Guys get their head shaved
Gals have a few more options
But not that many

Got hair that's too long?
Ha ha, not for long you won't!
Vicious scissors snip

We wear belts all day
A green canteen at our hips
Useful, but dorky

Can't forget skivvies!
Waistbands all the way up
But who's to impress?

Spandex shorts ride up
Always pulling liners down
A pain in the ass

When opening racks
Always use your safety bar
RDCs slam down

Another sore throat!
Coughs on the heels of a cold
Tough to stay healthy

"The Walking Wounded"
So many out sick or hurt
Lie in racks all day

Be nice to rest some
Catch up on all that missed sleep!
Shame it's SIQ

Drink tea with dinner
Add some lemon and honey
Hopefully it helps

Marching brings stiff knees
Joints like an eighty-year-old
Walk slowly down stairs

Phlegm and snot all day
Use toilet paper to wipe
Sometimes find blood there

Time for Captain's Cup!
Three-hour competition
Fun sports and races

A recruit field day
Our graduating group meets
First-time encounters

Sailor-type events
Sea bag relays, rescue race
Shooting hoops as well

There's free Gatorade!
MWR folks rock
Everyone drinks up

Our chief had told us:
"I don't care if you guys win,
Just have fun out there."

All divisions cheat
Chief preferred integrity
To a large trophy

We were nine-two-five,
A preforming division;
All others hate us

We played fair and lost,
Sometimes even kicking ass
We did our chief proud

Three performances
State flags the stars of the show
Cheered by civilians

Connecticut flag
Same one that my sister held
Because we're both short

Twice we wore our blues
But our own graduation
We were first in whites

We search for loved ones
Waving to us from the stands
We all cry a bit.