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Characters: These characters are Next Generation characters my sister and I made. Hope you like them! :D Haha, and a few 'characters' names are based off an anime I watch XD Don't ask! :P haha

A light breeze whipped my hair around my face while the blazing white sun shone brightly, warming the area around me. I sighed. Today was lovely. The deep blue sky was almost perfect, besides the odd puffy white cloud that hung around lazily. The plain of grassy field was a deep glossy green. The animal barn on the other side of the field was newly painted and looked odd sitting in the middle of green and blue while it shone an auburn colour. The fence around the barn was a lighter shade of red. The red against the soft colours of nature made me giggle. Why such a strong and bright colour like red was chosen for our barn, our little village would never know.

"What's so funny?" A male voice asked from behind me.

The noise of his voice made me jump up from my seat on the ground. I quickly turned to face him, dusting my backside off in the process.

"What do you think you're doing sneaking up on me like that!" I shouted in his face, ignoring his question.

The boy was tall, taller than me by at least four inches. His messy blond hair swayed along with the light breeze and his sapphire eye were huge.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes at him.

This boy, I had met a total of three times and every time I never found out his name. So I figured that was my chance.

"I'm Sophie." I introduced myself.

The boy, who was looking down at me, grinned.

"Jimmy." He said simply.

"Nice to meet you Jimmy."


Our conversation ended. I felt awkward standing there next to him.

"So, Sophie. You come down here a lot, don't you?" Jimmy broke the silence.

I nodded.

"I like to watch the ranchers and their horses do their chores." I tucked a piece of my dyed pink hair behind my ear.

We were quiet again and that awkward feeling returned.

"How did you know I come here a lot?" I questioned.

He didn't look down at me as he replied. Instead he looked out over the field.

"I work there. I've seen you sitting here millions of times." His voice sounded happy.

"How do you know it's me?" I felt my stubborn attitude showing. My dad always said I got it from my mom.

Jimmy laughed lightly as he turned his head towards me.

"Because you're the only girl in the village with pink and black hair."

It was true. I naturally had black hair, but I felt like I blended in too easily with the rest of my village. When I was thirteen I told my dad I wanted to be different and on my fourteenth birthday he brought me into a nearby town and I got pink in my hair. My hair's been pink and black since then.

A new silence filled the spaces between us. I wanted to say something, but for some reason I couldn't speak. Jimmy instead spoke up again.

"I can teach you how to ride a horse if you'd like. You watch us all the time, I figure it's because you want to know how to ride."

I felt like an open book. He knew me without actually knowing me. I hated that, but he was offering me something I really wanted, so I took him up on the offer.

Jimmy and I walked to the barn and he took out two horses from their stables.

"These two are Lucy and Happy." He introduced the two horses to me.

I loved horses more than anyone I knew and getting to stand up close to one, or two for that matter, made me all giddy inside. I mentally slapped myself and listened closely to what Jimmy told me. After his explanation, Jimmy handed me Lucy, who is a golden brown horse with a flower in her Maine. On Lucy's back was a saddle and Jimmy motioned for me to step up and sit on it. The horse stood still while I fiddled with the saddle. It took me six tires and some help from Jimmy to get up in to the seat. Once I was in, I sighed.

"Don't be relieved yet. You have to be able to stay on and control her next." Jimmy snickered.

I nodded and took a deep breath.

"Ready?" Jimmy asked.

I let my breath go.

"I'm ready." And with that, Jimmy slapped Lucy's side and she was off.

As Lucy ran around the field I held onto her neck for dear life. It seemed the tighter I held on, the faster the golden stead wanted to go. Minutes later my hands began to clam up and I lost my grip. My body fell on the ground with an audible 'thud' and the horse continued to trot around in the field as if nothing happened. I groaned.

"Sophie! Are you okay!" Jimmy sprinted up to me and kneeled down next to my aching body.

I managed to sit up, but my back and legs burned in the process.

"I think i'm okay..." I felt like a massive bruise.

Another chuckle escaped Jimmy's lips.

"Want to try again?" He asked.

I looked at him blankly for several minutes and then decided it couldn't hurt anymore than it had the first time.

Jimmy collected up the horses and we began again. It only took me two tries and some help from Jimmy to get into the saddle that time.

"Are you sure you're ready this time?" He asked, holding onto the horse.

I looked at him, then at the horse and then back at him.

"I...think i'm ready." My words felt shaky as I said them.

Jimmy rubbed Lucy's side and then gave her a gentler slap. The golden beauty whinnied and began running around the field. I held onto her again but since she wasn't speeding, I wasn't scared for my life.

"You're doing it!" Jimmy shouted from back towards the barn.

I grinned, though he probably couldn't have seen me. I felt very proud of myself in that moment. As I thought about my victory, I didn't realize the sudden wobbliness of the horse. I heard Jimmy's voice yell something and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back again, in mud.

After putting the horses back into their stabled, Jimmy and I sat out in the field. He leaned against the red fence, while I sat on it and let my feet dangle freely.

"Today was fun, besides the falling off a horse various times. Maybe we should hang out like this again." I smiled.

I inwardly winced at how muddy my clothes were, but figured it was a pointless thought to press on.

Jimmy agreed with my statement about hanging out again.

"How about I teach you to milk a cow next? The worst that can happen is you fall off the stood or get cow milk in your eye." He joked, grinning widely.

I laughed.

"That would be fun. Not the falling and milk in the eye, but I'd love to learn to do all kinds of things." I smiled, looking out towards the barn.

The sun behind it was a caramel orange and was slowly creeping into a slumber. Indeed it was a fun day and I couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.

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