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"Well this is my first day as a high school student. I hope all things go well as I planned!" said a boy, about 13 years old, has slightly messy hair, and wearing a white polo, black pants and black leather shoes.

"I remember the graduation like it was yesterday!" he thought while remebering that day...


"I present to you, the Grade School Graduates of 2010!" said the MC.

"I can't believe that we are graduates Jeffrey!" he said while wearing a maroon graduation dress and hat.

"Yeah Chris! We get it! You just keep repeating everything." said a boy, also 13 years old,has curly hair and did I mention he has blush on...err I mean rosy cheeks and wearing also a maroon graduation dress and hat.

"Stop it you two or I will hit you..." said a girl, also 13 years old, has pigtails, and also wearing the same outfit as Chris and Jeffrey.

"Sorry Maria! I just can't get the fact that we are finally going to high school!" said Chris.

"Shh! We're next!" said Jeffrey.

"Jeffrey Perloff!" said the MC while the principal gave Jeffrey his diploma.

"Maria Fujisaki!'' said the MC while the principal gave Maria her diploma.

"And finally, Chris Zakaria!' said the MC while the principal gave Chris his diploma.

End Flashback

"I wonder what adventures await me this year?" Chris asked himself while entering the gates to the school.


GunnerPowTwin: Okay first off, these are the characters I introduced in this story.

Chris Zakaria: The protagonist of this story, he is smart and nice and sensitive at times. He is very annoying but he is a good friend. He also loves computers and romance. In short he is the smart yet annoying one.

Jeffrey Perloff: He is Chris' best friend and the richest person in the group. He is somewhat nice and very funny. In short, He is the Rich one.

Maria Fujisaki: She is a close friend of Chris and Jeffrey. She is addicted to anime because her family comes from Japan. In short, she is the Otaku one.

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