She looks out of the window into the distance. It had only been a month since the argument, and she cannot stop thinking about it. She has been in the car all this time, alternating between driving, sleeping and staring into space. She had been bordering on insomnia lately, the argument playing on and on in her head, her sister's words imprinted in her mind.

Nowadays, she rarely gets out of the car. It impacts her body negatively, and she struggles with the pain that is the consequence of her cramped quarters. Yet, when she tries to do so, the painful memories of the past come crashing down on her, overwhelming her. Haunting her.

Once, she tried to let go. That was the whole point of this road trip of sorts, wasn't it? She tried, but she couldn't. She tried and as she was confronted by a sole chrysanthemum, her sister's favourite flower. She tried and she failed. What else was new?

Maybe her sister had been right. Maybe she should have known that honour and prestige were nothing. Maybe she should have looked at the big picture like she had told you to. But all that didn't matter, because even if she found a place that felt enough like home, even if she ever got out of this car for more than five minutes again, she would still be heading down the road to nowhere.