Note: This should go without saying but I'm gonna say it anyway. This is my original work- whether is sucks or not, so any reproduction, copying, or quotes is FORBIDDEN unless sanctioned by me :) sorry to be uptight or whatever... but gotta be protective of your stuff... And by the way- this goes for the rest of the story to... Though I'm probably not going to mention this again... Anyway, keep that in mind, and enjoy:

Sometimes, That's All There Is


I first saw him in the cafeteria. I was looking for a place to sit, and there he was. Tall, elegant, and most definitely there.He seemed to exude something. Something that made him so real, so obvious, I couldn't take my eyes off. I stared at him for a long moment, then flushed and looked away when our eyes met. Later, as I joined my friends in a daze, I couldn't help but think about the gaze we shared. Though it was brief, I saw a flash of something in his eyes. Something so dark and deep, yet so compelling. His eyes drew me in. I couldn't stop obsessing over the look in them. There was something there beneath the surface- he wasn't who he seemed to be. I wanted to know his secret.