I opened the fridge, only to find that it was empty. This was happening to me a lot lately. One day the fridge is jam-packed with food, and the next day it's gone. I didn't eat it. There was nobody else in the house to eat it, and even if that was the case they'd have to have a monster appetite to finish it all over night. I shut the fridge door, took a step back, and looked at it carefully. I'd had it for 10 years and it was only now that I noticed how unpleasant it looked. It wasn't ugly per say, just intimidating. It stood two meters high, towering above me in it's pearly white finish. I felt so small in it's presence. That was the other thing I didn't like about the fridge; I always personified it, as if it were human. I turned away, walked over to the kitchen, and took a cereal box out from one of the cupboards. No milk but it was better than starving.

'You're not starving me are you?'


I froze, letting the box drop out of my hand, it's contents spilling onto the floor. I ran over to a drawer and pulled out a knife.

'Show yourself!' I said loudly.

The smooth voice was heard again, 'Oh, but I'm right in front of you!'

I turned to the direction of the voice. It was coming from the fridge - Even worse, it was the fridge. My heart was pumping ice water, and shivers ran up my spine as I came to that conclusion.

'You look pale.' It said.

The world went black.


I woke up in a foetal position on the kitchen's tiled floor. From the french door, I could see that it was getting dark, the last streaks of light quickly disappearing from the deep blue sky.

'You're awake.'

I flipped onto my back, and swung my head in the fridge's direction.

'What are you?' I asked suspiciously.

'Never mind about me. You have a lovely lady coming over for dinner, remember?'

I jumped up and looked at the time: 6:00pm. Madeleine would be here any minute, and I didn't have any dinner prepared. I was still in my pajamas for crying out loud. The fridge knew. It knew she was coming. It stood in it's little corner and said apologetically, 'Sorry for eating all your food. I've been a tad peckish lately.'

There was a knock on my door. I grabbed at my hair and pulled at it. Hard. I felt like disappearing then and there.

'What am I going to do?' I asked myself.

'You can always turn her into a pie.' Laughed the fridge, 'I've heard that humans taste just like pigs!'

I ran to the door, and opened it to reveal Madeleine's smiling face. As always, I was stunned by her appearance, and couldn't help the blush that spread across my cheeks. Her pursed lips were red and her hair was styled a sleek 20s bob. She wore a black gown that covered all of her body but hugged all of her curves. Slinky. That's how I liked it.

'My darling Pete! How wonderful to see you!' She gave me a peck on the cheek, and then giggled when she saw what I was wearing. 'I see you like comfort over style.'

'Well, I think you're enough style the evening can handle.'

She giggled again, 'Please! There's really no need to flatter me!'

'It's true though... Anyway, come inside. It's chilly outside.'


She sat down on the living room couch, and gave another one of her pretty smiles.

'You won't be long?'

'Of couse not. I can't keep a lady waiting now, can I? Dinner will be ready in no time, I promise.' I lied.

I locked the kitchen door behind me and took in a lungfull of air.

'That's right. You can't keep a lady waiting.' The fridge took on a more deliberate tone.

'What are you trying to say?

'Nothing. Just telling you that you need to make dinner fast. I'm hungry, you know.'

I faced the fridge. It was creeping me more and more.

'You're not even a lady.' I pointed out.

The fridge shook, 'Fuck that! I'm hungry! And if I don't get any meat in the next ten minutes, I'm going to eat you.'

'You can't do that.'

'Oh really? Then do you want to know where you're 'missing' cat went?'

My forehead moistened as sweat began to form. I didn't like this. I didn't like this at all.

'Don't make me eat you, Pete. You're a good person! Unlike some people who toy with the hearts of others.'

My heart turned to lead. 'She wouldn't.' I whispered.

'Go see what she's doing right now!'

I opened the door ever so slightly. I gulped, peeking at Madeleine through the gap. She was on the phone.

'No!' She said in a hushed voice, 'But Pete has money so I'm playing girlfriend until I get some cash...'

I closed the door and shut my eyes tightly. I didn't want to believe what i'd just heard.

'See!' Said the fridge.

The next words that came out of my mouth scared me: 'I bet Madeleine would make a juicy steak. All swollen with greed!' I hissed.

'That's what I'm talking about!' Said the fridge.

'Yeah. She want's me to make her dinner, then I'm making her dinner.'

'There's a shovel in the shed! She won't know what hit her!'

Adrenaline pumped through my veins. I was scared shitless but felt so... alive! I snuck out of the french door and into the garden shed. I switched on the lamp and found the shovel leaning against the lawn mower. It gleamed. Almost inviting me to use it for my despicable task. I gripped it tight, the metal cool on my skin, and marched back into the house.

'Atta boy!' Cheered the fridge, 'I'm having a heartbreaker tonight!'

Madeleine hastily put her phone back into her purse and smiled, 'Is dinner ready?'

'It will be.' I said, hypnotised by that pretty smile. She saw the shovel in my hand and her smile turned into a look of confusion. That was her last smile.

'Who was that you were calling?'

She bit her lip, 'Noone.'

I raised the shovel and swung it around, hitting the side of the head. She flopped onto the floor, a pool of blood forming as blood seeped out of the gash on her temple. What a shame. If she had told the truth then I would have considered sparing her. Her long-lashed eyes were open and her red lips, which matched the blood that trickled on her brow, were parted slightly, showing the whitness of her incisors. The darkness of her hair contrasted her pale skin beautifully. Even dead she looked stunning. I crouched down and lifted a limp hand, letting it drop back onto the floor, as the impact of what i'd just done hit me like a speeding car. I hurried to the nearest bin, and let wave after wave of yellow bile come out of my stomach. It was truly sickening - but the damage was done. I had a body to get rid of. I dragged her into the kitchen, and placed her in front of the fridge.

'Now put her inside me!' Said the fridge excitedly,'Use the cleaver! Use the cleaver!'

I looked at her body and frowned. I didn't want to have to cut her up. I didn't want to have to mess up her body into mangled pieces of meat. I guess I should've known that i'd be cutting her up sooner or later. It couldn't be helped. I had to dispose of her body before her friends realize she's gone and call the police. I held the meat cleaver in my hand, planning how I should do the deed without making her look like something you'd find in a slaughterhouse.

'Hurry up! I'm starved!' Cried the fridge.

I started hacking away at her. My plans were thrown out of the window. The blade penetrated her delicate skin, marring her to an unrecognisable shred of flesh and blood. It dented her bones, smashing her in at odd angles. Sprays of blood painted my face as blood vessels were torn and muscle was sliced. I took hold of her arm and sawed it off. The rest of her limbs received the same treatment. I looked at her. A pile of hot flesh on the cold kitchen floor. A bloody mess.

'Put her in!' Ordered the fridge.

I shoved her in bit by bit, using any available space I could find. By the time I was done I was out of breathe.

'A bloody mess.' I breathed.

The kitchen and living room looked like the crime scenes they were. Body or no body, the police would be arresting me if they saw the state of my house. I opened all the cuboards until I found a bottle of bleach.

'Better get cleaning.' I muttered.


I woke up and opened the fridge. It was empty, as usual.

'Good morning.' greeted the fridge.

'Good morning.' I greeted back drowsily.

Just then, a series of knocks came from the front door.

'Police.' I said quietly, walking steadily out of the kitchen, into the living room, and then right in front of the front door. I turned the handle, the door whined as I pulled it open. Two policemen were standing outside.

'May we come in?' Asked the one with a pot belly.


They stepped in and scanned their eyes around my house.

'Madeleine Sweet. Does that name ring a bell?'

I nodded, 'She was here a few nights ago.'

'Is that so?' Asked the one with a moustache, 'She's been gone for a week now, and the last place anybody knew she went to was this house. Is there anything you'd like to tell us?Anything unusual about the way she behaved?Anything you did?'


'Then you don't mind us searching the house?'

'As long as you have a search warrant.'

The pot bellied policeman smiled and took a folded piece of paper out of his pocket. 'We do.' He said, holding up the paper. My eyes caught the words 'Search Warrant'.

'Go right ahead. I doubt you'll find her.'

I sat down on a step and grinned as the policemen searched the house. They won't find a thing!

They came back minutes later with unreadable expressions.

'Do you mind explaining why her body is in your fridge, Mr. Purge.'

My eyes almost came out of their sockets. I stood up and sprinted to the kitchen. Lo and behold, her mangled body was still stuffed in my fridge.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

The policemen came in after me; Batons out, guns loaded, and handcuffs ready to cut of my circulation.

'You're under arrest!'