Sneaky Poison
Try to take my mind away
But you can't make sense of what you see

Murdering gun
Try to take my life away
But you can't go on without me

I'll be the razor blades to your cyanide
And I will love you til you die
Maybe God will find a way to forgive me
Cause I can't seem to let this be

Well I'm drowning in your lies of the sweetest kind
And I'm faithful
If it's not too much to ask could I keep these lies
Cause I'm faithful

Can't comprehend
How you say you'll walk away
Don't you need me like I need you?

Can't understand
Why you want to fade away
Won't you bleed like I would bleed for you?

I'll be the hopeless heart you will leave behind
And if I suffer tell me why
I would do anything just to see you smile
Yet you push me down, like a child


I know you're there
Don't forsake me
Just breathe into me

I know you're there
Don't leave me
Just remember me

(Chorus 2x)