Three year old Cammie Labaski sat increasingly bored on her front doorstep, longingly looking at the house next door. She had just said goodbye to her best friend Charlie Parkinson yesterday, who had lived in that house.

Her mommy had told her that someone else was moving into that house today. This made Cammie sad. She didn't want some other person living there. She wanted Charlie to live there.

A tear slid down the little girl's cheek as she looked at the house again. With a sigh, she pushed herself up and headed for the backyard, her blond ponytail flapping in the cool August breeze.

In the backyard, her eight year old sister, Catherine, sat humming to herself as she read a book. She looked up when she saw her little sister walking towards her. With a frown, she closed it. Now what was Cammie's problem?

"What do you want, Cam?" she asked her irritably. Her book was at a good part. Junie B. was just about to get in her friend Lucille's nanna's car to go to a sleepover.

The response she got was surprising. Normally, Cammie would chatter excitedly about how her new painting was really good and could Catherine please come see it or something like that. Now, however, Cammie just gave a sad sigh. "I dunno, Katie," she said quietly. "I have nothin' to do! Chawlie's gone, and Cuzzie won't be here for another couple a' months!"

(A.N.: The "Cuzzie" she's referring to is Dylan Norton, her slightly older cousin that you'll get introduced to later. Get it? Cousin, cuzzie? :) )

Catherine rubbed her chin in wonder. It wasn't often that Cammie would get bored. Suddenly, she had an idea. She smiled, then said, "Maybe when the neighbors get here, you could introduce yourself to them and try to get to know them. Hey look, there they are now!"

Cammie turned, and sure enough, a big truck was in the driveway. Her eyes widened. It was huge.

"Thanks, Katie!" she shouted as she ran for the gate to the backyard.

Catherine nodded, then immediately put her nose back into her book. She had to know what was going to happen next.

Panting, Cammie ran to her former best friend's house and looked at it. The van was still huge, and big, furry guys were taking furniture out of it and putting it into the house. Cammie wondered how they could lift furniture that was so heavy. She couldn't even lift one of her mommy's weights with two hands.

Then, she saw a girl who looked about her age sitting on the front step. She had a dark purple shirt on, and black jeans. Black sneakers were on her feet. Her long, brown wavy hair was pulled back into two low pigtails, and her face wore a small scowl.

Cammie cocked her head curiously at her, then bravely went up to the steps and waved. "Hi, I'm Cammie!" she said in her squeaky little girl voice to the girl on the doorstep.

The pigtailed girl looked up, somewhat startled by the random blond girl in orange overalls that all of a sudden came to talk to her. "Hi, yourself," she muttered, twirling a piece of hair around her finger and avoiding Cammie's gaze.

"So what's your name?" The three year old continued, not willing to give up.

The girl looked up again, and slowly a small smile began to form. "I'm Kelsey," she said. "I'm almost four."

"Really?" Cammie exclaimed. "I just turned three a couple a' months ago!"

Kelsey then stood up. "Where do you live?" she wondered.

"Right there," the blond girl said happily, pointing to her house next door. "I've always lived there."

"Wow," the brunette replied. "You're lucky. I had to move here just because."

"Just because?" Cammie asked, confused.

"That's what my mom told me," Kelsey said with a shrug. She then grabbed the girl's arm and pulled her toward the door. "Hey, wanna come inside? I'm pretty sure my mom wouldn't mind."

Cammie's eyes widened at this. Someone was inviting her to their house? This had transformed into a great day! "Yeah!" she exclaimed.

The two then ran inside, both smiling happily at making a new friend.

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So yeah, I know this is kind of boring, but I didn't want to make it descriptive. After all, we're hearing Cammie's mind, which is only three years old. XD So she wouldn't know a lot of words.

Also, I figured you guys deserved to know how the characters that will be appearing the most met before I put up anything else. It will settle some confusion; trust me.

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