The most beautiful purest place ever known or to be seen. Wonderful gardens, beautiful springs,
handsome men, lovely women, and adorable children. Where everything is rich and grand. This is the land known as Algoravna. Algoravna, such a beautiful place it may be, full of the sweetest luxuries and radiant people.

Anyone would fall in love with this place and here everyone falls in love. Rose: the only daughter of
the Drae's family, is the most gorgeous of all the females of the land. She is of age seventeen. She is a little over five feet with a slender body, beautiful violet eyes, and long jet black hair. She has dark tan skin with a nice facial structure.

She was adored by all in the land. She was very kind, but something always bothered her. Her brother, Don, asked her one day, "how could any one so loved and beautiful be so down?" She responded:"How can someone so sweet and lovely not have anyone to love?" She looked down at the ground and sat down. Her brother sat next to her."Every one has a love even, you elder brother. Even the nymphs and elves."She said to him.

She looked very sad. "So, my younger sister you want love. Love comes to all in Algoravna. It must just be coming to you a little later than others. I promise you'll find love."

Three years passed. Still Rose didn't find love. She was the oldest person of Algoravna who
hasnt found a mate. "I'm of age twenty and yet no one has stolen my heart." Rose said.

She walked to Lake Floral. A large beautiful lake with many beautiful plants. She sat by the lake crying. Then a light came and the figure of a woman stood before her. She really couldnt see.
The woman spoke to her. "You want to be loved by someone?" Rose answered, "yes. " "You shall
be loved by all...No you will become the symbol of love." The woman said to Rose.

"What can I do then? Tell me please!" Rose demanded. "My children are the flowers. One type of my children have no life, no anything. If u give it to them you will become loved." She pulled out of her sleeve a flower Rose never seen before appeared in the woman's palm.

"If you drip a drop of your blood on this you will bring it to life, but loose yours but your
spirit will live on." The woman had said. "How will this work?" Rose asked, but the woman did not answer; she gave a serious look that was also assuring.

So she did it, she bit her finger and let blood drip on the pretty flower. After that was done it completely turned red.

Centuries passed and it was Valentines Day. The day when people show their uttermost affections for the ones who mean the world to them. People all over the world gave their love ones a flower,
a single red flower; people express through the flower, to the ones they give it to. They give that special person a rose rose.