year old body to that of a woman in her late teens. Her whole body became thin, and almost bony. Scars were cut by nothing into all of her exposed skin. Her upper left arm produced an unnatural color that transformed in to a fire breathing dragon that slithered around her arm twice. Her pink dress grew with her, but it too changed. The skirt of the dress wove together to create a pair of pants that rested too low on her hips. The top of it shrunk down to a spaghetti strap tank top that only covered what it needed to, but still left a lot of skin exposed. Her stomach was shown with a large piece of silver hanging on the only evidence that proved she had once been connected to her mother. Like the beginning of a gentle rain shower, her bright pink clothes changed to a black. She stayed shoeless. At the moment when her transformation completed itself, she stopped crying and sat up. She leaned on one leg and stretched the other one out. Her hair fell so it covered up half of her face.

Her eyes were still red and puffy, but there were no tears trickling down her face. She looked around the now white area. The trees had gone and she remained in what seemed to be a white room. It was like one of those rooms that they put the mentally insane in. Everything was white: the floor, the ceiling, the walls; everything. It was like she was trapped in the white room. There were no doors, and no windows. She didn't mind that she was alone. There were no lights but the room seemed to radiate it by itself. Everything white, all but a small corner of the wall. Just touching the ceiling was a column of black. It just stayed in the corner. The woman who was once the little girl stood up and walked over to the black doorway. She didn't stumble and she didn't make a sound. She stood in front of the darkness. She stood there emotionless, staring at the black door.

"Wait!" Three voices call behind her. She turned around and looked at the three people with no shock on her face. It wasn't weird to see them, she saw them almost every where she went. They hadn't changed much in appearance or in behavior. Her mother stood tall, but it was obvious that she was breaking down on the inside. Her former friend had tears in her eyes and few flowing down her cheek. The boy who once had the blurred out face was now clearly identified. He was the little girl's first boyfriend from a few years ago. They all stood there with sadness all over their faces. The teen in black just stared at them as if they were boring her, and in some way they were. "We're sorry." They told her in an unpredicted unison.

Her mother was the first one to step forward. Her mother was never a one to get all sentimental over her youngest daughter, but there was always a first time for everything. The teenage girl could start to see tears build up in her mother's eyes. "I'm sorry. I never should have compared you to your sister. You were smart in your own special way, please forgive me." Her mother pleaded. Her daughter just looked at her, showing nothing in her face. She didn't seem to even hear what her mother had said. The teen hadn't cared for her mother in such a long time. She didn't want to care for her; her mother would in the end hurt her again, she knew it.

Next her friend started to apologize. It looked as if she wanted to run up to her old friend and give her a hug but was too scared to do so. "Listen, I was wrongfully informed. You never betrayed me." The black teen felt a little hurt at this statement. She didn't need to be told this, she already knew. She had known she had done nothing wrong for quite so time now. "I should have known you were the most loyal person I had ever met and will ever meet. I could have never wished for a better friend. How about we hang out some time? You know, catch up on what's been happening lately." The friend wanted her to say yes. She didn't like the feeling of hurting her friend, and wanted to make it up somehow. The black girl moved her head in a way that almost looked like she wasn't shaking it at all. The girl's ex-friend looked down at the ground as the boy stepped forward.

"Hey, I was never really good at the whole conversation thing but I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry." He tried to keep eye contact with her but he was fidgeting so much it did really account for much. "It was about a week later that I learned what happened was no fault of yours. And by that time the space between us had grown too wide, I didn't know how to approach you." The once little girl did nothing in response. She looked at all of them with no mercy or any emotion for that matter. It was then that another magical event happened. From the darkly dressed teen's body came something that no one had expected. The little light brown haired girl wearing the bright baby pink dress was seen. It looked as if she was from the past.

The little girl looked at what she still thought was her caring mother and her best friend. She also noticed an older boy that looked charming. She smiled a wide smile and waved to them. They slowly waved back out of confusion of seeing her. The little pink girl then noticed the older girl in black. They looked at each other with nothing in their eyes. The older girl then held out her hand. The cuts on her wrist looked fascinating to the younger girl. The younger child looked back to the other people standing in the white room. They had a look of worry on their faces now. They didn't want the innocent child to travel anywhere with her older self. To the young girl, the woman dressed in black was much more entertaining than anything the other people could do. The little one smiled again at her mother, her friend, and the cute looking boy, then took the teens hand with full enthusiasm. The girl in black and the girl in pink then walked hand in hand into the black column that closed as soon as they were inside.