Melodía Mysti Force

"Although you may not see them;

you are always in their sight.

They bring the gift of love and guidance;

it is called the Angel Light.

You know they always hear you;

to them, your voice is dear.

With the comfort that they bring to you;

you need not ever fear.

So here's a place for you to come;

to do with angels what must be done.

To make our world whole and bright;

and share with all the Angel Light."

– "Angel Light" by Alexis Alexis

There's a legend known only to those of the alternate realms; a heroic league of celestial beings, whose mission is to preserve the safety of all things. The origins of their power are rooted in mystery; however, their resolve, which manifests from the power of their hearts, can be seen by all walks of life. They are a phenomenal race; an army of justice; the protectors of peace. They are…the Mysti Force.

Their legacy transcends time immemorial, predating the 1st Century of mankind. However, the power of a Mysti cannot be held by any mere man. One must possess a heart with a substantial amount of life-energy, as well as a spirit that exudes virtue. On this fateful day, a new generation of heroes shall be born, and the legacy of the Mysti Force will begin anew.

Volume 01: The Melodía Team's First Attack

Journey with me to a world beyond the Milky Way, beyond the stars… To a world found in a dimension of magic and music. It is a world with a grand azure sky, vast countryside and an ocean that sparkles like sunlit sapphires. The people of this world live life by the beat of their hearts. There are those who are able to harness the true power of their heart's rhythm. The being with the strongest "rhythm" is ordained as "the pillar" of this world, and is responsible for maintaining the balance of all life in the universe. The pillar is also designated as the host of a grand event called "the Heavenly Symphony".

For the past thirty years, a maiden of eternal beauty has ruled over this world with a caring hand. Her name is Shekinah; a woman of infinite equability and love, who lives in a castle in the heart of her kingdom. As the pillar of this world, called Tenuto, Shekinah's role is to pray decennially for the peace of all worlds, in the midst of a talented philharmonic orchestra's melodious tune. This prayer, combined with the composition's magical influence, maintains the balance of life in the universe. If this ritual goes unattended, the balance of life could waver, and the universe will be plunged into a great chaos.

The music-loving citizens of Tenuto have gathered at the Arpeggio Concert Hall of Piacere Castle, in order to attend the recital of the Grand Forte. Every seat in the theater is filled to the rim, and every audience member's excited to witness an event that occurs once every ten years. The orchestral ensemble tunes their instruments to perfection…and opens the ritual with harmonious melody.

Backstage, Queen Shekinah finishes prepping herself for her appearance. This is her third time hosting the Heavenly Symphony, and she's just as excited about it as she was in her youth. Ordained the pillar of Tenuto at the blossoming age of 13, Shekinah has grown to adore the wonders of the Grand Forte's magical influence. When the magical composition is performed, and the pillar's prayer is sung with melodious tune, the melomani of Tenuto are exposed to the amazing power of the Melodía Wave: the rhythm of the heart that manifests itself through music.

The pillar is determined to make this event the grandest of all. "Okay, I'm ready", she smiles. The pillar leaves her dressing room, and heads to the stage in her ceremonial sartorial and headdress. Shekinah arrives, and graces the curtained stage with queenly elegance. As always, she's a bit nervous about presenting in front of so many adoring melomani. In times like this, she remembers the words of her late mother, Mibtah – 'take a deep breath, and release your fear'. The pillar does just that, and eases her spirit. "There's nothing to worry about. Lord, you expect a woman of my age to be used to this by now."

A member of her royal court arrives, and preps his queen for her performance. "Your majesty, 10 seconds till curtain rise", he reports. "Good luck on your performance. We're counting on you, Your Majesty."

"Thank you, young man", the young prep leaves the stage. The curtain raises, and the melomani acknowledge their pillar with thunderous applause. Shekinah blushes, and bows to her subjects. The pillar takes a deep breath, and begins with an opening speech, as the melomani's applause subsides. "Thank you, citizens of Tenuto, and welcome to the 500th anniversary of the Heavenly Symphony. For several millennia, the recital of the Grand Forte, the enchanted score of the Ornament Script, has secured the life-force of all worlds. As pillar of Tenuto, it is an honor to recite the lyrics of the Grand Forte. Please, I ask that you bear with me. I'm not as young as I used to be. This girl's getting old."

The pillar's charm tickles the melomani. "…Now, let's begin", Shekinah nods to the musical director.

The master of music returns her nod, and lifts his baton; the philharmonic orchestra readies themselves for recital. The director conducts the intro to the score, as the pillar prepares to sing… The first section begins, and the pillar recites the first segment of the Grand Forte with enchanting resonance.

"Dream-ing, dream-ing

chil-dren of God;

Let the light fill your heart

Di-vine fa-ther

watch-ing from hea-ven;

Fill us with end-less love

La-la, la-la

Hymn of an-gels

come forth, and bring peace to all~

O, grand for-te

song of love;

In your ra-di-ance, we a-dore

O, grand for-te

mess-en-ger of peace;

May you shine, for-ever-more…"

"Oh gees, lady, put a cork in it!" an egotistical voice resonates with omnipresent pitch. The pillar ceases her singing, the orchestra quiets their music. The melomani of Tenuto look around, questioning the sanity of anyone who'd dare to interrupt such an important ceremony. A large cluster of ebony-colored energy, shaped like a diminuendo note, forms above the audience. The magic symbol lowers to the ground, and reveals the image of two young men and a young lady dressed in black business suits with matching shades. The young man in the middle, a haughty blonde, speaks for his party. "Love this, light that, yap-yap-yap! Who actually cares about those things, old lady? Be a good old crone, turn off your microphone, and hand us the Ornament Script without a fight…or else."

The pillar is humored. "Or else what, child?" she arches her eyebrow. "You do know that this ritual is needed to maintain order and life within the universe, right? If it's not done, then we'll all be in grave danger, including the lot of you. Please, children, take your seats and enjoy the show."

"No can do, old lady. Lord Maestro sent us here to…"

The pillar is stunned. "Did you just say 'Maestro'?" she gasps.

The melomani and the orchestra are just as disturbed as their pillar. "Don't look so surprised, everyone", eases the lady of the trio. She walks forward with a proud strut. "We, the people of Diminuendo, exist for one purpose only; to rid all worlds of life-energy, which will give leeway to the curse of Silence."

Queen Shekinah confusedly blinks twice. "Silence…what's that?" she inquires

"The essence which brings nothingness – that is Silence", explains the silver-haired young man. "In order to achieve our goal, we need the Ornament Script, which has the power to administer life-energy universally. Our Lord wishes to rearrange the notes of your so-called 'mystical score', and turn the Grand Forte into a dark opus entitled 'the Piece of Nothingness'. Our ambitions are one in the same with Our Lord, so I'm warning you, Queen Shekinah… If you provide us with ANY form of struggle…you and everyone in this theater will perish!"

"Hmph!" scoffs the pillar. "Such inelegance… You shame yourselves with such behavior."

The beautiful terrorist comes to a halt and poses with feminine swagger. "The name is Pascua, remember it", she adjusts her shades with feminine flair.

"Charmed, I'm sure", Shekinah smiles. The pillar looks to the other youths. "And who might you two be?"

"Norte", answers the haughty blonde.

"Oeste…pleased to meet you", seconds the silver-haired boy.

"Pascua (Easter), Norte (North), and Oeste (West)…" the pillar is brought to laughter by the eccentric sound of their forenames. The trio's offended by her lighthearted behavior. "…You're most definitely in league with Maestro. He's infamous for having a number of peculiar tastes, especially the subject of etymology."

Norte arches his eyebrow. "Eta-what…?" he laughs. "You even talk like an old lady! Lord Maestro was right about you; 'patient, stubborn, spirited and oh-so elegant' is how he described you."

"I'm flattered. To hear that such a man would think so highly of me, well… It sure does make this old girl feel young again. However, I must decline your request. The Ornament Script is the personal property of the Tenuto Royal Family. I request your leave from this theater…unless you wish to deal with my guards, of course."

The pillar snaps her fingers, and summons an ensemble of armored soldiers at her side! The captain of the armored ensemble steps in front of his queen, acting as a human shield. The youthful trio's tickled by Shekinah's resilient behavior. Their arrogant laughter angers the ensemble general.

"How dare you disrespect our queen, you impertinent little brats! Men, retain the infidels!"

The soldiers charge forward to arrest the trio. "Ha! As if, losers!" the haughty blonde's eyes develop an ebony-colored glow. "You look steamed up, old geezers. Here, let me cool you off!

Norte psionically manipulates the density of the air, and surrounds his party with a spherical barrier. The armored ensemble thrusts their spears forward, and attempt to break through the trio's defenses. However, Norte repels them by concentrating his dark energy, and casting a burst of air pressure from his barrier! The melomani are terrified by such a violent display, and evacuate the concert hall. The pillar observes the incapacitation of her soldiers with a forlorn heart. Norte retreats his barrier, and walks forward to confront the pillar.

Pascua and Oeste tail their comrade with epic approach. "Give us the Ornament Script, miss", Oeste demands with malign character. "It'd be a shame if we had to hurt one of the elderly. Do yourself a favor, miss, and discontinue your meaningless endeavors. It'll benefit you in the long-run."

The pillar clasps her hands together and recites a prayer. "Minor Score: Sound Barrier!" Shekinah's prayer manifests a golden, tenuto note-shaped symbol in front of the stage. The power symbol casts a golden barrier of tenuto note-shaped bubbles, and creates a thick barrier. The trio's impressed by the pillar's resolve. Shekinah looks to the vindictive youths with wounded eyes. "You children are so beautiful, yet so ignorant! How disappointing… I have no other choice, but to cancel this recital…until 'they' are able to defeat you."

Pascua blinks confusedly. "They?" she inquires. "Who're these 'they' people you're talking about?"

Queen Shekinah feels the warmth in her heart, as she answers. "The one's born to protect all worlds, and all walks of life…" the pillar looks to the youths with delighted eyes. "…the legendary warriors, Mysti Force!"

"The Missy Force…?"

"No, Mysti Force", Shekinah corrects. "My power isn't a match for Maestro's, and I'm most definitely not a match for you children. Therefore, I propose a front that will end Diminuendo's tyranny once and for all. I warn you, my dears…you won't be able to defeat the Mysti Force."

The trio's tickled by the pillar's resolve. "Says who, old lady?" Norte scoffs.

"Says the Melodía Wave, my dear… The power of the Melodía Wave will awaken within the hearts of three special youths; those who live their lives to a very special rhythm."

Pascua huffily ticks her teeth. "Rhythm, shmythm, just give us the Script, grandma!" she demands.

Pascua's eyes illuminate with a violet glow. She then casts a powerful optical vibration that compresses all objects in its path! The pillar hums a tune, and casts a powerful pulsation of golden tenuto-note bubbles from her Sound Barrier Minor Score. Pascua's psionic compression wave is disrupted by the pillar's defensive front.

Pascua calms her energy, and dismisses her attack. "Nice trick, grandma…however…" she notices the pillar's fatigue. The trio's tickled by Shekinah's tenacity. "…Ha-ha-ha! You can barely stand up! This is pathetic…just give it up, while you're still in one piece!"

Three of the orchestra players depart from their seats. "We won't let you have it!" the red-haired player fetches the Ornament Script, and joins his fellow musicians at the pillar's side. The trio's tickled once again. The red-haired player poses as a human shield for his empress. "Are you all right, Mother?"

Shekinah smiles, "I'm fine, Abel. Thank you for protecting me, my sons."

"What do we do, Mother? We can't let these terrorists have the Script."

"Give it to me, Abel…I have an idea", Abel hands his mother the Script. Shekinah opens the book of sheet music, and hums a beautiful tune… The notes of the Grand Forte illuminate with a prismatic glow, and ascends from its pages as a cloud of rainbow music notes. The philharmonic orchestra's amazed by their pillar's display of power. Shekinah speaks to the notes with fatigued verse. "Please, o sacred notes of the Grand Forte…escape from this world…to one possessing those with strong hearts! Have them seek you out… Allow the Mysti Force to reunite you with your brethren! Major Score…Mezzo Forte!"

The pillar's major score streamlines the structure of the notes… The notes transform into 50 miniature musical notes encased in rainbow-colored orbs. The cloud of rainbow orbs ascends into the sky, and escapes Tenuto for another world… Shekinah succumbs to her fatigue, and faints into the arms of her eldest son, Raphael. The three players are disturbed by their mother's loss of strength.

Raphael worriedly shakes his mother. "Mama, are okay?" weeps the blue-haired musician.

The pillar opens her eyes and looks up to her weeping son. "Raphael…I'll be fine", she smiles.

Raphael smiles. "Mama!" the gentle musician embraces his mother.

The white-haired musician shoots the trio a fierce stare. "How dare you harm our mother, you ignorant fools!" Abel steps in front of his older brother, and stirs up the white-haired musician's concern. "What are you doing, Abel? Let me finish them off! No one harms our mother and gets away with it!"

"Calm down, Michael!" Abel's strict tone silences his elder brother's anger. "They have nothing left to fight for here. The notes are gone, so there's no need for violence."

Oeste steps forward with a malevolent smile. "Nonsense! There's always room for a little pain", he extends his right fist and mentally projects a blade of psionic energy from his knuckles. "We still want the Script. So…hand it over already!"

The silver-haired terrorist thrusts the point of his psionic blade forward, and casts a massive psychic arrow wave at the ensemble! The musical director leads his philharmonic orchestra in an impromptu defensive score. The orchestral ensemble plays an enchanting tune, which casts a large tenuto-note power symbol in front of their party! The mystic note releases tenuto-note energy bubbles, creating a thick musical barrier. Oeste's psychic arrow crashes into the ensemble's barrier, and engages in a struggle of ethereal power!

Oeste taunts the ensemble with egotistical laughter. "Hm-hm-hm-hm-hm!" he excites his psionic energy, and doubles the size of his psychic arrow. The silver-haired Oeste adjusts his shades with his left index finger, and wickedly scrutinizes the struggling ensemble. "Your power is feeble, and your form is lackluster. This power of yours, the so-called 'Melodía Wave', poses a nil-leveled challenge to our Negative Tone energy. At most, you've given us the headache of having to look for the notes to the Grand Forte, but that's only delaying the inevitable. However, I regret to inform you that we're closing the curtain on this battle. Now…suffer!"

The ensemble's defensive minor score cracks! "We…can't hold it any longer!" the musical director's body is beginning to succumb to fatigue. He looks to his pillar with apologetic eyes. "Your Majesty, we're sorry! Please…find it in your heart to forgive us!"

The pillar is touched by her director's emotions. "Jaziel…it's all right, really", she sheds a tear.

The ensemble's defenses shatter, giving leeway to Oeste's psychic arrow! The pillar, her sons and the philharmonic orchestra are subjected to the incapacities of Oeste's attack… They collapse to the ground, unable to retain their stance. Pascua concentrates her mental energy and surrounds the Ornament Script with a psionic cloud. She then yanks the Script from Abel's weakened hands into her own!

Abel reaches for the Script. "No, don't!" he panics. The trio laughs at their enemies' distress, as they depart from the concert room via the lowering of their diminuendo-note portal. The red-haired musician hammers the ground in defeat. "Damn it! They took the Script… This is unbelievable!"

Michael seconds the motion. "How can the Mysti Force retrieve the notes without it?" he inquires.

The pillar answers her sons' worries. "The Harmony Carafe", her words grasp the attention of her subjects. Everyone regains enough strength to stand, as Queen Shekinah continues her explanation. "It's the only way to contain the notes, which have been turned into Ornament Gems. The score will not hold them in their modified state, only the Carafe has the power to do that."

"Is there any way that we can help, Mama?" Raphael inquires.

Shekinah nods. "Yes, there is", she confirms. "Abel, Michael, Raphael, I request your participation in this. Please, my sons, travel to the human world and give guidance to the Mysties. And Director Jaziel…"

The musical director steps forward. "How may I be of service, Your Majesty?" he bows.

"I want you to follow my sons and set up a post in the area. Your regulatory knowledge will more than benefit our cause. As the godfather of my sons, I'm counting on you, my friend."

Director Jaziel stands with proud posture. "I will not fail you, my queen", he vows. Director Jaziel looks to his godsons with fatherly character. "Come along, boys. We've some important business in the human world."

The musical director turns on his heel and holds his hands forward. "Minor Score: Portamento!" he chants. His minor score casts a portamento note-shaped power symbol in front of his party. The power symbol rotates intensively in a clockwise fashion, and creates a portal of portamento note-shaped bubbles. Director Jaziel excites his Melodía Wave, and transmutes his image into that of a ferret. His godsons do the same thing, transmuting their image into hummingbirds. The musical director leads his godsons through the portal. "Alright, boys, let's get a move on!"

Director Jaziel enters the portal. "Yes, Director!" his godsons follow him via flight.

The portal closes, and the pillar's heart fills with hope. ("God, please, guide them through the trials to come"), she prays silently. Queen Shekinah dismisses her ensemble. "Everyone, turn in for the day. We'll commence reconstructions of the concert hall in 24 hours."

The ensemble acknowledges their pillar's commandment. "Yes, Queen Shekinah!" they bow.

The director's Portamento minor score magically guides his party through a musical gateway. Abel, Michael and Raphael are amazed by their godfather's score magic. Wonders such as this are only capable of masterful musicians like Director Jaziel. The seasoned master of music's old soul delights in his godsons' elation.

Director Jaziel giggles merrily. "Oh-ho-ho-ho!" his laughter tickles his godsons. "You sure know how to make an old man feel significant. This portal construction spell is nothing compared to the adventure ahead of us. Unimaginable wonders await us in the world of humans. So hold onto your hats, boys! Here we go!"

A doorway opens at the end of the musical portal… The director and his godsons are given access to the human world; a realm containing the presence of strong heart rhythms. The denizens of Tenuto are amazed by the area's resemblance to their world – a setting decorated by musical construction, only the scenery's set up in a lavish metropolitan district.

The hummingbirds excite. "Wow! Is this really the world of humans?" inquires the delighted Abel.

"It's beautiful!" Michael seconds.

Director Jaziel perceives a clear rooftop in the distance. "Follow me, boys", he leads them to the rooftop via musical levitation. They come to a safe landing, and the master of music reverts to his original form via a flash of rainbow portamento notes. Director Jaziel turns to his godsons, who're still in their hummingbird forms. He adjusts his spectacles and gives the boys specific orders. "Listen carefully, boys. In order to carry out our mission, we must act in conjunction with each other. I'll set up a post in this city, whilst you boys seek out the Mysti Force and obtain the Ornament Gems with the Harmony Carafe. For every 10 Gems, come see me at my post, and I will reconstruct a page of the Grand Forte's sheet music. Speaking of the Carafe, here, let me construct it for you."

Director Jaziel extends his hands and concentrates… He projects a cloud of prismatic pianissimo bubbles from his Melodía Wave. The rainbow bubble cloud constructs a glass jug with a golden top, bottom, handle and middle pieces. At the top is a rainbow gem. There are two segments inside of the glass jug – the top half is a spiraling segment, and the bottom half is a sphere for collection and storage purposes.

The master of music bequeaths his godsons with the completed Harmony Carafe. "Keep it contained inside of your Melodía Waves at all times, boys", he instructs. "Whenever you come across an Ornament Gem, immediately summon this item using the Pianissimo minor score. When all 50 Gems are in our possession, we'll return the completed opus to our queen as soon as possible."

The boys become a little concerned. "But what about the Ornament Script?" Raphael inquires.

"Yeah, how're we going to get it back?" Michael seconds.

"Do not worry yourselves, boys. The Script is attracted to the completion of the notes; therefore, when we complete our mission, it will automatically appear before us. Now go and find the Mysti Force. May a heavenly rhythm guide you on your quest, my boys."

The Harmony Carafe merges with the hummingbirds' Melodía Wave. "Thank you, Director!" the boys take flight.

Director Jaziel places his hands behind his back, and turns on his heel. ("How troublesome"), he departs to set up his post in deep thought. However, despite the situation, his old soul fills with joy. ("No matter! A man of my age needs a little adventure every now and then… Now, what should I name my little hideout?")

Meanwhile, the trio of terrorists has retreated to a concert hall located in a gloomy world veiled by the boundaries of spacetime. The trio enters an office shrouded in darkness, and places the obtained Ornament Script on an office desk. The trio prostrate themselves before the desk, as a hand reaches out and retrieves the empty Script. The obscured person flips through the Script, and is displeased by its hollow contents.

The Script is placed back on the desk. "Where are the notes?" inquires the obscured individual with masculine tone. The trio's intimidated by the man's irked verse. "Don't stand there like a bunch of lifeless gargoyles! Where are the notes? Answer me!"

Norte speaks for his group. "The pillar's disbursed them, Lord Maestro", he nervously answers.

"Disbursed them? To where?"

"To a world containing strong hearts."

The obscured man cups his hands on his desk. "What a pain!" he complains. "That woman never ceases to amaze me. Continuously defying my influence… I suspect you exercised your right to deadly force on them?"

Pascua speaks for her group. "Yes, Lord Maestro, we did", she answers. "However, if the pillar dies, so does the notes. To avoid this, we exercised partial force."

The obscured man calms himself and passes judgment. "Despite this little mishap, I must commend your performance", he complements. "The retrieval of the Ornament Script has given Diminuendo an edge over the melomani of Tenuto. However, I must inform you that the melomani won't overlook our endeavors."

Oeste acknowledges his leader's motion. "We're aware of that, My Lord", he confirms. "Queen Shekinah said something about people called 'the Mysti Force'."

The obscured Maestro is disturbed by Oeste's report. "Lord Maestro, are you all right?" Pascua worriedly inquires. "To instill fear in our leader… Are these Mysti Force-people really that fearsome?"

Maestro calms himself once again. "Let's just say that you'll be preoccupied with an abundance of interferences", he answers. The obscured leader digs through his file cabinet, and retrieves a document containing information about the Mysti Force. Maestro presents the document to his underlings by placing it on the desk. The trio is confused by their leader's curious behavior. "Here. Use this to your advantage."

Norte retrieves the document and opens it. "What's this, Lord Maestro?" he asks.

"A file documenting everything you'll need to know about the Mysti Force", Maestro explains. "In addition to the retrieval of the missing notes, I want you to dispose of the Mysti Force-pestilence… Norte, you're a capable young man. Be a good boy and fetch some notes for me?"

Norte smiles to his leader. "As you wish, Lord Maestro", he bows.

"I expect positive results from you, boy. You're all dismissed."

The trio lyrically salutes their leader with a right fist to the heart. "In the name of Silence!" they chant.

The Ornament Script, the book containing the mystical Grand Forte, has been stolen. On top of that, the pillar of Tenuto, Queen Shekinah, has disbursed the notes of the Grand Forte to the world of humans…as the Ornament Gems. The hunt for the 50 Gems begins. Who will be fortunate enough to complete the collection of Gems first – the melomani of Tenuto or the terrorists of Diminuendo? We can only pray that Abel, Michael and Raphael are successful in finding the Mysti Force… For only their power stands a chance against Norte's attack.

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