Danny waited impatiently outside the bathroom door for Tristan to emerge in his costume. They had gone all out to shock this time and both were excited about the Halloween ball. They'd been roomies for over a year now and had been almost inseparable as friends since their first day at college last September.

They complimented each other so well it was a match made in heaven: a friendship match, of course. Theirs was a bromance, rather than a romance, although there had been a lot of speculation about their relationship they were indeed just friends. Danny was the original play boy, with a different babe on his arm each week, sometimes more than one. Tristan was gay, and slutty. He had slept with just about every gay guy on the campus and some not so gay as well. There had been rumours about a lecturer too, but they were just rumours.

Tristan was drop dead gorgeous, with dark hair and devastating blue eyes and every one was madly in love with him. He was from Wyoming and his accent sent shivers down everyone's spine. And he was such a cowboy, he had even ridden rodeo, which made him a legend and always got him laid. The only one he didn't leave in a sexually ecstatic wake was Danny, who, probably due to his closeness to the light, was immune to the charms.

Danny wasn't gay, and he got everything he wanted from the many women in his life. They just seemed to throw themselves at him. He was also gorgeous, blond hair, grey/green eyes and tanned complexion. He had a surfer physique and an easy manner that made every girl within a six mile radius swoon and follow him as if they were under a spell.

So between the two of them, they had sucked the campus dry, and in Tristan's case, quite literally.

Danny knocked impatiently on the door,

"C'mon, Tris. The party'll be over before we get there. Get your fairy ass out here right now." He was about to knock again when the door burst open,

"Who're you callin' Fairy Ass, Jock Strap." Tristan said, with more than a little heat. He hated the nickname Danny had for him with a passion, but only Danny would ever dare call him it to his face because if it had been anyone else Tristan would have kicked their ass. Tristan's nickname for Danny was equally as derogatory, and equally no one else would have dared refer to him as a Jock Strap to his face.

Danny and Tristan regarded each other in their matching Halloween costumes and both burst out laughing. They were both dressed as slutty school girls, complete with short skirts and stockings and suspenders. They had borrowed bras from a well endowed friend down the hall and had them well stuffed. Their wigs were the opposite colour to their own hair and had been plaited and wired. They had gone all out on this one and even waxed their legs. Tristan stepped back into the bathroom and put the finishing touches to his lip gloss then called Danny over, who had not yet put on any make up,

"You need make up Danny, to make this look authentic."

"I am not wearing make up, that I draw the line at." He said, folding his arms and refusing to move. Tristan let out a snort of laughter at Danny's totally misplaced stubbornness,

"You go through a full body wax and you refuse to wear a little bit of make up that won' even hurt ya? Danny, you already look like a transvestite, what the hell difference does a bit of make up make?

Danny sighed and allowed Tristan to put some make up on him. He took a good look at Tristan's face, made up so well a girl could have done it,

"Where'd you learn to put make up on so well?" he asked in surprise,

"I'm gay remember?" Tristan replied, "It's genetic." Danny snorted, Tristan was perhaps the most masculine man he knew, apart from himself. There was nothing gay about him if gay meant effeminate and girlie behaviour. Danny regarded him now with more than a little shock. The eye shadow high lighted Tristan's deep blue eyes and they were framed by the longest lashes Danny had ever seen even with mascara. Tristan's eye were concentrating on Danny's face as he made him up, making them even more intense,

"You have beautiful eyes, Tristan, anyone ever tell you that?" Tristan frowned and sniffed Danny's breath,

"Have you been drinking already?" he asked, laughing,

"No." Danny told him indignantly, "You know I would never start without you," he grinned, "I wouldn't dare, in case you go off in a gay boy huff." He added making Tristan mutter "Fuck you." Under his breath because Danny knew fine well that he had never ever done that,

"Look up." he ordered, sticking his tongue out as he applied mascara to Danny's lashes, "So if you haven't been drinking," Tristan continued, "what's with the eye compliment? You hittin' on me cos I'm dressed like a girl?"

"No." Danny answered, with an easy laugh, "But you gotta admit you make a very pretty girl, Tristan." Tristan stepped back to admire his handy work and turned Danny so he could examine the results in the mirror.

Danny turned his head from side to side to look at all the angles,

"You don't make a bad girl either." Tristan admired, "Great legs, well shaped butt. If I was straight, I'd do you."

"Thanks." Danny told him dubiously. He turned to leave, "Come one Fairy Ass. We gotta go and sexually confuse everyone we possibly can."

"Ok, hold onto your jock strap, Jock Strap." Tristan told him, chuckling,

"Trouble is, Tris, I'm not wearing one." Danny confessed,

"Neither am I." said Tristan as he brushed provocatively past his friend. Danny sniffed as he followed Tristan out into the hall,

"Are you wearing perfume, Tristan?" he asked with more than a little disgust, "Are you sure you're not a closet transvestite?" he offered his arm for Tristan to link. They had planned to arrive at the party like this, because they just loved to fuel the rumours about them and keep everyone guessing,

"Shut the fuck up, Danny." Tristan pushed his arm away, "It's after shave, asshole. Let's get to this damn party, before it really is over."