"Marry me off?"

"Sweetie, calm down...you know how much me and your Dad wants you to have a bright future," a lady in a business suit said as she munched on a piece of bagel, "We don't want you to end up on the streets."

She stared her mother down, giving her The Look she reserved only for her boyfriend, "You and Dad own one of the largest companies in the country, and you're telling me that I'm gonna end up on the streets?" She deadpanned, her irritation rising, "That's only gonna happen if you don't let me take over the company! Which you said you will." She started pacing around the kitchen, her heart beating a million times per second.. which is an exaggeration, she thought.

"Can you please reconsider, Francine?"

"No!" She shouted, her hands twisting the fabric of her sweatpants, "You just want this so you could strengthen the bond with whatever company you're marrying me off to!"

Her mother, Harriott, sighed. Her stubborn daughter was hard to get through to.. that's why her stupid husband left everything to her, "Need to do something, my ass." She muttered, running a hand to her hair.


"..Oh, its nothing, just something your Dad said earlier,"

"Well, I'm leaving, I need some air," she said, a twinkling expression of hope rising to her mother's eyes, "And I'm not changing my mind."

Once again, Harriott sighed once Francine had left. She doesn't even know who it was.

Francine stormed out off the house, jumping into her grey Silverado and heading to a loft she knew like the palm of her hand.

She's twenty-three, for God's sake, and she keeps letting her parents take over her life, "What's wrong with me?" She screamed to no one as she passed a red light gaining honks from other cars. She revved up the engine, exceeding the speed limit as she approached Cameron's, her boyfriend's, apartment. Stopping with a skid to her brakes right in front of his building, she hopped out, her ponytail dangling as she speed walked with a frown smearing her tanned face, gaining looks from the people she passed by.

She didn't bother taking the elevator, his room was on the third floor, and so she ran up the stairs, bent on getting her frustration out on her unsuspecting boyfriend. She opened the door with a slam. The idiot never locks his door, was her fleeting thought as Cameron jumped from the slamming door in the middle of cooking breakfast.

"Why is my kitchen directly in front of the door?" He asked himself as his racing heart calmed down and a grin exchanged his shocked features, he was used to his girlfriend's crazy antics, "Hey Babe, why're you here so early?" He asked her as he glanced at the pink wall clock Francine gave him as he moved in the apartment.

Francine froze at the door. Her mouth hanging open as she came up with no words to tell him. She sighed, walking in and plopping down on the couch. Cameron hurriedly turned off the stove, smiling as he sat down beside Francine, "A penny for your thoughts?" He asked in an English accent, making her slightly smile.

"My parents are dumb."

"So are mine."

"Yeah, sure," she deadpanned, looking at him with The Look, "They let you live on your own, and do whatever you want." She stuck her tongue out, sinking into the couch, moping.

"I'm twenty-five, I have a good paying job, you're twenty-three with a suck up retail job." He said simply as he wrapped his arms around her, "Plus, my parents don't even approve of me coming off them, and you know that."

"But you still went off and did it."

"Because they gave me a condition."

"...I never knew that, why didn't you tell me?"

He chuckled, earning a glare from her, "That's my little dirty secret from you, my dear Watson."

She scoffed slapping his thigh, his parents really were strict on him, he was always supposed to be on top, never failing. She kind of felt bad, bringing her parents up when she knew that his were worse, but the thought quickly left her as she was reminded of why in the first place she came here, another frown marked her face as Cameron watched in horror as his girlfriend of five years and best friend since he was six gripped his hand with excessive strength and screamed, cursing all the gods for making her parents smart but stupid, "They're marrying me off to some rich guy!" She faced him, never letting go of his hand, "Can you believe that?"

He slipped his hand away from her intense grip, wincing from the pressure that he still felt on his hand, "Well, it could be worse," he said, "You could be thrown out of the house to fend for yourself when you don't even have a decent job." He chuckled once again, oblivious to the death glare she was sending him. Oh, if only looks could kill.

"It could be worse?" She screamed.

It was then he actually saw her expression; aggravated and frustrated to the point where her precious hair, as she'd put it, was sticking out in all places, her face was flushed and her eyes were brimming with tears, he sighed, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

She frowned, wiping at her eyes even before her tears fell.

"So they're marrying you off, huh?"

"Are you gonna do something about it?" She asked, expectantly.


She backtracked, did he just say no? "...No?"

"Let's go out, come on." He said, ignoring the look she was giving him as he pulled her up, the fried rice he cooked for himself forgotten as he put a jacket on, grabbing her hand as they left his loft, locking his door as she waited.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see." He smiled as he grabbed her hand once again, intertwining their fingers, "Did you bring your chevy?"


"Give me your keys, I'll drive." He said, holding his other hand out as she grabbed her small purse from the pocket of her oversized black hoodie, which was technically his that she just took without permission, and passed it on to him.

"I asked for your keys, not your wallet."

"It's in there."

He sighed, letting go of her hand as they approached the truck that was parked right in front of a driveway, "You got a ticket." He pointed out, looking at the pink slip on the windshield of her truck.

"This day is the worst day of my life!" She shouted, storming off to approach the front of her truck and grabbing the damned paper, and slipping in the passenger seat.

He sighed, going in after her, he started the engine, handing her back her purse as sped off to the destination he had in mind. A few minutes passed with heavy tension in Cameron's shoulders, he glanced at Francine from time to time, noting how her posture seemed to relax before speaking, "You're not gonna ask me were we're headed?"


One-worded answers; he's still on her bad side, "Do you remember where our first date was?"

This time instead of answering, she looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

He smiled, "That's where we're going right now."


"I'm gonna get your mind off of that marriage meeting." He stated, his smile changing into a mischievous smirk, "When is it, by the way?"


"What time?"


His grin never faltered as they approached their destination. The amusement park. It was empty unlike how it would be during summer, full and lively. But it was still somewhat full, considering the line he could see as they approached the entrance. He glanced at Francine, seeing her rummaging through her purse for money, "Don't bother, I'll pay."

She looked up, frowning.

"What? Is it bad for your boyfriend to treat you to the amusement park?" He asked, chuckling.

"No, its just that you said the same thing during the first date."

He laughed, ruffling her already disheveled hair, "You're so cute."

She blushed, either from rage at touching her hair or from the compliment he gave her, he'll never know, "I'm going to the washroom." She muttered, walking away to the sides.

"Hurry up! We're almost up!" He shouted after her, still chuckling.

She glared at herslef in the mirror, why did she go to Cameron again? She knew full well that her boyfriend is a sarcastic idiot that can't really read the atmosphere. She sighed, re-doing her shriveled up ponytail. It was just half past noon, she hasn't eaten anything and she grumpy as fuck. I don't think Cameron has eaten yet, too. She thought.

As she exited the bathroom, her phone vibrated.. a message from her Mom. He confirmed for six. Be home by then. She frowned, stuffing her phone in her sweatpants' pocket. She needed to get her mind off of that.

She re-joined Cameron in the lines, him grinning at her, "You good?"

She nodded, hunching her back and burrowing her hands deeper into her jacket pocket. They were next in line as Cameron grabbed her hand from inside the jacket and intertwined their fingers. He leaned in to her, brushing his lips to her ear, "Time for some fun."

She shivered, moving his head away from hers, yet still smiling, "Oh, shut up."

He chuckled, "See, I got to make you smile again." He said as he handed two tickets to the entrance clerk, "You should keep that on your face, fits you."

She looked down, her smile turning into a small grin, "Whatever."

A few hours of thrill rides, junk foods, Cameron threw up all they ate, and more thrill rides, the exhausted pair headed for the drink stands, ordering themselves some iced coffee.

"You enjoyed?" He asked as he took a sip from his drink.

She nodded, looking for a seat in the crowded area, "Very much." She smiled up to him, taking a seat in a small booth.

"Good, good." He smiled, not sitting down, "Let's head home now then."

She frowned, it was almost six, and she didn't want to go home, "Can we stay a little longer?"

He sighed, "You can't escape from your parents, you know that right?"

"I know, but.."

"No buts, let's go." He said, grabbing her hand and slowly pulling her up, "I'll come with you, don't worry."

Light came up to her eyes, "Really?" She asked, hopeful.

"Yeah, might as well if your that much of a scaredy-cat to meet with your future hubby."

"He's not! Can you not joke around about that?" She said, frustrated.

He sweatdropped, "Okay, okay. Jeez, no need to get jumpy on me."

"Its your fault though." She drooped, "I can't believe Mom would just do this, she knows we're dating too."

"Its fine, you can just tell the guy you're meeting that you don't want to marry him because of some private reasons, right?"

"I guess." She shrugged, "But I still want you to come with me."

"I will, now let's go." He said finally, dragging her back to her chevy and revving the engine up, dashing to her house.

As they arrived at her house, she panicked, "What if he says no?"

He sighed for the umpteenth time that day, "Then you'll just have to go through with it." He explained, getting out of the car and opening the door for her, "Now, come on."

"...Is this your way of breaking up with me?" She suddenly asked, grabbing the sleeve of his jacket.

He backtracked, a frown on his face. She knew he was a dense idiot, and he knew it too. He just didn't know that his jokes were going too far, hurting her. His eyes darkened, taking a sharp edge while maintaining a dull look on his face, he didn't want her to see him break down. Then, he smiled, smoothing his features... He leaned down to her face, brushing his lips on her forehead, "I love you... So no."

She blushed, a habit she can't seem to get rid of, "Then why?"

"I have my reasons." He stated, standing straight and offering his hand out for her to take, "Okay?"

She sighed, "Okay." She said as she took his hand and came out of the car, "Let's just get this over with."

And as they walked up the front lawn littered with colorful flowers and grand architecture, Francine opened the door, "Mom, I'm home." She called out.

A series of crashes and stomps were heard as her mother emerged from the kitchen, an apron tied around her petite body, "Oh goodie!" She exclaimed, her eyes straying to Cameron, and surprisingly she said, "I see you've met your fiancé."

You guys can let your imagination flow on this one. :)