It was raining when it happened. When the car suddenly lurched forward, tipped over and rolled across the street. I was twelve when it happened. I was to start my second year in secondary school the next day. But when the car split open and my seat-belt was snapped in two, I knew I wasn't going back to school any time soon. The force of my half of the car when it landed made me tumble out and onto the cold wet pavement. It started to rain heavier; I remember the raindrops falling down on me furiously like bullets. I remember seeing my white stockings turning see-through as I was drenched to the bone. I remember the ear-splitting BOOM that came shortly after I recovered from my shock. I remember feeling the fury of the flames as my parents' half of the car, the half that had the engine in, suddenly became a huge bonfire in the middle of the street. I remember crying out, my voice cracking as I overused it.

"Mama! Daddy!"

I remember clearly how painful their screams sounded as the flames claimed them. I remember the tears that stung my eyes and mingled with the rain as I started to shed them mournfully. I also remember seeing that woman. Shortly after I had shouted for my parents, someone stepped from the flames. I could only see the shape of her body, the way her hair flowed with the wind and the jagged knives she held in her hands. I knew it was a woman, even though there was a huge likelihood that it was a man, I knew it was a woman that night. Her trench coat moved with the wind and I felt her eyes firmly fixed on me. All I could hear was police sirens, ambulance sirens and fire engine sirens. People shouting at me, telling me to run away, telling me to get away from the fire. But I just lay there on the pavement, my eyes firmly fixed on the woman who stood in front of the flaming car. All I did was blink and she wasn't there anymore. I knew she killed my parents. I knew she took them away from me. But I was only twelve, the police wouldn't believe me.

I had to move away to live with Mama's sister the next day. I had to move to a new school too. And for these past four years, that woman who killed my parents haunted my dreams every night.