This is for Elizabeth; not just because it is her birthday today and she is my friend that I love so very much, but because she is overall a great and inspiring person. Thank you Elizabeth for being the great person that you are, I cherish you so much. You've changed my life- as cliché as that is, it's true. Without you, I don't believe I'd be completely who I am today.

I hope you enjoy this; it is something I have been thinking about since I asked you about your birthday. -Nic

Let us play a game.

A riddle will do just fine, I believe- a riddle about me, and the sins that you choose to so wrongly do.

If you get it right, you can leave.

If you don't, well. . .

Shall we?

A mystery they call me, straight out of the books.

I cause pain and suffering,

I create warnings and fear.

I'm known by a name, which is not my own.

I kill those who have sinned, for I have sinned too.

I kill people like you.

Who am I?

. . .

Did you solve the riddle?

You see, right or wrong, your fate wouldn't change.

You've been lied to- tricked!

Hah! Did you really think I'd let you escape? I have you here, and the next stop is Hell, so say 'hi' to the devil for me.

I'll see you real soon.

Jack The Ripper-

I am neither male, nor female; I am simply 'me.' If you want to be particular, I am also known as 'That Monster,' or even more common: 'Jack the Ripper.' People get angry at me for the deeds' I do. What is there to get angry at I ask? I am merely committing justice. There is no crime in that. I reckon that most would be quick to boast of their good deeds, but not me. I'm not doing these 'crimes' for myself, but for the people. I am helping god by ridding the evil, to help the pure. So now, as I prepare for my next miracle I silently pray; bowing my head and kiss my cross necklace.

The first one I wrote today, and I wrote the second a few months ago. They aren't connected, but in a way, I think they could be. I like the first one, because it shows how crazy (s)he is- well, they both do; but it's funnier in the first, I believe.

Happy birthday Elizabeth!