Okay, so i was at my friends house yesterday, and we found this awesome site that had a writing challenge generator. so, of course we tried it out!

This is what i got for my challenge, then the second one was from the same sites character generator. I decided to to them both in one story :)

I'm thinking about doing one of these challenges every monday and thursday, so, tell me what you think :)

here are the prompts:

A character is angry throughout most of the story. During the story, a character drinks something they haven't had in a while. The story must have a ghost involved in the middle. The story ends in a vault. The story takes place five years into the future.

The loyal, unpredictable playboy. His immaculate hair is the color of black coffee. His seductive eyes are like two chunks of jade.

The Seventh Sunset

Airashi was surprised the glass did not break when she set it down with a thunk.

She hadn't the time to be this frustrated. She had to finish writing this piece, and she had to finish it now.

However, banging on the keys of her already over-abused piano was not exactly the beautiful song that her client was expecting. And she wasn't going to give them something so terrible, even if the emotions were true and the song held more than just simple notes and rhythms.

"Having trouble, my dearest?"

"Leave me be, Siao." She mutters into her glass of scotch. "You're not really here. You're dead."

"You wound me, Airashi. I thought you loved me?" The ghost glides silently across the floor, coming to sit at her side on the piano bench. He ignores how she pours herself another glasss, though he was never fond of seeing her drink.

"You haven't drunk scotch since the night I met you." He noted. His jade green eyes scan over the old half empty bottle.

"After I met you, I didn't need it. You made me happy." She took another hearty sip before returning to her ivory and ebony. The next song that came was softer, though angry chords resounded behind the lighter melody.

"Please, darling, take a break from your music."

"It helps me." She replied stubbornly, her song taking a dark turn for the worst.

Siao knew he should leave her be, knew he should fade into the darkness like the ghost he was. But then she stopped, and turned to stare at him—or through him rather.

"Why are you here?" She asked in a whisper. 'You are dead….you have been for nearly five years."

The ghost gave her a pained expression, and avoided her gaze. She would start crying soon, and he didn't like seeing her upset.

"I'm here, because you will not let me leave…You chain me to this earth…"

"What are you trying to tell me?" Her breathing quickens and her eyes widen. She refuses to let the tears fall.

"I'm saying you must let me go…"

Airashi stares down into her lap. Siao just watches as tears fall slowly, tiny wet spots that can only show the emotions rolling through her.

"I will let you go…" She murmurs.

Siao smiled. "Thank you…I love you, my wife…" He said softly. He faded quickly, but before he was completely gone, Airashi shouted tearfully, "And I love you!"

And now, she is alone. Utterly, and unbelievably alone.


She cries out as if in pain, and her glass flew across the room. Shattered glass littered the floor as she fell to the ground and cried.


Letting him go was by far the hardest thing she ever had to do in her life.

But this was proving just as hard.

"Step this way…" said the man in a dark grey uniform. He allowed Airashi to walk in front of him in the large and very expensive building.

A large circular door with what looked like the steering wheel of a naval vessel was in the very center of the room, made from a beautiful mix of sparkling metals that made her even more anxious to leave with her item, instead of leaving it where she should.

They kept walking, into another series of rooms, then another larger room, with several more vault like doors.

They walked until they reached number eleven. Then, the man drew the key, and unlocked the door, pulling it open with a loud creak.

Inside, sat the piano her dead husband had given her the night of her wedding.

"We found this bottle with it," said the man, holding up a half empty bottle of scotch.

"I see. I must have forgotten to take that when I first left it." She replied with a small smile. She took the bottle from the man as she stepped forward to her piano, lightly touching the keys.

The sound that followed made her smile a little wider.

This piano always had a way to make her happy, even in the darkest of times. As a composer, she used it create beautiful works of art. That art made her happier than anything, except her love.

But he was gone.

She turned away from the instrument, and let the bottle of scotch sit limp her grasp.

"Would you like to take it with you today, madam?"

"No." She answered. This piano had made her happy when she played, but now…now she didn't need music to make her sadness go away. Siao wanted her to go out and live again, find someone new to love. And she had.

She starts to walk out, but remembers something.

Backtracking, she sets something in it's proper place.

"Miss, you left your bottle here! Don't you wish to take it with you?"

All Airashi can do is smile. "I don't need it." Then, more incredulously she said. "And I don't want it either." She walked away from the vault with her head held high, sun shining above her.

The pain…was gone.

so, tell me what you think :D