Two nights ago the campus cafeteria had been pretty much deserted when Danny and Tristan had gone down for dinner, and they had managed to avoid running into any of their friends. It had been by unspoken agreement that they would simply go, eat and return to their dorm room. Neither of them had felt up to meeting their friends that day anyway. Going out in public was enough for both of them without having to deal with awkward questions.

Tonight though, exactly a week since the Halloween party that had started this all off, they had arranged to meet their friends in their favourite diner off campus. It was one that was a popular hangout for most of their circle of friends and acquaintances.

As they walked hand in hand across the campus Danny glanced around to see if anyone noticed them but, apart from the odd cheery greeting from acquaintances, everyone was too busy getting on with their own lives to notice something as trivial as two guys holding hands. To him it was far from trivial though, not because he was holding a man's hand but because he was holding Tristan's hand. And when he looked up and saw the soft look in Tristan's eyes he knew it was far from trivial for him either. They squeezed each other's fingers and smiled,

"This ain't as bad as you thought it would be is it, bud?" Tristan asked his friend and Danny shook his head, smiling,

"I feel a little bit antsy, but I'm fine, Tris." He said quietly, "You do this all this time, it's just new to me, but I think I could get used to it." Tristan's eyes sparkled,

"I might do it all the time, but never with someone that means so much to me." Danny looked up at him, his eyes a little misty,

"Tris." He exclaimed softly, stopping and turning to face him. He reached up and cupped his hand around Tristan's neck and pulled him close.

Tristan gasped as Danny placed a soft kiss on his lips,

"Dan." He whispered, folding his arms around him in a firm embrace and burying his face in Danny's soft blond curls, "I wasn't expectin' you to even hold my hand in public, bud."

"Well, I did tell you that when it comes to you I want everything, Tris." Danny told him, gazing into his deep blue eyes, "I'm not going to hide away in the closet, you don't deserve that." Tristan's smile was positively radiant,

"You know I would've respected your wishes if you wanted to keep it quiet for a while." He said, brushing some strands of hair out of Danny's eyes,

"I know." Danny nodded, "I just didn't want you to think that I was ashamed or anything, because I'm not." He chuckled, "I'm a little shell shocked, but never ashamed." He regarded Tristan with a sideways glance as they resumed their journey, "You know your dad described you as a bit of a blur."

"Did he indeed?" Tristan chuckled, "He always did think I did everything at break neck speed. He's always so methodical and thorough."

"There's something to be said for methodical and thorough." Danny mused,

"Are we still talkin' about my dad?" Tristan asked with a chuckle and a squeeze to Danny's fingers,

"Maybe, maybe not." Danny had a wicked glint in his eye and Tristan laughed,

"Danny Taylor, if I wasn't so hungry I think I would like you to show me just exactly what you mean by methodical and thorough."

"Hmm, maybe later." Tristan leaned close and whispered into Danny's ear as they reached the door of the Diner,

"I'll hold you to that, Dan."

As they entered the busy diner Danny was blushing furiously and Tristan was grinning from ear to ear. Tristan released his grip on his friend's fingers thinking that he would want to withdraw his hand in such a close, bustling place, but he did not and Tristan regarded him with a raised eyebrow. Danny had been telling the absolute truth about wanting everything out in the open. They were standing in a bustling public place, holding hands. As they both looked around though, no one appeared to be taking any notice.

Frantic movement caught their attention and Danny pulled Tristan over to where Steph was waving furiously. Steph, Carly, Jason, Scott and Reuben all stood to greet their friends. None of them had seen Tristan since the attack so their hugs were tight and emotional. All of them were happy to see Tristan looking so well, if a little pale, after what had been such a traumatic time.

When Tristan came face to face with Reuben they stood looking at each other for a little while. It had been Reuben's level headedness and quick thinking that had quite possibly saved Tristan's life and this was the first opportunity Tristan had had to actually thank him face to face. How exactly did you go about thanking someone for doing something so monumental though? Tristan felt a lump forming in his throat as he reached out and laid his hand on Reuben's shoulder,

"I don't know what to say, Roo." He said quietly, "Danny told me what you did." Reuben simply gave a wry chuckle,

"I was just glad we got to you in time, Tristan." He said, with genuinely modest humility, "I just did what anyone else would have done in the same situation." He pulled Tristan into a bear hug to hide his embarrassment,

"Now, Roo, you know that isn't true," Danny piped in, unconsciously slipping his hand into Tristan's again when Roo had released his hold on him. Danny was fully aware that he had gone completely to pieces when Tristan had stopped breathing, "You were the only one that kept your head."

Danny remembered how helpless he had felt. That feeling, nothing, he knew, to what Tristan must have felt at the hands of that bastard. His hand squeezed involuntarily around Tristan's and his body tensed at the thought of Troy and what he had done,

"You okay, bud?" Tristan asked and Danny nodded, not really wanting to bring Troy up at this time, even though he knew that the instigator of all Tristan's troubles could not be far from any of their friends' thoughts. He wanted Tristan's first night out amongst their friends to go smoothly,

"You sit down," he said, pushing Tristan to the table, "I'll get you something to eat."

Tristan obeyed without protest, giving Danny a quizzical look. Danny left to order them both some dinner. The others already had theirs. He returned almost immediately with a sheepish grin and a flush to his skin,

"I forgot to ask you what you want?" he said, blushing adorably. Tristan chuckled affectionately. Danny could be such a space case sometimes,

"Do you think they have donuts?" Tristan asked him with a twinkle in his eye and a saucy flick of his eyebrows. Danny grinned and pushed his tongue against the back of his teeth as they shared their little in joke,

"I don't think they do donuts for dinner, Tris." He grinned, "Only breakfast."

"Dang," Tristan managed to look and sound disappointed, "I guess I'll just have a burger 'n' some fries then, bud." His blue eyes met Danny's grey ones and both grinned as they remembered what donuts for breakfast really meant to them both. Danny nodded, and walked off still grinning.

Their friends watched this exchange with interest, since it seemed just like any other time they were all together. Tristan and Danny always seemed to have such a rapport with each other. The big difference this time was that all sitting around the table had noticed the fact that they had been holding hands. There were no surprised glances or shocked gasps from the group though. There had always been such chemistry between the two young men that their friends could not be more thrilled for them to have taken that next step, no matter what the circumstances under which they had discovered their feelings for each other.

Tristan had sat down opposite Jason and Scott and the three, plus Reuben began a lively debate about the next football game and whether Tristan would be well enough to play,

"I have to go back and see the docs for a check up on Monday." He told them, "I'll ask about sports, but I don't know what they'll say."

Reuben nodded, "Probably best to steer clear for a while until your lungs are back to strength, Tristan." Reuben relayed, as always as if he was reading from a medical text book. Both Jason and Scott made disappointed grumbles but agreed that they would rather have a healthy Tristan than a full football team.

Carly and Steph slid their chairs closer to Tristan on either side of him and he regarded them with his dark blue eyes, smiling curiously,

"So, tell us all about what happened in the hospital and what happened when you got back." Steph flicked her eyebrows and Tristan rolled his eyes. Of all their friends he could have put money on the fact that she would be the first to ask out right about him and Danny,

"There's not much to tell, except I'm discharged and everything is back to as normal as it can be when you're me." He grinned, watching Steph's face pull into a frown then a pout. She clearly wanted more information and she could clearly see that Tristan was not going to give it,

"Are you sure there isn't anything you want to tell us?" She asked, still pouting. He made a show of thinking hard and then shook his head,

"Nope, nothin' important." He was smirking though. Steph gave a frustrated growl and thumped him gently on the arm,

"You and Danny, you asshole." She hissed, "Tell us about you and Danny." Tristan gasped and looked around in mock alarm,

"Oh my god, you know about that?" he asked, his smirk still firmly in place though, "Better keep your voice down, Steph, we don't want anyone to know yet."

"Bullshit." She chuckled, "If you didn't want anyone to know why were you holding hands for the whole world to see?"

"I don't know. What c'n I say, he finds me irresistible." Tristan chuckled and smirked and everyone joined in,

"I'm so happy for you both, Tristan," Carly said in her soft, quiet voice. Her very dark hair had fallen across her eyes which were framed by large glasses.

Tristan had always had a soft spot for this slightly geeky, very shy, petite girl with big blue eyes just like his. He put his arm around her and pulled her close. The fact that she was one of the only girls he would ever do this to was not lost on her and she snuggled into his shoulder,

"You are such a cutie." Tristan told her, "If I wasn't already taken I think I'd marry you on the spot." Carly giggled at the ridiculous statement,

"I think you'd have to fight Reuben for me though." She whispered so as not to be overheard by the said Reuben who was pretending to still be interested in the conversation about football but was secretly watching the diminutive Carly be swallowed up by Tristan's hug.

Tristan gave her a surprised but very pleased smile. He knew that Carly had always had a thing for Reuben and her confirmation that it might be mutual thrilled him to bits. He winked at his tall, dark, hero friend across the table,

"I might have to fight you for Reuben, sweetie," he told Carly, but loud enough for Reuben to hear, "Since he's my hero."

"Hey." A voice said from behind him, "I thought I was your hero." Danny was frowning but his tone was light as Tristan's eyes widened and he stuttered. Steph, Carly and Reuben all chuckled because Tristan was rarely caught on the hop like that.

Steph shuffled onto another chair so that Danny could sit next to Tristan with their food. As he slipped onto the seat and deposited the tray in front of them Tristan leaned against him smiling,

"You are my hero, Danny. I was just showin' a little gratitude." Danny harrumphed as he settled himself,

"Uhuh," he muttered, "Whatever." But Tristan was very aware that he had pushed a leg against his and that he was now squeezing his knee with his free hand. He regarded his blond friend with slightly narrowed eyes. Tristan was usually the one to play footsie under the table, but here was Danny playing him at his own game. He would have to watch him very carefully. He was beginning to think that he had met his match in Danny Taylor, in more ways than one.

The group sat and ate, talking constantly, laughing and carrying on like they always did. Danny and Tristan felt more and more comfortable as the conversation progressed from serious to downright silly as it always did. None of them talked about the events of the weekend before and none of them made any reference to the fact that Danny and Tristan were sitting close and obviously holding hands beneath the table. They were simply the same group of friends doing the same thing they did every evening and everyone felt very happy and safe and comfortable.

After one particularly stupid joke from Jason, who was the master of one liners Danny was wiping tears of laughter from his eyes when he noticed a small group approaching their table and he knew that the good times were not going to last. The hand he had resting gently on Tristan's knee impulsively tensed up.

Alerted by the squeeze on his leg Tristan turned to his friend, a concerned frown on his brow,

"What's up bud?" he asked,

"Worst nightmare." Danny muttered, indicating the approaching group.

There were two girls and a guy. One of the girls was hanging off the guy's arm possessively whilst the other had her eyes trained on Danny as if he was a target in an archery contest. Tristan's eyes narrowed slightly as he recognised one of Danny's more persistent partners from their freshman year, Juliette. Her long, straightened hair pulled into a tight ponytail on the top of her head and her short skirt that didn't quite meet her tight top showing off her slim midriff, marking her as the archetypical cheerleader, she always seemed stuck in some High School Musical fantasy and Tristan had always had to bite his tongue when Danny was dating her so as not to call his friend Zac by mistake.

Danny had dated her for a couple of months and then they had split for undisclosed reasons. Tristan had guessed why of course, but the real reason stayed between the two of them. Danny hadn't really wanted to talk about it at the time opting instead to get drunk with his friend in their room and then argue over which was best, straight or gay porn. They had compromised and watched both. That had been a very educational night for both of them!

Juliette was making a beeline for Danny, smiling a broad, false, cheerleading smile, showing off two rows of obviously whitened, perfect teeth,

"Hi Danny." She said in a flirty, obvious, come on tone that made Tristan's lip curl and he bristled against Danny's side. Her obvious snub of everyone else there did not go unnoticed by any of the table's occupants. Jason and Scott physically turned their backs on the girl and her companions and continued their conversation with Reuben and even the shy, quiet Carly was giving Juliette dagger stares.

Danny squeezed his friend's knee as he continued to sizzle at his side. The gesture was half in reassurance and half for support. He groaned inwardly because this was just what he needed: the missus and the ex meeting for the first time. He immediately berated himself for labelling Tristan as such but he didn't really have any other language reference for the encounter that was about to take place,

"Hi, Juliette." He smiled back matching her insincerity with his own, "What can I do for you?" She never deigned to approach any group other than her own clique unless she had an ulterior motive.

"I heard you've been away from classes all week." Juliette simpered, "I just wanted to know if you were ok."

Juliette was definitely fishing for gossip because she must already know the reason why he had been away from classes, and this made Danny angry,

"I've been at the hospital with Tristan." Danny sighed, feeling Tristan stiffen beside him. Why did Juliette, of all people have to show up? Danny did not want Tristan upset in any way,

"Oh, was he sick?" she asked blatantly ignoring the fact that he was sitting right in front of her,

"I'm sittin' right here, you little…." Tristan cut his tirade short with a sharp gasp as Danny dug his nails into his thigh, because although he was angry with Juliette he did not want a full scale fight on his hands. Tristan glared at his friend and then back at Juliette. Danny ignored his friend's glare,

"Juliette, why don't you go and get your gossip from somewhere else because you won't be getting any from us today." Danny told her in as calm a tone as he could. She ignored his jibe,

"If you're not doing anything tomorrow night there's a frat party I've been invited to. It's pretty exclusive," She said addressing Danny and continuing to ignore Tristan and the others' existence; obviously oblivious to the anger emanating from either man, "Would you like to come with me?" She asked Danny out on dates on a regular basis, every one of which he had turned down flat since their break up. She never seemed to get the message. This time however Danny had a sure fire way to get her to stop asking,

"Actually, Juliette, I'm not available, since I am now dating someone else." His eyes moved sideways and Juliette gasped, but instead of her gaze stopping at Tristan, who she was still blatantly ignoring she looked past him to Steph,

"Ah well," she said, examining her fingernails in what Danny knew was her most dangerous, bitchy stance "I always thought you were trying to get your claws into him, Steph." She leaned across the table, "You'd better willing to share him. I hear he's used goods." She said with a sneer and a slight but obvious nod towards Tristan. Both he and Danny gasped but Steph laughed, breaking the tension and loving the opportunity to have something to tell the gossip mongering little witch,

"He's not dating me, Juliette. You should get your facts right before you come over here with your wicked little rumours." She gave a derisive little laugh,

"Yeah, Juliette." Tristan joined in, his eyes flashing and dangerous, "Why don't you go try your hand at something you might be good at like clawing someone's eyes out, or spreading those prissy little legs for the entire basket ball team." Juliette gave an angry gasp as she took a breath for her retort. She regarded Tristan disdainfully,

"That's something you would know all about, Tristan Slutman." She spat and Tristan laughed in her face,

"Take you all day to come up with that one, Spewliette? You're just sore because half the basket ball team prefer guys in shorts to girls in skirts and the rest don't like sloppy seconds." he said through his teeth,

"Why don't you butt out and find one of your little lapdogs to fawn over, Tristan?"

"Lapdogs were never my style, Juliette, I only go for real men; something you wouldn't know anything about."

"Hey." Danny piped up, his feelings hurt despite the situation and Tristan regarded him with a twinkle in his eye,

"No offense, sweetheart, but she didn't manage to hold onto you long enough to know she was onto a good thing." Juliette gasped again, obviously putting two and two together from Tristan's words and Danny's reaction,

"Oh my god." Juliette took a step backwards looking from Tristan to Danny in quick succession, "You bastard." She aimed this at Danny, "You lied to me. You told me there was nothing going on despite everything everyone was saying."

"I didn't lie to you Juliette," he said with a sigh, "and you didn't believe me anyway, so what difference does it make? I was telling the truth, at the time." Danny sounded tired and Tristan took his hand and squeezed it. They exchanged weary, understanding glances.

Juliette noted the contact and her face twisted into an angry, disgusted grimace. She picked up a cup that just happened to be Danny's and threw the contents, coke, directly into Danny's face. The fluid splashed out in a perfect arc to cover anyone else that was within range causing angry shouts around the table. Danny simply sat there, coke dripping down his face as Juliette screamed at him,

"That's what you get for being a fucking fag and making a fool out of me, Danny Taylor, you bastard." She turned on her heal and walked off with her two lackeys following behind giving her exaggerated comfort for the benefit of all in the diner who had now turned to watch the show unfold. Tristan was livid and pushed his seat back to stand and shout after the prissy cheerleader,

"You little bitchy fish freak, you better be sure your drinks have lids on 'em from now on because if I see you anywhere near liquid you'll be fuckin' wearing it." He regarded the occupants of the diner in general who were mostly trying to look like they hadn't been watching in interest, "Everyone get a good enough look?" he yelled, and anyone who was still watching immediately turned away. He turned back to look at Danny who was still just sitting there, coke dripping down his face, "Danny, honey." He said, and Danny smiled at his genuine concern and the sudden mood change. He dabbed at his dripping face and hair with a napkin that Steph had handed to him,

"I'm fine, really." He said, "Think I might need to go and get changed though." He said softly and Tristan nodded in understanding,

"Anything you want bud." He smiled, laying his hands on Danny's shoulders. He turned to the others and said, "We're gonna head back up, guys, think we've given everyone enough entertainment for one night, huh?"

There were protests and grumblings but both Danny and Tristan looked tired so the rumblings died down.

Danny stood and shook his t shirt a little to stop it clinging to his chest. They said quick good byes, grabbing the rest of their food as take out then walking out of the diner the same way they had walked in: hand in hand,

"Well, I think that we came out of that fairly unscathed." Danny mused as they walked back to the campus dorm building,

"Unscathed?" Tristan regarded him with an incredulous expression, "Danny, you're covered in coke."

"Yeah, but it'll wash off." He nodded, "It could have been worse."

"Worse than having an ex girlfriend throw a full cup of coke in your face?" Tristan chuckled,

"It could have been hot coffee," Danny continued, "Now that really would have stung; or she could have slapped me."

"I woulda slapped her back, the bitch." Tristan said ferociously and Danny chuckled and leaned against him, squeezing his hand,

"That might have been entertaining." He muttered. Tristan grinned then with his free hand tugged at the front of Danny's soaked t shirt,

"You know you kinda have to wash it off straight away if you don't want it to stain or dry sticky." He told his friend as they reached the entrance to their dorm building,

"Something you'd probably like to help me with, I'm guessing." Danny said, his eyebrows arched, a wry smile on his lips,

"Well, if you insist." Tristan said shrugging nonchalantly, although the grin was still firmly in place,

"You are insatiable, you know that?" Danny laughed. Tristan's blue eyes sparkled as he pulled Danny up the stairs and along the corridor to their room.

He fumbled with the key to get the door open without letting go of Danny's hand. They fell through the door together and the door shut with a bang behind them. Tristan pushed Danny up against the closed door and kissed him, his lips bruising the shorter man's with a ferocity and a passion that took Danny's breath away. He snaked his arms up Tristan's back and pulled him closer. Tristan's fingers buried themselves in Danny's blond curls. Both men moaned and sighed into each other's mouths, tongues entwined, brushing against teeth and lower lips.

Tristan pulled away first, his hand caressing Danny's cheek softly. Blue eyes met grey/green ones,

"When it comes to you I am totally insatiable, Danny Taylor." He whispered softly, a smile playing on his lips, "What's more I'm beginning to think that you are too."

"When it comes to you, Tris, I certainly am." They kissed again, enjoying the feel of their bodies pushed together, Danny's back up against the door, one of Tristan's long legs pressed between Danny's seductively.

They came up for air once more, a little more aroused, Danny giving a needy little whimper at the absence of Tristan's lips on his. Tristan did not chuckle or giggle this time though as he had a pensive, thoughtful look in his deep blue eyes,

"Danny?" he asked, and Danny could hear a slight uncertainty in his tone,

"Yeah." He whispered back, trying to sooth the uncertainty away with his hands, sliding up and down Tristan's spine,

"Are we gonna be okay?" Danny frowned, the question out of the blue sounded very incongruous coming from his confident, outgoing and sassy friend,

"What brought that on?" he asked, pulling away slightly to get a better look at Tristan's now unhappy, faraway expression,

"I mean, are we gonna get through this?" Tristan asked,

"What is there to get through now that we've been out in public? Juliette: Berkley's answer to the Gossip Magazine, knows about us now so the rest of the campus will know by," Danny glanced at his watch, "Oh, five minutes ago." They both chuckled, but Tristan's expression returned to that of uncertain and unhappy,

"I'm talking about everything else." And Danny knew that he was thinking about the events that had brought them together and the backlash that would surely continue.

Tristan had agreed to go to counselling about what had happened to him after he had woken several times in the hospital having had nightmares about Troy's attack. Danny held him tightly, pulling his head down onto his shoulder,

"You know I am always going to be here for you don't you?" he murmured softly into Tristan's ear. Tristan's arms tightened around Danny,

"I know that bud, but it's not just me that has to deal with shit, it's you too." He said, "What happened tonight; Juliette's reaction, that's gonna happen a lot, maybe not so extreme, but there's gonna be prejudice everywhere." Danny knew it, and he hadn't really given it any thought,

"Whatever I have to deal with, it's not as if I haven't seen anyone go through it before. You came out the other end of coming out without too many black eyes didn't you?" Tristan laughed, "I grew up watching my brother deal with it every day, it's not as if I'm a novice when it comes to hearing derogatory names for gays is it?" Danny asked, referring to his older brother who was also gay. Tristan nodded then shook his head then looked a little confused and Danny laughed, wiping two big tears from his friend's cheek, "Whatever happens we're together now." He whispered,

"We live together, bud," Tristan sniffed, "that's kinda gonna put a strain on our relationship, don't you think?"

"We've lived together for the past year and a half, what difference is it gonna make that we're now sleeping together?" Danny watched Tristan's eyebrows raise and his eyes sparkle,

"You know that everyone thought we were anyway."

"Yeah, and we never made much of an effort to quash the rumours really."

"Why is that do you think?"

"Maybe we both secretly wanted them to be true."

"Danny!" Tristan exclaimed as the shorter man pulled him into another passionate kiss,

"Now I thought you were going to help get me out of these wet clothes." Tristan grinned as his lips brushed Danny's neck making the blond man gasp with pleasure,

"You should really take a shower, because coke can get real sticky when it dries,"

"Among other things." Danny muttered and Tristan giggled, the noise sending shivers down Danny's spine. For a moment they regarded each other, eyes sparkling, both seeing in the other's expression that everything was going to be okay because they had each other,

"Shower?" Tristan asked his friend,

"You know I'm never going to refuse a request like that from my boyfriend now don't you?" Danny asked, as he waltzed across the room. Tristan stopped dead in his tracks at Danny's words,

"Your boyfriend?" he asked, "You think of me as your boyfriend?" Danny stopped and turned to regard him, a little uncertain himself now,

"Yes." He said, drawing out the word as if it should be understood. Tristan's smile was radiant and gorgeous and affectionate and lustful all at the same time. Danny grabbed Tristan's hand and pulled him into the bathroom grinning at his boyfriend's flushed face. Tristan followed willingly, his blue eyes sparkling, pulling Danny's coke soaked shirt off as he did.

They kissed again, smiling against each other's lips as Danny pulled at Tristan's

T shirt to get him to the same state of undress. Hands ran over naked chests, both men sighing and moaning at the sensation.

Tristan bit his lip as he ran his fingers across Danny's chest and nipples. He made a face,

"You're all sticky." Danny chuckled,

"So." He said, "I think we're both gonna get a whole lot more sticky before we get in that shower anyway, don't you?" Tristan giggled into Danny's neck again, the noise and the heat of his breath sending heat straight to his groin. He was suddenly so turned on he couldn't wait any longer to have his way with this amazing, sexy man.

He lifted Tristan by the waist band of his jeans and turned him to bend him forwards over the bathroom sink, his hands snaking around to the button and zipper of Tristan's jeans. Tristan gasped as Danny pulled his jeans down to pool around his ankles. Tristan leaned almost helpless against the sink as he heard Danny unfasten his own jeans. Then he felt the pressure of Danny's slicked fingers pushing at his entrance and his legs almost gave way beneath him,

"Shit, Danny." He gasped, giving a throaty moan as Danny reached around him for something to use as lube. Tristan handed him some lotion and he squirted it on his hands before returning to prepare Tristan's entrance, "Oh my god." Was all that Tristan could say, as words escaped him. Danny pushed his fingers inside him and began to slowly stretch him,

"Oh my god, you're gettin' too good at this." Tristan gasped, his breath heaving and his body trembling with arousal,

"Where are the condoms, Tris?" Danny breathed, his own arousal making him feel he might die if he didn't have this man right now,

"They're… aah, shit!" Tristan exclaimed, unable to continue as Danny pressed his fingers against Tristan's prostate, causing the taller man to shudder with pleasure. He gripped the edges of the sink to keep his jelly legs from collapsing beneath him, "There are some condoms in the cabinet." Tristan hissed breathily, "You-you'll have to get them bud, I'm fightin' a losin' battle here…Aah, shit, you're not gonna need them if you keep that up." Danny chuckled and reached around his friend to open the cabinet and get out a condom.

He had to pull out his fingers in order to put the condom in place and Tristan hissed and moaned at the loss of the stimulation Danny had been giving him. He didn't have long to wait before the fingers were replaced by Danny's erection pushing at Tristan's entrance, slicked, and hard,

"God, Danny, come on, bud, I need you." Danny chuckled again as he pushed slowly inside, feeling Tristan's heat around him,

"Tris, shit," he gasped at the sensation, that, however many times he did this would always feel as amazing as the first time, "You feel so good." He leaned in and took a deep breath, smelling the soft, musky masculine scent that was uniquely Tristan, before he began to move, thrusting slowly at first. He revelled in the tremble of Tristan's body as he took him, his boyfriend, to the very brink of the precipice.

Then all either of them could do was moan and gasp. Danny's hand wrapped around Tristan's erection and began to pump the shaft with the rhythm of his thrusts,

"Shit, Tristan, I'm not gonna last long, I'm sorry." Danny gasped, suddenly feeling his orgasm as he grasped Tristan's forehead, pulling the dark haired man back into a kiss as he shook with ecstasy and climax. Tristan cried out as he felt Danny throbbing inside him as he came and the sensation sent him over the edge to spill over Danny's hand and the into the sink.

For a moment they both stood shakily, Danny resting his head between Tristan's shoulder blades, breathing hard from the exertion and the power of his orgasm. Slowly he pulled out, kissing Tristan's skin to soften the unpleasant sensation,

"Now we're both sticky." He said softly and breathlessly, and Tristan giggled once more turning slowly and wrapping his arms around his boyfriend and burying his face into his soft blond curls. Danny discarded the condom and wrapped his arms tight around Tristan's waist, planting soft kisses into his shoulder and collar bone,

"I think I'm gonna like being your boyfriend, Danny Taylor." Tristan whispered softly,

"And I'm gonna love being yours, Tristan Gillman."