A/N: Before we begin the first chapter, I want to quickly note that the characters in this story are going to be in a certain period of time where nobility morals, manners, language, and society are very crucial. This also may effect how the characters address and react to each other, similarly to my "Oboeteru: I Remember You" story, except this particular story does not use Japanese honorifics.

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The last thing I saw…

Was a moment so horrifying, so full of agony,

-It devastated my entire being filled with remorse and anxiety.

"Don't trust anyone other than yourself."

-It kept telling me.

I know.

I knew very well-

That everyone's hearts were filled with greed.

They would desolate or destroy anyone-

Just for the sake of their own individual gain.

I wanted to forget everything.

I wanted this memory to disappear from my mind forever.

I didn't want to remember-

How dark humans and the world could be.

I felt my whole existence wanting to scream for my death.

But then…

A miracle came to me.

My pain had vanished.

A speck of petal drifted by.

My soul was finally at ease.

I had awoken finding myself in a land of eternal paradise.

I had suddenly lost all of my "fragments"-

And someone with a very warm presence had fallen upon me.

"She was like a radiating angel."

"Why are you crying?"



"This flower will make you feel better!"

"Her kindness led me into a whole new world to see."

~Chapter 1~

~The Countdown of Fate Begins~


"You don't remember your name?"

"How'd you get here?"


"You really don't remember anything?"

The boy gave a blank nod towards the girl.

"How strange…it's almost like you came out of nowhere…"



"Ah, how about this?"

"You can stay at my kingdom until you're able to regain your memory!"

Surprised by the girl's reaction, the boy was too dumbfounded to respond back to her.

"Now…what should we do about your name...?"



"Ah! I just remembered something!" "There was once a legend about how people who come from beyond this realm were chosen by the J's!""How about from now onwards, lets make your name as…"



It's been 4 years since that day.

After the 14 year-old boy had been properly dressed up in his detailed butler-like outfit, he grabbed his 2-sided sword spear companion before leaving the household's dressing room and began heading down the majestic hallways. He had black swaying hair, and his dark brown eyes gave off a cool mysterious vibe about him.

As you may have known by now, the "name" I am currently addressed as is Jiro.

Every since the day I had met Milady; I was adopted into the Kingdoms of Hearts household and was regarded as her loyal slave subject.

…Ok, maybe slave isn't really the right word to be using.

After all, quite frankly, instead of supposively being regarded as a "slave" subject, I was more of a guardian and a trusted fellow companion to Milady. Thus, during my 4 years being here, I had been also trained to learn how to fight and to know how to protect her at all times.

Though, to be perfectly honest and to my relief, through these 4 years with Milady there has not been once that Milady has ever been in a life-threatening situation yet.

According to Milady, I was told that I had came out of nowhere one day by her flower garden and that I had no memories of my past.

It was the truth.

I did have no memories of my past whatsoever, and I have no idea how I had came to this kingdom in the first place. When I would attempt to remember back any fragments of my past or what was my real identity, my memories wouldn't budge or come back to me.

Things have also been strange for me lately, since even though I had felt at home here by now, I still had this uneasy feeling…

Almost as if something has been telling me that I didn't belong here.


A certain someone then interrupted me in the middle of my deep thoughts.

Ah, that's right…

I looked up ahead to see who it was.

Despite all of this, in the end, I guess my main purpose being here was…

There before me was a beautiful lady around my age. She wore one of the best elegant classy dresses in the household, and if that weren't enough, she was also considered the best beauty in the household as well. Her angelic curly long hair that had been slightly tied up by a pink dolly ribbon bow was a nice shade of blonde, and her dazzling eyes reflected a gracious tone of light green in them.

"There you are! What took you so long?"

Upon noticing whom this lady was, I knelt down on one knee as I took a respectable bow towards this very familiar person.

-To dedicate my life protecting her at all cost.

"My apologizes, Milady."

In response, her hand gracefully gestured towards her mouth before she gave out a short giggle. I couldn't help but feel a pleasant smile made its way across my face, as she then started speaking.

"It's alright, but I would really appreciate it if you could cut off the formalities."

This is my Milady I serve for, Heriasolius Hearts, even though most people address her as Heria. She is the next-to-be mistress in the Kingdom of Hearts, making her current status right now as the most favorable nominated princess of the kingdom.

To me-

-She is a very important person in my life.

Back then; I didn't know where I was, who I was, or what happened to me.

I was in an utterly confused state to where I may have been just as lost as my limited knowledge of this realm could take me that time.

But then Milady came.

She came and showed me the way of how to find purpose in my life.

She taught me kindness.

Milady's benevolence may also be one of the reasons why I probably became my current self as here and now.

Because she came and gave light to me,

I want to protect her at all costs, no matter what it takes.

Shortly after I had regained back my composure, I decided to tease her a bit before giving an honest response.

"As you wish, milady." I bluntly replied back with an impassive look on my face, all while empathizing the word "milady" directly at her.

If anything, I knew she didn't like me addressing her as milady, especially after she tells me not to. It makes her uncomfortable for me to address her so formally, since these past 4 years I have always been a close companion to her, despite our social order differences. Unfortunately for me though, I've made myself a habit calling her as milady, so she would always have to correct me from time to time.

Taken aback by my intentionally rude response, she flinched a little at first before she started giving me a more childish scowl expression on her face.

"How many times do I have to tell you to stop calling me that!" she said out in a less calmly manner, and by now I could actually see her slightly pouting.

Satisfied by her charming response, I let out a soft chuckle before turning back to her and resuming to speak again.

"I was only kidding. Of course I'll call you Heria, if that's what you'd like."

Realizing I was only toying around with her, her face flushed with embarrassment. She then started covering up her naive emotions by using her hand as a distraction; all while taking a good few seconds not facing direct eye contact with me as she was slowly trying to regain back her sense of dignity.

I gently smiled at her reaction. She was honestly way too cute. Way too nice, and way too cute. If she doesn't stop her perfection degree anytime soon, she's going to have way too many suitors out there in the world I'll have to be concerned about.

…Wait, did I just think what I thought I just said…?

I mean, of course she's an important person to me and everything, but how could I have even thought of such a thing? It was so disrespectful of me to judge milady like that!

My mind was then suddenly cut off when I heard milady's voice again.

"Anyways, before I was…misleaded, I was going to tell you that we would be preparing a special teatime appointment this morning. I had received a letter from Dioz that he was going to visit my kingdom today, so it be would really helpful if you could inform my maids to help me arrange the household garden a little better. Could you can do that much for me?"

Oh, right. I almost forgot.

Milady already has a fiancé.

…Ugh, it isn't like me getting so caught up over something so oblivious…

So you see, milady has had a fiancé that visits her every spring when the weather is at its best new bloom to have long teatime conversations in her garden. They've been doing this routine long since childhood, even longer than I had been around.

I gave out a soft sigh before speaking again.

"Alright then. When will they be arriving?"

"Around in about 3 hours or so. I suppose I could entrust you with this task…?" she asked with a pleasant tone and smile on face.

I smiled back at her. If there were something to be done, I'd gladly do anything for her.

"Leave it to me."

~Place: Kingdom of Diamonds Household~

~Time: 11:00 a.m.~

The noble prince calmly sat down on his luxurious patio chair as he gazed upon the serene garden of his kingdom.

He then gave out a contented smile on his face. It was finally that time of year to visit his beloved again. How he wonders what she's doing right now. Has she grown? How does she look like now? Does she still enjoy sweets? There were many questions he wanted to ask since their last meeting, and the very thought made him softly chuckle.

Beside him was another young boy around his age. He had black swayed hair, and even though he was dressed in the kingdom of diamond's uniform, his mahogany eyes set a very suspicious strange vibe around him. When he had gazed upon a nearby branch, the only thing that reflected off his eyes was the vision of a black crow, yet he smiled at the sight of it.

"Do you think we should start heading off?" the noble prince eagerly asked his attendant companion, still gazing about his garden.

"If thou earnest to see her, then of course." the attendant guardian replied back with utmost respect.

"You will come along with me, would you?"

"If you insist I should, then I shall."

"If he who could not see through my own true motives-

"Good. Because I have a feeling you might be able to remember a thing or two of your forgotten past if you visit there as well…

-He whose kindness is blinded by the naked eye-


-Then it is he who shall face thy future consequences."

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