I ran through the shadows. My bare feet felt every crevice on the cold earth floor. My senses keen. My eyes watch for unwelcome visitors. My eyes are listening. I needed some where to I hide a tree. I jump into the branches. I stand in a shadowy part of the tree. I can't believe how far he has followed me. It must have been miles. There he was standing there laughing like he was enjoying the chase. His green eyes sparkling in the dim light. His dark brown hair moving with slit breeze. I stared at him as I slowly moved from the tree to a nearby cave. He saw me. He ran farther in the cave than I had. He stood there; while I hide on the roof. When I jumped down he looked surprised. He would follow. He always does. I heard the foot steps behind me, but as I rounded the corner the thing I least expected happened. I was caught. He had caught me around the waist. My back was to him still.

"Got ya." His voice rang.

"Shut up Jevan." I said.

"Not my fault you got caught, Elysia." Jevan said.

"You and your decoy spell." I coughed. I elbowed him in the gut. Yes, my name is Elysia. It means lightning struck. It matches me, because of my storm cloud eyes and black abyss colored hair.

"Ow. ..That hurt." Jevan whined.

"Yet, you still don't let go. You are outstanding." I said.

"Oh okay." Jevan said a little disappointed. He let go of her waist. I took a step away from him. He stared at my leather and gold belt. It was three parts that two of them hung loosely and the top one hung securely on my hips. Where the three belts became one, it was deigned to look like it had golden tree branches. My dagger hung off of it.

"Is that from him?" Jevan asked.

"Yes." I said sadly. Why did I say it that way? It was the guy who I was supposed to marry. I had to wear it. I loved the belt. The guy I had to love.

Jevan pulled me in a tight embrace around the waist. His lips gently brushed against mine for a mere second. "Please don't marry him." Jevan begged.

"You know I can't do that. I have to or I can get in to much trouble." I said.

"Do you love him?" Jevan asked.

"You bring this up every time we run off" I said.

"I know, but you never answer." Jevan said.

"I love him." I said closing my eyes. I had to love him. I had no choice. I was a princess. I had to do what my father said or I would go for treason.

"No, you don't. You only say that, because you have to." Jevan said.

Jevan was a friend of mine. I meet him when I snuck out when I was about ten. It had been about six years since we had first met. He was a year older than me. On his fifth tenth birthday he became a stable boy in the castle. We grew remarkably close. He was the only one who knew what I was really like under the silver tiara. He was my best friend. The first time I met the prince from the other kingdom, Jevan was there. He loved me more than I possibly could. He lived a dream. I lived staring in his eyes lying to him. It broke my heart, but it was what had to be done.

"No, I honestly do love him. I have to get back. This is the last time I will be able to come out here to meet you." I said. It broke my heart to say those words. He moved his hands from my waist to his sides. I turned around to walk away," Goodbye Jevan." I said tears welling up in my eyes and I ran off again towards the kingdom. I knew he wouldn't follow me this time.

I reached the castle and snuck into my chambers. I changed from my forest green short tattered dress to a flowing red, black, white, and purple. It was long and went to her ankles. The sleeves were short and tight. The dress was plain, but elegant. I brushed my hair out and braided it to the side. I put the silver tiara on my head. It had sapphires placed in it. I slipped on shoes and walked out of my chamber.

"Hello my daughter." King Link said pleasantly.

"Hello father." I said curtseying out of respect. A boy in the room stood. He was about eight teen. He was blonde with blue eyes. He was tannish.

"Hello Princess Elysia." The boy said and bowed.

"Hello Prince Cedrick." I said and bowed back.

"How are you?" He asked awkwardly. I knew he didn't love me. He was in love with my sister who was a year older. Even though she was promised to someone else. I only agreed to this union, because I felt sympathy for him.

"Fine and how are you?" I asked politely.

"Fine." Cedrick replied.

"Why don't you two go out for a walk?" King Link offered. This pretty much meant go and walk now. Cedrick took my arm in his. We walked out into the gardens. He felt protective for me.

"Elysia, I know this is absolutely ridiculous. I know you don't like walking the gardens, and you look absolutely uncomfortable in your dress." Cedrick said.

"How did you figure that?" I asked.

"Just it's how you act. Your name means something about a storm. You can't capture and tame a storm. Your heart belongs to no one, but it belongs to everyone." Cedrick said.

"My spirit is free and wild. My heart may be captured and tamed." I said smiling.

"Know what I want to see you for who you really are. If you wouldn't mind telling me what were you doing earlier." Cedrick said.

"I can't tell you." I said know if I did he would tell my father.

"Secretive I see. How about we make a deal? I tell what I act like when I don't have to be royal, and you tell me what you are like." Cedrick said.

"Okay you have yourself a deal Cedrick." I said.

"To be honest before your first visit to my kingdom I was trying to get my head from throbbing. I was completely drunk the night before with a couple of my companions. I through the greatest balls, and yet I get the drunkest." Cedrick admitted. I giggled.

"Never would expect you as a drinker." I said with a smile.

Cedrick returned the smile. "Now I have told you some of my unroyal actions. What are yours?" Cedrick asked.

"Well, I run around the forest bare foot. My best friend goes with me. He chases me and I tend to win usually." I admitted.

"Who is your best friend?" Cedrick asked.

"Jevan Nightingale. He is the stable boy." I said my voice turning said. "I first meet him when I had snuck out when I was ten. We have an unbreakable bond." I said like I was in a faze.

Cedrick gently kissed my cheek. "How many times has he kissed you? Or held you close in a tight embrace?" Cedrick asked. He swiftly pulled me into his arms. I looked into his deep blue eyes and fell into a trance.

"More than once." I whispered. Cedrick's lips gently pursued mine. He held me close and kissed me passionately. After a few seconds he finally pulled back and let go of my waist. I saw over Cedrick's shoulder Jevan. He stared at me in surprise. His eyes told me his heart was braking. I looked down, but I knew I chad caused my best friend's heart to break. His love for me was forbidden.