Look. I'm back. Okay… I'd explain how I do reviews and all that jazz, but if you're reading a sequel, I assume you've already read the first one, am I right? Hmmm… This story is not going to be very… oh, detailed as far as time goes. It's going to follow Cam and Brian through the most important points in their lives, meaning there will be large periods of time (I'm talking YEARS) that are skipped. It's almost going to be just a series of drabbles about their life… ah well.

On a side note, this begins a bit more than a year after the other one ends. Beginning of junior year. I will make an effort to update every Wednesday. Not much else to say at the moment, other than welcome back to the wonderful world of Brian and Cam!—Kiyoshi'sGirl64 and Kiyoshi


Brian jumps on my back and kisses the side of my face. "God, Brian," I gasp. "Are you trying to kill me?"


"Could've fooled me."

"Hey, cool it, you two!" Kait says. "I'm looking for apartments."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I say. "Have you found anyone else yet?"

"No," she says. "Rayner and Gerald have a one-bedroom place already, and Simon doesn't want to move to Springfield."

"You seriously asked Simon?" Brian growls.

"Brian," I say, poking his side. "You know there's nothing between us. Why do you hate him so much?" He mumbles something that I don't quite hear. "What?" I ask.

"He's the one who took your virginity, damn it! He pisses me off because of it!"

I contemplate Brian for a long time. Should I say it? Yes. "At least it wasn't a girl, hm?"

Silence. Then, "Point taken."

"Besides," I answer, grinning at him. "I was wishing it was you the whole time. Just ask Simon. He wasn't too happy about it, when I moaned your name. But the next time he was whimpering Enrique the whole time and our relationship was pretty much doomed from that point on."

"So… wait. Why did you ask Simon?" Brian asks. "What about Jason?"

"Hello," Kait says, waving her left hand around. We stare at her. "Do you see a ring?" she asks. "I thought not. No ring, no moving in together."

"You've already slept with him, Kait…" I point out weakly.

"That doesn't mean I'm going to offer myself to him nightly without a ring. Just because you're both perpetually horny and don't want a ring, that doesn't mean I don't. I am a girl."

"So is Brian," I say.

"Hey!" he snaps.

"Just admit it," I laugh. "You like being the girl in this relationship, Brian."

He glares. "In case you haven't noticed, I am a guy, Cam. I do have a dick."

I grin and kiss him. "Of course. We wouldn't be together if you didn't. As much I like your personality, if you were a girl, we'd be just friends. I couldn't… a girl's… ew." I shudder.

"God, Cam, you are so gay," Kait laughs. "You can't even talk about getting in a girl's pants without getting disturbed."

"I don't know how Brian didn't suffer psychological damage," I answer. "I would have been terrified."

Kait's phone buzzes and she picks it up. "Aaahhhh!" she screeches. "Kelsey is moving in with us!"

We stare at her. "Who the hell is Kelsey?" I ask.

"And when did you find a female friend?" Brian adds.

She sighs shaking her head. "Kelsey is not a girl. Nor is he straight. He's this guy I met in my Roman Civ class last semester. He's agreed to help us rent the apartment."

"Good," I say, pulling Brian close. "But you best warn him that any touching will result in immediate eviction."

"So possessive," Brian remarks.

"Waited six years. No way in hell I'm letting you get away now," I answer. I turn back to Kait. "Make sure he knows that Brian is mine, and anything he does to jeopardize that will put his face in serious danger of being rearranged."

"Done and done!" Kait says happily. Then she sighs dreamily. "This is my dream come true!"

I glance at Brian and hesitantly ask, "Dare we ask what that dream is?"

"Moving in with a bunch of gay guys!" she says happily. She pauses to think a moment, then says, "Of course, if it was up to me, we'd have a house, and it would be you guys, Kelsey, Simon, Enrique, Gerald, Rayner, Graham, Daniel, Jason, me and a ring. But you can't have everything in life."

"Everything in life?" I ask. "Moving in with nine gay guys and your boyfriend is all you ask out of life?"

"Pretty much," she answers happily.

"So what are we doing for sleeping arrangements?" Brian asks.

"Well you and Cam will share a room, obviously, and I'll be sharing a room with Kelsey. But we'll be getting another bed. I am not sharing a bed with anyone but Jason."

Two months later

We move our things in, and then this guy walks up to us. He's wearing a bright pink shirt and pants so tight I'm not sure how he got them on. His hair is messy in that way that you can tell it was done on purpose. "You think you could help me move into my apartment?" he asks. "You're both big and strong."

I glance at Brian. "Big? Strong? Who're you looking at?"

Brian hits me. "Yeah, no problem. What apartment number?" I'm willing to bet anything this is Kelsey…

"Umm, 306," he answers. Yup. You guys caught that, right? "I'm moving in with one of my friends and two of her friends from high school."

"Let me guess," Brian says. "You're Kelsey."

His eyes light up. "Yeah! You're Brian and Cam then! I'm so sorry! I wouldn't have hit on you guys if I had known! I don't hit on gay guys. I like to let them hit on me. I do hit on straight guys, just because it freaks them out."

"What on earth made you think we're straight?" I ask.

He shrugs. "Just… well, this is me looking stupid. I guess I just assumed one building wouldn't have a plethora of gay guys and that I wouldn't meet the other two the moment I showed up." He chuckles. Then he asks, "So are you willing to help me?"

Brian starts walking towards the car we saw Kelsey walk over from, but I put a hand on his shoulder in order to stop him. I look at Kelsey. "He's mine, understand? You touch him, and I will take you out."

Kelsey gives me a lazy smile. "You're the seme then. You don't have to worry about me trying to steal him from you. I'm a catcher."

He walks away, swaying his hips just a bit more than is natural. Brian stares after him. "I don't like him," he finally says. "I don't trust him."

I look at Brian and turn his face to look at me. "He's not interested in you, Brian. And if he's interested in me, I don't give a flying fuck. Actually, I do care. I don't want anyone but you interested. And Kait already said that if he tries anything, we can kick him out."

"I hope he does whatever it is he's planning soon. The sooner he's gone, the better," Brian mutters.

"Be nice, Brian. He hasn't done anything." Yet, I add mentally.

Brian scowls. "You're not the one who has to worry about some random guy trying to steal your boyfriend."

I pull him close. "Neither are you. I have eyes only for you, Brian."

"Looked like you were checking him out," Brian says resentfully.

"And you weren't?" I ask. "I may check other guys out, but I never give them a second thought. Why would I when I have something way better?"

"Okay, you two are sickeningly cute together," Kait says. "Now are we going to help Kelsey or not?"

"Okay, okay, okay," I answer, and we go help him.

Four months later

"Cam," Kelsey says, grinning at me. "There's something I've been wanting to try."

"And what is that?" I ask, looking through my psychology book. Why in hell do I even have to take this class? I am going to be an art teacher for crying out loud.

Suddenly I feel lips on mine and a small form sitting in my lap, groping me. I instinctively kiss back, because that's what you do when lips are moving this softly on yours. Wait. The last time I held someone this small was Leander, and that was almost two years ago. I stand up, dumping Kelsey on the floor. "Stay the fuck away from me," I hiss. "You remember Brian? Our other roommate? Yeah, he's my boyfriend. He's been my boyfriend for a year and a half, Kelsey, get it? We're not breaking up. Especially not because some random guy wants to get in my pants."

He pouts. "You could do so much better than Brian."

"Get out," I hiss. He doesn't move. I grab the back of his shirt and drag him to the door and throw him out. "Get away from me. And don't ever imply that you're better than Brian. No one is." I slam and lock the door.

I spend the next couple hours fuming, until Kait comes back. "Why the fuck is Kelsey sitting out in the cold, Cam?" she demands angrily. "Do you want him to catch pneumonia and die?"

I stare at her. "Quite frankly, at the moment, the answer is yes." Kait looks horrified. "The bastard kissed me, Kait. Then he had the audacity to suggest that I could do better than Brian. First he tries to seduce me, then he insults Brian. I'm just a little pissed at the moment. He's lucky I didn't bust his face open."

Kait's face sours and she turns on Kelsey. "Damn it. This was a good living arrangement, Kelsey."

"Hey," he says. "I didn't do anything."

"Like fuck you didn't," I snap at him.

Kait sighs. "Kelsey, you have till Saturday to get out. You were warned that if you tried anything, you'd be kicked out."

"I want him gone now," I hiss.

Kait rolls her eyes. "I'm not going to kick him out with nowhere to go, Cam."

"Fine," I say. I look at him. "You get anywhere near me or Brian, and I will beat you to a pulp."

Kelsey glowers, but the tense silence is broken by the front door open. "Cam, I'm back! Where're—what's going on?"

Kelsey opens his mouth to say something, but I snap, "You shut up. Brian, I need to talk to you." I hold out my hand and he takes it.

We go back to the bedroom and he repeats, looking even more worried than before, "What's going on, Cam?"

I sigh. "Kelsey came on to me. And I kissed back before I knew what was going on." Pain covers Brian's features. He's ready to say something, but I don't give him the chance. "Brian, this is the first time, and Kait's kicking him out because of it. I only kissed him back for about two seconds and then I realized that the person in my lap was far from being the sexiest man alive."

"He was in your lap?" Brian sounds offended.

I make a face. "He sat down, started kissing me and feeling me up all at the same time. My body started kissing back before my brain caught up. Then I threw him out. His keys were inside, so he sat in the cold for about three hours. Kait insists he have till Saturday to find new living arrangements, but I'm not happy about it."

Brian nods. I reach out and pull him into my lap. "Cam, what are you doing?"

"Now I have the sexiest man alive in my lap," I answer, kissing him. "I would never, ever cheat on you, Brian. And I'd rather I tell you what actually happened than have Kelsey tell you some random shit that wasn't what really happened and have you not trust me because of it."

"Okay," he says, kissing me back. "I love you, Cam."

"I love you too, Brian. So much." As I answer, I lean back on the bed so that I pull him down on top of me. He hardly seems to notice.

"Promise you'll always tell me if something like this ever happens again?" he asks, his words barely intelligible due to the way our tongues are weaving together.

"Always, Brian. And I swear that I will never initiate anything." I flip us over so that I'm straddling his waist, and I begin sucking on his neck. "Except with you."

It isn't long before we're both divested of clothing. I reach into our drawer and pull out the lubricant. But… "Brian, we're out of condoms."

"Fuck," he moans. "Screw that, Cam. We're in a monogamous relationship and I can't get pregnant. Forget the condoms."

I nod and begin prepping him. We've done it so many times it doesn't take long anymore. Neither does it hurt him so much when I enter. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't take me long to find his prostate anymore. I start fucking him, and he begins moaning my name and clutching at my shoulders, his legs wrapped around my waist. Then he tenses and comes all over us. My own orgasm grips me and I come, right inside him.

We're breathing heavily, but this isn't enough. I took him for myself. Now I want… no, I need Brian to take me. I need him to fuck me, to take me as his own. "Fuck me," I whisper. "Please, Brian."

He looks at me as though I've lost it. "What?"

"Prep me and then fuck me," I repeat. "Please."

"Cam, I…"

I look at him. "Brian, I need this. I need you to take me. To make me yours. And not just you being in charge by riding me. I need you to take control, and I need you inside me. Do you understand?"

"I… are you sure, Cam?" He seems very unsure, even as he lubes me up.

"Yes," I answer, kissing him. "Fuck me, Brian. Please."

He does, and my brain shuts off. It's unsettling, being this vulnerable. But I know that Brian would never hurt me. Then I'm filled with a hot, wet sensation, as Brian comes inside of me. I moan and come just after him. "Brian," I whisper when he falls down next to me, "Thank you."

He looks at me seriously and says, smiling, "Never again, Cam."

"What, you didn't enjoy it?" I tease.

He grins right back. "I did. Thing is, I prefer being underneath you."

I flip us over. "Like this?"

"God, Cammy. Will you ever be sated?"

"With you in my bed?" I return. "Unlikely."