This is a story I started several years ago. Hopefully, the inspiration to finish it will follow soon. Of course comments are very welcome. Strong sexual content!

I've been modeling for a women's figure drawing class on Wednesday evenings for the last several weeks. They hired me as the exclusive model for the entire class so they could spend several sessions on the same pose to work on extensive detail and shading. I'm also considered an excellent model for physique and muscles, and I'm very good at holding poses.

It's a fun group with a young instructor; she'd just graduated with her MFA, and the six students in the class range from their mid twenties to mid forties. I'm older than any of the students at nearly 54, but I look a good 10 years younger. They are all very fun, and there's a lot of banter between them, the instructor and me, with some occasional sexual innuendo thrown in.

It was our fifth of ten classes and they'd asked me to do a reclining pose. I dropped my robe, set my timer for the regular 20 minutes, and kicked back on the couch they provided. It had been a long day starting at 5:45 in the morning, up and feeding the critters on the ranch, a three hour modeling class in the morning, five hours at the office with meetings, reports to review, and letters to prepare. The first session went well, the twenty minute timer went off and I decided to stay in the pose for another twenty minutes. That session went well also, except that I struggled a bit to stay awake, nodding off can lead to dreams which can lead to a somewhat embarrassing situation of getting an erection. I decided to take a break after that pose and try and wake up.

I donned my robe, and joined the students and instructor for a glass of wine and some conversation. One of the students, the oldest, is an attractive, blond, real estate broker named Kat. She is well known in our community and is very successful. She said to me, "I noticed how nicely groomed you are this evening."

I said, "Thank you. I'm glad you like it." She was referring to my cock and balls, which I shave on a regular basis.

"I do, I've never seen a man that shaves himself as you do before. I find it very attractive." She said.

"Thanks." I replied. By this time all the other students and the instructor were gathered around me listening intently.

"Do you shave for the look, or is there another reason?" asked Kat.

"I shave for several reasons, one is I do like the look, the second is that I ride horses regularly and I found that if I didn't at least trim the hair, it would tend to drag my balls underneath me and riding was then painful. Another reason is that my girlfriend likes me better trimmed, but for me it's the feel, it's so soft and makes me so much more sensitive." I said, trying to be matter of fact about it.

"Do you mind if we take a close look at it?" Kat asked.

"Not at all," I said dropping my robe.

She got down on her knees and closely examined me. She reached for my cock, looked up and asked, "Mind if I touch?"

"Uh, no, I guess not," I replied, a bit surprised.

She took my cock in one hand, and stroked my balls with the other. "Oh my, they are very soft. It feels so smooth, here feel this." She said to the young woman beside her. The young woman, the youngest of the group knelt down beside her, reached up and stroked my balls, too.

"Wow, they really are soft." She said.

With the second woman stroking my balls, it was about all I could handle, and I could no longer keep my response under control. I rapidly swelled in Kat's hand, and she didn't help matters because as I grew in size he stroked my length. "You're shaft is so smooth as well, and so nice and long." She said looking at me with a bit of a wicked grin.

"I love the attention, but that's probably enough. We'd better get back to the pose." I said reluctantly.

The young woman took my cock from Kat and stroked it softly. "It is very nice and soft," and then quietly to me, "and so very long, and hard, and thick too." She said to me quietly smiling up at me.

To be continued…..