A/N This is my first time to post a poem. (That's why it's not that good) Ahahaha =))

P.S. Thanks for the tip Snowflake Bunny. My mind wasn't in the right place when i did this.. -_-


Underneath That Façade

My breath catches in my throat

As you flash your deceiving smile,

A smile full of secrets and lies

hidden underneath that innocent façade.

Repercussions of your laugh sound the walls,

With your deceptive voice.

My chest rises and falls.

I made an utterly wrong choice.

My head rebels, but my heart rejoices,

You stirred the passion that still lives in my chest,

I don't know what to do,

I don't know what I still feel for you.

But, how can I trust you anymore?

You, who defied me.

My heart tore to pieces

When you decided to flee from me.

This time I follow my head

to the very extent

that i turn back and run away from you.

My heart feels as heavy as lead.

I blink back tears as I run past,

I didn't know my feelings would last,

but alas what could I do?

Loving you hurts too much.