I watched as Penelope stirred a cup of tea and pushed it towards me. I shifted as she placed some yellow powder in it.

"Goldberry," she said "Sweeter than sugar but far better than your teeth."

"…A drug?" was all I managed to say.

"Not really, scientifically modified berries. I have a bush in my garden. There is a slight side-effect though."

She sipped her own cup of tea after putting some of that powder in.

"It's slightly addictive."

I stared at my cup of tea and bit my lip. Well…she's just had some, so it should be OK… I picked up my cup and sipped it. A warm fuzzy feeling washed over me and I sighed dreamily when putting my cup down. Penelope smiled.

"Does that feel better?"

I nodded. I felt as if a woman with knives had not just barged into the house. Licking my lips shyly, I tasted the goldberry again. This goldberry was a bit too sweet for my taste but at the same time, I felt like I could have it every day of my life.

"So," said Penelope as I took another dainty sip "Now you're calm enough to talk to…"

I looked up at her wearily, ready to listen about why she's here. She stirred her tea again and sighed.

"Oh dear," she sighed cupping her cheek "Where do I begin?"

"Why did you kill my parents?" I asked almost immediately after she spoke.

"That's where I'm trying to find a beginning to my story," she countered.

Annoyance nibbled my gut. I sipped my tea again and then Penelope put her teacup down.

"Your mother was once a scientist in Orlando," she explained "She was an expert in marine biology and was recruited into Organization E.N.H.A.N.C.E.S."

I blinked once.

"Organization enhances?" I repeated softly.

"Organization Exploration of Nuclear for Humans and Animals for Noumenon and Creation of Ethereal Studies," Penelope explained to me, but my head still began to spin in confusion "An undercover organization that to illegal human and animal experimentations for the government."

Illegal human and animal experiments? Really now?

"How do I know you're not making this up?"

Penelope unbuttoned her coat and moved to take it off. But she stopped and she gestured to how the shoulders of the coat were stuck to her body, as if the trench coat was a part of her.

"I was one of them," she explained as she pulled the coat back over her and picked up her knife "They tried to give me waterproof skin but it went wrong."

I was speechless. Images of how the trench coat was stuck to her, like it had been sewn into her skin, flashed in my mind.

"Your father was from Germany," Penelope continued "He came to America to study to become a physics scientist and was recruited into the organization. He mainly studied about the different forces such as gravity and friction."

I hate physics… Shaking my thoughts out of my head I looked at her in confusion.

"Wait, so I'm actually half German?" I confirmed.

Penelope simpered and nodded.

"Why, what did you think about your father?"

"He was just an engineer and I was under the impression that he was American," I replied with a shrug.

I never actually thought that he would be from Germany…

"Why did you kill them?" I asked her.

Penelope sighed and leaned back.

"I was one of the organization's top assassins," she replied "You see, Alice, your parents ran away from the organization with intentions to reveal it to the public and to shut it down. So they downloaded all the data from the computer systems to give to the court. They went into hiding and it took us twelve years to find them."

Penelope's eyes lowered to her teacup.

"I was supposed to kill them and search their home for the information they had taken. But…"

I felt paralyzed when her eyes moved onto me.

"I didn't know that they had you as their child."

She picked her teacup up and sipped it delicately.

"I decided to go against the organization, find the information and shut them down myself," she continued to talk "But I looked everywhere and didn't find anything related to the organization. I knew that it was a matter of time until the organization found out about you and that you'd be in danger. So I looked for you, gathering other escaped test subjects with me and forming a small rebellion group. And now here I am."

I paused for a while to take this information in. So my parents were scientists in this organization that was doing illegal experiments for the government? Somehow I didn't feel like it was the truth.

"I'm not sure if I believe you…" I confessed to her softly "My parents would never take part in such an organisation…"

"They didn't want to."

I snapped my head back up to Penelope's cold grey eyes.

"That's why they ran away," she explained.


My parents would never have agreed to be any part of it! Mama was kind and caring, she loved nature and she loved me! Father wouldn't have taken part in anything that was as inhumane as experimenting on humans and animals! They wouldn't have… I was brought out of my thoughts as Penelope stood up abruptly, knife in hand.


That was all she said before the window smashed into several pieces and I ran. I gasped as a silver blur streaked and blocked my way into the corridor. My eyes came into contact with slit golden pupils and I fell over by the sheer size of the young man in front of me. His cheeks were scarred with nasty big dark claws marks, his hair was silver-coloured and matted, his arms, chest and legs were bandaged tightly and out of his fingers were cat claws. He had a long silver cat tail accompanied with a pair of silver ears upon his head. I watched as Penelope lunged for him, tackling him down into Aunt Mary's new carpet.

"Just run!" she shouted at me.

I did. I sprinted out and into the back garden. But when I tried to cut across the lawn to reach the garden gate, the temperature skyrocketed suddenly and arms were around me tightly.

"Now where do you think you're going, gorgeous?"

The person opened his palm and flames danced in the middle of it. I remembered the car crash, the heat of the flames, the screams of agony from my parents and Penelope standing there with her knives. I had tried so long to forget about that incident and as all the memories rushed to me at once, I passed out.