I hope Sieur Jehann comes to court today thought Elisabeth

Elisabeth was only halfway paying attention to Madame Philippot. She was supposed to be learning Tucian, but so far her attempts at the language had been in vain. She looked over at her sister, Marguerite, whose attention was captured by their teacher. Marguerite had apparently gotten their father's intelligence.

She turned her attention back to Madame Philippot. She heard a bit, before she gave up and started playing with the strands of her blonde hair. She looked down at her blue silk dress with pearls stitched into the bodice. She had worn this dress because it matched the blue of Sieur Jehann's eyes. She sighed audibly catching Madame Phillippot's attention.

"Princess Elisabeth, am I boring you?" Phillipot asked?

Elisabeth looked down at her fingertips before answering "No Madame Phillipot."

"Then why are you sighing?"

Elisabeth's mind went a mile a minute while looking a reasonable explanation to the Madame. She couldn't very tell her that she was in love with Sieur Jehann, could she?

Before she could answer, the bell outside tolled telling the Palace that a new hour was dawning. Madame Phillipot looked at her expectantly, but Elisabeth was stepping out of her seat and walking towards the door.

"Come on, Marguerite" Elisabeth called to her younger sister from the door. Marguerite looked up with her large blue eyes as though she hadn't heard her or the bell.

"Is it time to go already?" she lamented "I was just getting the hang of my Tucian nouns"

"Yes come on" Elisabeth hissed. Marguerite reluctantly stood and picked up the book she had been carrying with her for at least two days. She bowed to Madame Phillipot before running to Elisabeth and taking her hand.

They rushed out of the nursery door, but not before hearing the Madame's last words "I'll be expecting an answer to my question, Princess Elisabeth"

Elisabeth barely heard her. She pulled her sister's hand ever harder making the girl wince.

"Where are we going Elisabeth?" asked Marguerite.

Elisabeth didn't answer. She continued to pull her sister through the corridors knocking into several people along the way.

On they went; until Marguerite pulled her hand free of her elder sister's and stopped. Elisabeth turned around to find her sister with her hands of her hips.

"Margot" Elisabeth pleaded with her sister using her nickname from when they were children "We are going to be late"

"Late for what?" Marguerite asked "I won't come until you tell me where you're taking me"

Elisabeth sighed and looked around making sure that there was no one else around in the corridor. Finding it quite empty, she pulled her sister to her and for extra precaution began to whisper into her sister's ear.

"After the eleventh bell tolls, Sieur Jehann can be found in the courtyard taking a break/" she whispered.

Marguerite looked backed blankly at her. "So?"

Elisabeth threw her hands up into the air and shook her head. Honestly her sister being so intelligent, could be so very dense sometimes.

"I love Sieur Jehann Margot and I want him to notice me/" she said exasperatedly.

Marguerite was silent for a minute before she started squealing and jumping up and down.

"Sieur Jehann is so very handsome Betha." said Marguerite clapping her hands together.

"Indeed." Elisabeth said before grabbing at her sister's hand and pulling her down the stairs. "Now we must make it before he leaves."

The sisters ran until they came upon the great courtyard. Elisabeth suddenly stopped and Marguerite slammed into her back.

"Ouch Betha, why didn't you warn me?" she said rubbing her chest. She waited for an answer from her sister, but none came. Marguerite looked in the direction where her sister was staring. Then she saw what had made Elisabeth stop.

On a stone bench across the courtyard sat their older sister Marie with Sieur Jehann, who was placing a kiss on her lips.

Marguerite looked sadly at Elisabeth. She put her arm around her and held her before she spoke.

"I'm sorry, Betha." she said softly.

Elisabeth was quiet before a look of anger flashed in her eyes. She shrugged off Marguerite's arm.

"Stupid Marie always gets everything! I hate her!" she said spinning around and running inside the doors, leaving behind Marguerite.