This was going to be PWP fluff lemon etc... but I'm rubbish at fluff, and it ate the characters and back story from another piece I have up 'Swallow the White Feather'. Warning for explict sex and language.

Grey looked round the packed club and ran his fingers through his hair. He felt out of place. He wasn't sure he looked out of place but he definitely wanted a clearly visible label that stated: I am not staring at your arse. Because no matter how many tightly clad arses sauntered, or drunkenly swayed passed him, he only had eyes for one. Unfortunately for him, that one had more than just his eyes following it wherever it went, because that one belonged to a boy who was topless and gorgeous and he absolutely knew it.

Someone touched his shoulder and he turned, dragging his gaze from the topless fairy dancing uninhibited on the other side of the room

"Buy me a drink?"

Grey could barely hear the words spoken in his ear over the deep pulse of bass, but he could easily see the question on the cute impish face at his shoulder.

Grey nodded. It would pass the time. He caught the barman's eye.

"What do you want?"

That got a smirk.

The boy motioned for Grey to lean down so he could whisper hotly in his ear.

Grey was glad the lights were dim.

"That's a drink?" he mouthed.

The boy nodded innocently.


Grey hated stupid cocktail names, but he knew if he said it quietly the barman would purposely not hear him and he would have to repeat the name, so he spoke loudly, aware the boy at his side was grinning childishly.

They moved to the end of the bar.

"How old are you?"

"Aren't you supposed to ask my name first?" The boy sipped his drink (through a luminous fucking straw) and looked at him coyly over the rim of his glass.

Grey was aware he was only half paying attention to this kid, the other half of his attention was about twenty feet behind him focused on a curve of pale hip bone just visible above the waistband of a very low cut pair of black trousers. It wasn't really fair on the boy.

"How about if I guess your age, you tell me your name?"

"How about if you guess my age and my name, I give you a reward?"

Grey looked at him steadily. He really was cute. Short sticky out blond hair, large eyes, possibly blue, it was hard to tell in this light. Petulant mouth. He would have most men tripping over their tongues. But he just wasn't a certain red headed fairy. He wasn't Si.

And normally this was the point Grey would brush them off. He bought them a drink, flirted a little and at the offer of something more he told them he wasn't available, he was here with someone else.

Which wasn't entirely untrue.

But this kid, well something was bringing out his protective instinct here. This kid looked young.

Too young? He wasn't sure. And he wasn't sure he'd get a truthful answer either. The best he could do for him would be to take him off the market for the evening and flirt with him. There were a lot of creepy guys around with creepy plans for such wide eyed wonders. Most of them were drooling at Si's feet, but he knew the fairy could take care of himself to that extent.

Mentally Grey sighed, if this was what being a teacher was going to do to him he might as well give up the idea of a social life now.

Which was pretty much what Si had said as they drove here tonight. "Look, we're driving fifty miles away, who is possibly going to recognise you? Just because you're thirty and a teacher doesn't mean you can't go out and have uncomplicated sex. If you're not even going to try to enjoy it, why bother?"

The thing was, uncomplicated sex was the last thing he wanted. What he wanted was complicated and intense and consuming.

And this distance thing, fifty miles or a hundred miles, it didn't make any difference. If someone in any way connected with the school recognised him he would be out of job and therefore a home by the morning.

But he preferred to exhibit the pretense of going along with Si's idea, so that he could actually go along with Si. It was worth the risk, even if all he got out of it was watching Si being fawned over by one guy after another.

Si disappeared into the toilet for the second time that evening. Grey mentally counted the seconds he was gone- it saved him from imagining all the uncomplicated sex happening.

"Do you want another one of those drinks?"

He probably shouldn't have asked, the kids cheeks were flushed, his eyes a little unfocused.

If he fell asleep, Grey would sit with him in the corner until Si was ready to leave, and then offer him a ride home. Taxi's were not worth the risk. It was primarily the reason he was here, sober, because while the fairy could take care of himself in a club full of guys more than willing to play the hero for him, alone in a taxi he stood no chance.

The boy shook his head.

"I don't feel so good", he said as he stumbled off the bar stool.

Grey swept an arm round his waist and guided him quickly through the crowd toward the toilets, where he threw up in the sink since all the cubicles were engaged.

"You're gonna have to tell me your name now so I can look after you." Grey said softly, rubbing soothing circles on the boy's lower back.

"Jamie", the boy croaked out and heaved again.

Behind him, Grey was aware of one of the cubicle doors opening. He didn't bother to look round, if it was Si he'd rather not see who he'd been with, that snapshot would be sure to play over and over in his mind as he lay in his lonely bed later. He reasoned if he didn't see Si with anyone he could pretend he hadn't been with anyone.

"Like the french." He said trying to distract the kid..

"What?" The boy threw him a quick puzzled glance.

"J'aime." Si's voice.

He was stood in the doorway to the cubicle, alone. Arms-crossed in front of his naked chest.

"N'est-il pas un jeune de peu?" Isn't he a bit young?

Grey frowned. Since when did Si care how old they were? Wasn't he the one encouraging Grey to have the uncomplicated sex?

"I'm going to give him a ride home. Let me know when you want to leave."

Si glared at him as much as his unfocused eyes would allow. Some sort of subtle subtext was going on here, but Grey couldn't begin to imagine what it was. Si was deliciously complicated like that. Beneath his fingers he felt Jamie tremble and sink onto the floor. Grey hoisted him back up and reached round to grab some paper towels but Si manged to knock them from his hand as he marched out of the room.

Grey still had his arms round a groaning Jamie when Si marched back into the room a few minutes later, his arms full of coats and a bottle of water in his hand, which he passed to Jamie.

"It's only twelve and you looked like you were enjoying yourself in there..." Grey said glancing at Si as they walked the short distance from the club to his battered old car. Si's silky red hair was short but still it managed to curl against his pale cheek.

"Comme si vous aviez note", Si said stonily, and refused to meet Grey's eyes over the top of Jamie's head. As if you'd noticed.

They had spoken french to each other once before, a year ago. This situation bore no parallel, and Grey had no idea why Si was speaking french now, other than he didn't want Jamie to understand him. But when Si stumbled every few steps Grey found it hard to be aggravated by the fairy's strange motives, he was obviously drunk.

They had almost reached the car when a tall guy in a sequined black shirt and tight jeans shouted Si's name from the club doorway. Grey raised an eyebrow but carried on walking. This had happened before, and would no doubt happen again. Some guys just didn't take no well and some guys were fucking psychos. Grey remained close to Si, but maybe not close enough as Si dropped Jamie's arm and looked stunned as the guy ran up to their car and laid into him.

"Fucking tease. Guys like you are a fucking joke. Where do you get off?" If Si hugged his jacket round himself any tighter he was going to stop breathing. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" The guy reached out a hand to push Si's shoulder, but it didn't get that far, it got as far as Grey's fist.

"Don't you dare touch him", he growled.

They were of similar height, similar weight, but Grey knew he out scared him by a factor of about fifty. He crushed the fist in his hand.

"Fuck off."

As soon as he was gone, Si slipped into the front seat and sat with his head pressed against his knees and his arms wrapped round his middle, and Grey loaded the semi awake Jamie into the backseat.

"I take it you turned him down." Grey said conversationally as he drove out of the car park.

Si threw his head forcefully back against the headrest and made a strangled sound in his throat. Whatever was going on here, Grey intended to get to the bottom of it, eventually.

Jamie lived in a big new house on a small estate not too far out of their way. He was dead to the world when Grey carried him up the short driveway to the front door and patted his pockets for keys. He was trying to be quiet but suddenly light after light went on inside the house and the door in front of him was opened by a woman only a few years older than him. Shit.

She looked at him in shock. "I don't suppose you'd like to tell me why my sixteen year old son is drunk, who the hell you are and why you think it appropriate to be carrying him BEFOREICALLTHEPOLICE?" Her voice had begun to climb hysterically and now a man, who looked a lot like Jamie but older had appeared behind her.

Grey swallowed uncomfortably. Anything he said was going to sound wrong.

"Your son was at a nightclub, drinking and trying to get laid. My friend has just wasted his evening making sure he didn't get picked up and looking after him as he puked his guts up. Anything but thank you is not appropriate."

All three of them swung round to stare at Si. Grey hadn't even heard him get out of the car. Si wouldn't meet his eyes..

"Thanks for that back there."

"Are you going to see him again?"

Grey bit his lip. While Si didn't seem particularly intoxicated anymore, he certainly wasn't behaving normally either.

"He's sixteen. I teach sixteen year olds."

"You don't normally hang round people after you've bought them a drink, yet you spent the evening with him."


"Is he your type?"

"What? Young? God no."

"No, I mean...blond, innocent looking."

"Si, do I ever interrogate you about any of your hook ups when we go out?"

Grey watched the lonely road lit up ahead. God he was tired. It had been a particularly crap night, and that was saying something. How many times had they done this now? Ever since Grey had drunkenly admitted his last relationship had been with man and that he hadn't slept with anyone since. That must have been months ago now. And, laughably, he still hadn't slept with anyone, while Si had...

"I turn them all down." Si said wearily.


"In the clubs, I get a lot of offers, like the guy earlier, but...I turn them all down."

Sometimes it seemed the fairy had the scary ability to read his thoughts.

Grey's mind tried to find evidence to contradict Si's words...all those trips into the toilets? But never even actually saw him kiss anyone...


And why did that seem like such a loaded question suddenly?

"Uncomplicated sex isn't always what everyone wants." Si answered simply.

"No...though I seem to remember you were the one who suggested it."

Silence. Grey risked a glance, Si was staring out at the night his long-fingered hands cupping his face. Red hair dipped into his eyes and it struck Grey that he looked almost... lost, and far far younger than he was. Grey thought he knew the reason for that look, though he couldn't possibly understand the pain behind it. But he'd also thought he knew why Si slept around, and now it turned out he hadn't been sleeping around at all. The sudden urge to pull over and put his arms tenderly around those skinny shoulders, to touch the tattooed wing sheaths that no one but they knew where there, was almost overwhelming. Because the world had been cruel to Si. The world had snatched him up and taken him for a ride higher than any other ride could possible go, had shown him what life could be, and how it should be for him, and then it had dumped him. Dropped him from forever and forced him back into cold human reality. Scratch that. The world hadn't been cruel. It was the fucking fairies that had been cruel.

"I guess I can agree on that considering I've not actually had any uncomplicated sex. Ever." Grey tried to carry on the conversation hoping to draw Si in and back to himself.

It seemed to work.


"Really." And suddenly there was only one way this conversation could go and he had to keep going, unsaid words were piling down on him, his inhibitions flattened beneath their weight. It was like a car crash. "I like complicated." He took a deep breath. "I like knowing someone. All those little details that have nothing to do with words, the stuff that makes someone become more than just stardust and electrical impulses like everyone else...that makes them real. I like knowing how to make someone gasp with the barest touch, how a look filled with promise can turn them on in the most inappropriate of places. I like to know just how long I can hold them on the edge of an orgasm to make them beg. I like to look in someones eyes and know that they are totally with me and not thinking of the great shag they had the other night."

It was so much easier to talk like this when you didn't have to look at the other person and could pretend not to be listening out for the effect you wanted your words to have.

Si had turned in his seat. Grey knew he was being watched.

"That's hot." Si's voice was low and sweet and at the same time a little melancholy. "I've never had that."

"Really?" Now it was Grey's turn to sound surprised.

"Yeah, and I agree, fucking gets kind of dull and predictable when neither of you really care."

"You must have had at least one good fuck?"

Grey knew Si was grinning without having to look.

"You want me to tell you about it while you're driving? Is that a good idea?"

No, it wasn't a good idea but this was the closest he'd ever got to saying how he felt to Si. Everything Grey was saying right now was honest and true as it was written across his heart. He'd held back for so long, really tried not to feel anything other than friendship. He didn't want to loose that. Si was only twenty and hurting in so many ways already that Grey knew he didn't need a relationship. Grey's heart was going to get broken in new and agonising ways. He could feel the tears starting already.

"Tell me."

Si took a long deep breath.

"Okay, here's the deal. I tell you about my best fuck if you tell me, in detail, about your biggest fantasy. And it has to be the truth."

Grey continued staring straight ahead. The truth. There was one problem with that. His biggest fantasy involved a certain fairy. He didn't know any other fairies, and now he'd told Si he didn't do uncomplicated, he wasn't going to be able to pass them off as just any random imagined fairy. Si would know. He always seemed to know when something was the truth. Maybe it was a fairy thing, maybe he was just perceptive. At this point, Grey couldn't ask him.

But the deal was already made, and they were nearly at the ornate black gates that covered the entrance to the school. Maybe this conversation could be postponed indefinitely and eventually forgotten about. Did he really want that? Judging from the wave of disappointment and surging excitement, he didn't. Grey hated the way his stomach flipped at the thought of Si coming back to his house with him. And somehow he knew he would come back if he asked him.

"So." Si seemed nervous, searching for words when he always knew what to say. "Do you really want to hear about it?"

Did he really expect Grey to say no? From the way he let the words hang there without bravado, maybe he didn't know.

They drove through the open gates and Grey pulled over to the side of the road and stopped the car.

He turned in his seat and looked at Si. Si's self assured fuck-me eyes caught his and then fled to stare out the windscreen. His brash self confident air gone.

This was a bad bad idea, but the only one he had room for.

"I want to hear it. Do you want to come back with me?"


There was a note a fevered desperation there that hit Grey sweetly in the pit of his stomach.

What was he doing?

The school was set in picturesque grounds that sprawled out in every direction from the main house- there was a road that ran in loop round the school buildings, several green fields, plenty of deep spindly woods and two eerie lakes. The teachers housing was set apart from the pupils housing by quite a distance and boarded by a wood. Grey had a small two bedroom terrace set in the middle of a tiny row of six houses. Si worked in the main house helping with the boys, and had a tatty flat on the first floor, which Grey knew he loved.

There were a few members of staff that thought their friendship was a little strange- Si had got the job that was usually taken by gap year or foreign exchange students- Grey was an English teacher. And one of those members of staff unfortunately just happened to live right next door to Grey.

Si slipped the jacket off his bare shoulders and replaced it with Grey's, much larger, but hooded, coat.

"So it's better that she thinks you're bringing strange boys back in the middle of the night rather than me?" Si asked from somewhere deep within the hood.

Grey grinned. "Definitely...What happened to your shirt by the way?"

Si shrugged. "Think I may have thrown it out into the crowd when they were calling for an encore."

Grey shoved him gently through the front door.

"More likely it was ripped from your back and kept as a memento by some poor sod to wank over."

Si unzipped the coat, flung it on the floor and seductively leaned his naked back against the wall in the hallway. He knew just how to move his slight frame for maximum effect. Smooth nipples stood out perfectly against pale, pale skin and the shadowy outline of a hip bone dipped frustratingly out of sight beneath the waistband of those tight black trousers. Grey was nearly overwhelmed by a desire to touch him, just barely, just to hear Si gasp.

"So I'm just wank fodder?"

Grey regarded him with a facade of calm he didn't feel. "Are you still drunk?"

Sometimes with Si it was difficult to tell, he could put on a tremendous act. Grey couldn't bear any of this if Si was drunk.

"No." Si still wouldn't make eye contact. "Just nervous."

Nervous he could deal with, campy seduction possibly not.

"One more thing." he said as he edged past Si and into the tiny kitchen, his whole body yearning for even a whisper of contact. "We both have to tell the truth tonight."

Si watched from under his fringe as Grey made coffee.

"Go up and get yourself a jumper from my room you must be freezing." This house was cold at the best of times and near nakedness was not a good idea if Si's shivering was anything to go by.

"I'm okay...I like you looking at me." He said, trying to smile.

Grey wasn't surprised he'd noticed. And this time, when their eyes met, he held Grey's gaze.

"I'll put the fire on then."

Si wasn't the only one who was nervous. Grey hadn't played this game in a long, long time. He had the fleeting feeling he was about to perform in front of untold spectators and he'd forgotten his script, which would fine if he was any good at winging it. Was he any good at winging it? He knelt down and lit the old fashioned bar fire, highly aware of Si moving to sit on the sofa close beside him.

"I think it's lit."

Grey smiled wryly. Yeah, okay he was avoiding the inevitable. He sat down at the other end of the sofa, there was a whole seat left between them. Si stretched his legs out across it as if to prove a point.

"Your only excuse for sitting that far away is if you want to look at me."

"If I didn't know you better I'd say that sounded like a line you've used too many times before."

He hadn't actually meant that to sound as harsh as it had, they had often joked about how Si coped with the attention he received. It was a front, a way to force a reaction, to know where he stood with people. And Grey knew his words were also a reaction, a defensive one at that, because yeah, he wanted to look at him, and he knew if he sat any closer he'd want to touch him and that was fucking with his self control.

But he'd gone too far.

Si swung his legs round and stood up, his face a mask. "Maybe I should go and get that jumper."

"Don't." Grey caught his hand, held it. "Sit down."

He pulled Si down onto the seat next to him still holding his hand, their bodies touching. He ached for this. He could feel Si's trembling warmth through the thin fabric of his shirt. He wondered if he could come up with a plausible excuse to take his shirt off.

"So tell me, who was your best fuck?"

Si laced his fingers with Grey's and Grey pulled the hand into his lap. Which he immediately realised was an interesting idea.

"My first."

The way his skin glistened, caught in the light of the flames was mesmerising. Grey wondered if it was glitter or just the way fairies were made, more star than dust.

"I was fifteen, he was...older."

"Am I supposed to ask how old?"

"No." Si swallowed audibly. "You won't approve... "


"He was kind and sweet, that's all you need to know."

Grey reached behind his head and pulled a soft blanket off the back of the sofa and threw it over Si's shoulders and, more importantly, across his lap.

Si didn't look at him as he spoke and his voice took on the lilt of his northern homeland.

"You're glowing."


Si's eyes were still dark with memories.

"Your skin."

"Fuck." Si pulled the blanket off and looked down wide eyed as his chest and arms gave off a shimmering glow in the firelight.

"It's beautiful."

"It's...I've... never...done that before." Si looked thoroughly spooked. "Fuck." He said again. "What if it doesn't stop?"

"Relax." Grey reached out a hand and laid it tentatively on Si's shoulder.

"Easy for you to say, you're not the one who's a fucking freak."

"You're not a freak. Sit back, just...that's it. Just give it a minute."

With his eyes closed he looked so vulnerable. There would never be anyone like him. Grey longed to stroke his back, to see where those beautiful wings would have unfurled while he glowed. He was impossible and magical and so fucking close.

Grey smiled and, throwing caution into the fire, dipped his head so it lay against Si's collar bone. Si shivered. It was so easy. He'd never thought it would be this easy.

"You smell like rain." He whispered and blew softly onto Si's neck.

Si gasped and let his head fall back against the sofa. "You're not... do...that right now."

"No?" Grey said softly. "Are there rules I don't know about?"

"I don't know what's happening to me." Si whispered breathlessly. "And you haven't told me..." he groaned as Grey pressed his face against his shoulder and wrapped an arm around his naked waist. "Your fantasy...yet."

Laughter erupted from deep within Grey's chest, he couldn't help it. "My fantasy? Are you serious?"

Si pushed him back so he could look at him. "Deadly. I've just barred my fucking soul to you. I've never told anyone about that night."

"Calm down. It's just... I though you would have realised by now."


"This." Grey gave him no warning before cupping his face in both hands and pressing their lips together. He half expected Si to shove him off, he was still fucking glowing and his expression had been confused and more than a little pissed off. But after a bare second of shock, Si opened his mouth to him and he was...engulfed. There was no other word close enough to the intense sensation of kissing the fairy. Grey struggled for some semblance of control, he'd never been kissed like this, it was as if their bodies were wired together from their lip to their toes. Still struggling he'd somehow managed to push them both onto their sides, and he could feel Si's hands gripping his hair. Suddenly he needed to breathe, deeply, and he pulled back panting.

Si looked just as shocked and a rose like flush tinted his glow.

There were so many things Grey wanted to say, but he no longer knew what they were. For what felt like minutes neither of them said anything at all.

"Last time I kissed someone they bolted." The unasked question hovered in Si's dark eyes...are you going to?

"Is it always that... intense?" Grey lifted his hand to trail his fingers down the side of Si's face.

"After I got my wings, yes...just kissing...not fuc...anything else. So I usually don't kiss."

Kissing was the best part. "Because it scares people off, or because you don't like it?"

"I like it. But..." Si looked down, his fingers touching the small buttons on Grey's shirt. "It takes over...I take over...and I don't want to be the one..."

" control." Grey finished for him. "We can work on that." He said wrapping his arms round Si and pulling him closer. He could feel the subtle ridged flesh beneath his fingers and he longed to stroke along those ridges to see how sensitive they were. The little he knew about sex with fairies was, it seemed, more than Si knew. The glow for instance happened when highly aroused and with a partner they cared deeply about- were in love with, was actually what he had been told. But how could he tell Si that? Fuck, he was still trying to convince himself it was because of the memory Si had evoked of his first time. But here he was, glowing just as brightly, in his arms. The wings and the ridged flesh that covered them, were super sensitive areas and kissing or licking them was as intense for the fairy as oral sex. Finally, male fairies rarely submitted, it was in their nature to control.

But here was the problem, Si wasn't pure fairy, he was part human, part fairy- fairies hated cross breeds- so how much of what Grey knew actually applied?

"You're avoiding telling me, aren't you?"

They were laying side by side on the sofa, hands tracing delicious patterns, fingers dipping beneath belts and trouser waistbands, shirts thankfully unbuttoned and in the process of being discarded. Not kissing, not yet, but they would.

"Avoiding what?" Grey said softly against the delicate perfect shell of Si's ear.

Si's hand squeezed his hip hard within the confines of his trousers (he needed to get those off) Si's thumb was stroking distractingly close across his lower belly

"Your fantasy."

Grey pulled back to look into his shining eyes. "You don't give up, do you?"

Si shook his head from side to side and before taking Grey's hand and slowly sucking each finger deep into his warm, wet mouth.

"I may never be able to go out in public again, I need something to think about." He said.

"I'd rather just act it out than talk about it if that's alright with you." Si grinned. "And your glow should wear off once you're not so turned on."

"Great, so it just shows how horny I am? Fucking fantastic, I'm twenty, I can't just stop thinking about sex in public!"

Grey ran his fingers lightly over the ridges either side of Si's spine and watched as Si became limp in his arms and his eyes rolled back in his head. "Oh fuck." He groaned. "Do that some more."

After what had happened Grey had been unsure how Si would react to having the place where his wings once were, touched. Turns out he need not have worried, Si was begging him to touch him there.

"Please." he whimpered.

Grey was more than happy to oblige. This was his fantasy. Even if Si didn't have wings anymore, he'd had them. Wings for fucks sake, beautiful, black, glittery, dust bound things, solid as he was, and yet they could be folded and tucked away into the barely noticeable ridges at will. He was amazing, impossibly so.

The sofa wasn't working, so Grey spread the blanket out across the floor and they lay upon it, Grey's chest pressed against Si's back, loving the feel of him and slowly, slowly kissing down his neck as Si mewled and wrapped a hand round his hip pulling him closer. Grey's tongue circled each small bone at the top of his spine, his breath hot against the inky geometric tattoo meant to disguise the ridges.

He tasted delicious, salty and sharp. Grey wanted to taste all of him. Without pausing he kissed and licked the top edge of one ridge and felt Si tense and arch beneath him. He pulled back for second. Si was panting.

This may have been the point he stopped thinking. Things just happened and he didn't want them to stop.

Si rolled onto his back and Grey kissed him, pinning his arms high above his head and pressing him down into the floor with all his weight. At some point the fairy's desire to dominate submitted to Si's own desire to be taken and Grey no longer had to fight him.

Without breaking the kiss they messily managed to lose Si's trousers. Grey's proved more difficult and passion dissolved into fits of uncontrollable laughter as Grey jumped up and resolved to go and find some fucking scissors!

When Grey returned sans trousers, Si was still glowingly laid out on his back, legs spread wide, languidly stroking his cock as if it was the most common sight in the world. He'd never seen anything so erotic.

"Did you bring lube?"

This self confidence was just an act, Grey knew.

"There are about a hundred other things we could, we should, do first. Fucking you isn't the only way I want to make you come." Grey said smiling and crawling over to him.

"You already made me come."

Leaning over, Grey let his forehead rest against Si's, his wild black hair falling between them, and thought a moment. "When I kissed your wing ridges?"

"Yeah, it was a shock."

Grey watched his expression closely for any sign that he wasn't okay with that.

"Raknor told me a few things while I was imprisoned. He said that your wing ridges were highly sensitive organs, and kissing them would be a sensation akin to having oral sex."

Si shook his head. "More intense for me."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. I'll warn you next time." If there was going to be a next time.

"There will be a next time." Si smiled coyly.

With one swift movement, Grey pinned Si's arms above his head and stretched out on top of him, the full body contact causing his breath to hitch.

"So you can read some thoughts, but not every thought." Si's beautiful dark eyes seemed to confirm this. "Particularly not the ones you want to read? Because you need...some practise?"

Si laughed softly. He didn't laugh often enough.

"Do you know how much I like you?" Grey kissed the side of his mouth as he said this. "Did you know I felt before tonight?"

"The harder I try the more difficult it is to read someone, especially complex emotions. Simple thoughts are easier. I knew you liked me, we're friends after all, I didn't know you fancied me, no."

"And what you just did?"

"Sending thoughts is different, it's not easy or hard, it's just...weird. I've never tried on anyone apart from you."

"You do know you're kind of astonishing don't you?"

"You do know that foreplay never lasts this long with me normally."

"This isn't foreplay. This is the bit before we get into the foreplay, this is the pre-foreplay foreplay."

Okay, kissing wasn't the best part, kissing while fucking was better, or this part- on his back, kissing desperately, nerve endings on fire, while Si rubbed against his length and groaned into his mouth.

He was close, this friction, this intense wild kissing, was driving him right to the fucking edge.

Suddenly Si pulled back, his glow brighter than the light of the fire, and brought Grey's hand to his mouth, where he licked and sucked two of his fingers, dripping saliva onto them before pulling the hand between his thighs and pushing those fingers inside himself.

"Uh..."Grey's mind whited out. So tight and hot. "Lube' the kitchen."

"Too far." Si panted. "Need this now. You."

He leant back down and kissed Grey while Grey fucked his fingers slowly in and out, stretching and stroking him, being careful not to touch those hyper sensitive wing ridges as he gripped his side.

"Now." Si hissed before dropping down and swallowing Grey's shaft in his mouth until he was slick with saliva and having to imagine dictionary entries to keep from coming.

Fuck, he was going to have to move slow, his cock was hard as granite, pressing into such sweet tightness. Sat on top of him, Si was in control, but he was moving just as slow. An expression of pained ecstasy crossed his face as Grey felt just the head slip inside him. He pulled Si against his chest

"Fuck, I'm close." Si breathed against his neck.

"Yeah..." Was all Grey could get out. One more thrust was going to tip him over the edge.

"Want to feel you come inside me."

"Uh..." Why did he have to say something like that, Grey was barely holding back as it was.

Si pushed him deeper inside and he groaned with all of his being.

"Touch my wings", Si moaned.

Gentle as he could, Grey stroked down either side of Si's spine. The boy panted then threw his head back and yelled. With sudden intensity he felt his shaft locked in a perfect vice as Si tensed and hot stickiness covered his chest and stomach. Si pushed all the way down and Grey felt himself buried deep inside that tight vice and for a second before the world went blank, he saw the most beautiful pair of ghost wings fanned out behind Siren's back, glittering darkly.