Chapter 2

I walked into the house and shut the door as my phone rang. I picked it up and said "Hello, this is Ashley speaking. Who are you?" "Hi, Honey, this is Mom and I was wondering what theme you and your sister wanted for your birthday." My mom said. "We decided on Hawaiian theme." I said "Love you, bye." I hung up. I walked over to Taylor and asked "So, why aren't you speaking to me?" "Because I told you that I told Kristen that she could blow out the candles with us!" Taylor hissed. Oh, Kristen also shares our birthday. "I think you might have told me that about 6 months ago." I noted in a smart- alec tone. Taylor just walked away as I did my homework. "Thank God that the math homework is from elementary today. 93X67=... 6,231."

I finished my homework just in time to hear my parents mini-van pull in. As they walked in, I noticed that they were excited. "Guess what, you two!" Mom squealed. "What?" Taylor asked, thinking it wasn't going to be good. "I rented out one and a half miles of the beach!" Dad smiled. Taylor and I squealed in joy and jumped up and down. I immediately ran to my laptop and sent out invitations on Facebook. Five minutes later, I was pelted with "Yes" responses. The number of people was rising, ten, twenty, fifty. The beach was going to be packed. As the sun was going down and the moon was rising, she was getting tired and went to bed in her room.

After school the next day, I went to my room and read a book. I knew the party was in two hours, but getting ready could wait. As I was reading, a light appeared on my book. I looked around for the light, but couldn't see it. Then, I looked at my lucky sword pendant. It was a bronze sword with a leather wrapped hilt. I had had it since I was a baby. It was glowing, but I just rubbed it. When I did, it stopped glowing. Then, I heard my sister scream as if she lost her lip gloss. She ran in my room and I was astonished. She was wearing a Japanese gown that a Geisha would wear. Her face make-up was all white, except for her eyeshadow, which was pink. At her waist was a tool belt with a sheathed sword attached.

"What happened?" I asked her. "I don't know! My lucky sword pendant, the thin silver blade with the black hilt-" "Katana." I corrected her. "Started glowing and I rubbed it and this happened! Now what happened to you?" She asked. "What do you mean what happened-?" She gave me a mirror and I saw. I was an Egyptian girl with black hair, a shoulder- length hair cut, and bangs that went to my eyes. Charcoal lined my eyes, I had no freckles, and had an Egyptian tan. I was wearing a brown dress that went to my knees and the neck-line went to my neck. Last, but not least, I was wearing an Egyptian crown that was gold and had a cobra head at the front.

"Oh my God... Rub your pendant." My instincts told me. We rubbed our pendants and we went back to normal. "Wow." Taylor said "What do we do now?" "We go to our sweet 16 and tell no one" I said calmly.