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Chris walked through the gates and proceeded to the bulletin boards for his room assignment.

"Okay, let's see what room I am in.." Chris said while looking to the room assignments.

I - Rosewood

Angel Shaw

Monica Douglas

Timmy Schwartz

Doyle Steele

Rick Lowe

Herman Perez

Hilda Brown

Dennis Owens

Andrew Gutierrez

Candace Austin

Maria Fujisaki

Jomar Soriano

May Valdez

Taylor Macklin

Andree Padgett

Koleen Silvia

Chris Zakaria

Rosie Perez

Gustavo Rodriguez

Doreen Hernandez

Ronald Wright

Alfredo Benson

Marty Shelton

Lena Russell

Barbara Phelps

Lisa Holt

Vickie Singleton

"Yes, Maria is my classmate again! Where is Jeffrey's class?" Chris said while looking again at the board for Jeffrey's name.

I - Birchland

Helen Vargas

Troy Cruz

Mindy Neal

Jeffrey Perloff

Rodolfo Johnson

Julius Graham

Annette Goodman

Elaine Holland

Dianna Kelly

Gretchen Fisher

Hannah Ryan

Shawn Duncan

Moses Soto

Myra Mcguire

Julian Little

Edmund Pope

Naomi Phillips

Judy Andrews

George Farmer

Jill Simon

Tracey Sullivan

Fiona Estrella

"Jeffrey's in I - Birchland... Well, gotta go to my room and see Maria and Jeffrey now!" Chris said while dashing upstairs to his assigned room.


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