Elysia's POV 3 weeks later

It has been almost 21 moons since Jevan left. I need to push him out of my mind. He's all I can think of. I know it isn't proper, but I l love him with all my heart. No, no, no. I love Cedrick. I'm marrying him today.

I slipped into my white dress made of silk. The sleeves were loose, and ended before my elbow. The dress was embroidered with silver tasseled flowers. The dress flowed with the 5 foot train. A serving maid fixed my hair so the veiled tiara would stay. I slipped on the white slippers. I looked at the mirror and a tear trailed down my cheek, I wiped it away. Today I was going from Princess Elysia of Starlon to Princess Elysia of Henslying. After the ceremony and festivities' Cedrick and I will be departing for his kingdom.

I stand in the church hall and Cedrick holds my hands. He places the ring on my finger and the priest tells him he may kiss the bride. Cedrick moves the veil and wipes away a tear that escaped and kisses me. I am now not under my father's rule of house, but Cedrick's. We pull apart and walk down the aisles down and out of the church to the carriage that is waiting outside to take us to my father's castle. I stayed quiet the entire time. We get to the castle and I put on a smile. We are welcomed by crowds of people. We step out to cheering crowds. Cedrick holds my hand and led me to the entrance.

"You need to go pack and change my dear," He stated. I nod and head up to my old room. I call up Maria my serving maid and she helps me pack, and pulls out my forest green dress I wore at Jevan's going away festivities. I put it on with the same tiara. We finish packing. I headed down stairs and find Cedrick in the crowd. He met me.

"You look lovely my dear," He said taking my hand in his.

"Thank you," I said I blushed. I smiled. Cedrick kissed my hand.

"Would you like to dance?" He asked.

"Yes," Elysia said.

"Then let's," Cedrick lead me out to the dance floor. We started a formal dance. It was very nice, but we didn't talk much. When the song ended we walked off. I don't recall the rest of the night. It was all one big blur.

At the end of the festivities Cedrick and I were put in a carriage and we started our way to his kingdom. Well, I guess now it is our kingdom. Cedrick sat next to me and I rested my head on his shoulder and dozed off. Cedrick smiled, and kept his arm around me the entire trip.

Author Note: Okay well, it may be a while for Jevan to be back in. So just to tell you the story now is mostly gonna be from Elysia's point of view. PM me if you have any ideas to add that you think will make the story better. So, read and Review. Thanks!