This mirror, its holding the memory,
Of the girl frozen in time, waiting to see if,
There would be something there, that she could say,
That she likes. Yet there's nothing there. She stares,

Back at that blank face looking at her trying to find,
Herself within looking at this mirror. They said,
Beauty is the perfections of the person. But, what if the,
Person only has the imperfections to say for herself.

She doesn't see the beauty, that people say she has.
All she sees are these scars, that have been left there,
From the years of abuse, to the years of mistreatment.
She says "Pain is all of what I feel, I know nothing else."

Alone, alone, she feels.
Pain, pain, it all she knows.
Hurt, hurt, is all shes been.
Sorrow, sorrow, it plagues her every thought.
Time, time, is what they tell her.

That will heal these unhealed wounds.
But, time moves to slowly for these,
Scars to heal. She doesn't want the scars,
She wants to see herself, as she has never have.

She wants to be and feel beautiful,
She wants to know what its like to be happy.
She wants to know the feeling of love, and not hate.
She wants to see herself, like everyone else sees her.

She can't see these things, she can't feel or know shes,
These things. She wants these things so. But she knows,
That she will never know what its like to feel and be,
Beautiful, happiness, to feel the feeling of love.

She knows that these things will never happen for her,
So she stares in her mirror, and wishes for them to become,
True. In her mind she wants to be these things, but on the inside,
Shows that she doesn't have the strength to prove to herself that,
She can get be happy, be and feel beautiful,
and feel the feeling of love.
All she sees in the mirror, is the person she wants to be.