A/N: So I've wanted to write this for a while…but haven't gotten the chance to…so this is for all my friends…you people know who you are. :)

Best Friends:

I love all of you like a best friend should,

I don't ever want to loose any of you,

It would be like losing some of me,

Something nobody can let happen.

We will always be there for each other,

Until forever ends.

We are a family out of family,

A part of each other,

Forever we will stand together.

We've been there for the few falls,

That's what makes us the greatest friends of all.

Rough times and easy times,

Our good times will always be remembered,

And the bad soon forgotten,

Nothing will separate us,

No distance ever could.

We know each other better than we know ourselves.

Not much is better than hanging out with you six.

Nothing could compare to the thought of losing any of you.

As long as we live,

I will never be able to forget any of you,

You all have made all the difference in the world to me.

You will all be my Friends Forever.